Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Train Haikus

Yesterday after classes, I went over to Shinjuku to meet up with Grant at the ever-romantic 7 Eleven again. ^___^ We ventured around the city, going through buildings here and there. We were in a full elevator with other people and were the only ones that got off at the Toys floor. lololwut.

This was in one of the buildings:
I don't know how I missed seeing this guy when we first walked by this store. Everything screamed "Lauren," though.

Totoro for Timmy:
And there was this shop with statues and antique-looking plushies that reminded me of MoMo. I wanted to take pictures of them, but was afraid of getting yelled at since this place was kind fancier. But I did sneak a few around the corner away from the worker.
I wanted to buy them all for her, but I saw the price of one (49,000 yen) and was like "Okay, thank you anyways." (I'm going to be quoting "I Want My Hat Back" more often now.)

Grant and I being tourists and taking pictures like this:
One day, I'll bring my better camera.

We were going to go to the grocery store to pick some things up to cook, but I was totally in the mood for some authentic ramen and was hoping Grant was too. Since this was only Grant's 3rd day, it was really fun in the beginning for me to try new foods and stuff and I didn't want him to miss out on it. It's like a right of passage when coming to Japan.

We walked around a bit before finding the perfect little ramen restaurant. There's a machine outside, which is pretty much a vending machine, and you choose what meal you want and it gives you a ticket to give to the cooks inside. We got our food maybe 2 minutes later. It was such an awesome little hangout place to eat. There weren't any tables, but bar seats throughout the place. And we didn't hear "いっらしゃいませ!” or "irrashaimase" a million times. More on that later one day...
Yes! Way better than the ramen I had in Shibuya.
And I had always really wanted ramen with that swirly thing and my dish didn't come with it, so Grant let me have his .^___^. Finally! Then it really became ramen.
After eating and shoe shopping (lolwut), we went to find one of the beer shops that Grant starred on his phone to go to. He was in heaven.
 OooOoOoo, they had more Haagen Dazs flavors we don't have in the US! Mixed Berry Custard, Tropical Cream Cheese, and another one but there's a glare in the picture and I forgot...
Grant said that they had a ton of beers and scotches that he's heard of but never seen before in person or gotten to try yet. He knew all about them. He also said the prices were really good ^___^. It was really difficult for him to choose which beer to try first. Luckily, this store is pretty close. It was pretty much like me in The Wizarding World. So, Lauren and Shawn probably can imagine Grant's excitement pretty well.
Omg, I want one so bad. They look just like in the movie. AND IN JAPANESE TOO! They were huge, but also pretty pricey. One of these days...

 We walked around more and found the place that had the mechanical women in it! "Robot Restaurant" This street wasn't as crazy as it was on Friday. It really feels like Bourbon Street then.
And then we found a place that sells pizza in a bunch of flavors and then some dessert flavors in a crust cone. Genius!
And went into a grocery store and LOOK WHAT THEY HAD!
Almond Milk! Only in little containers, but still. I did not buy any. Hahaha. I've been doing fine without it.
Then, after making purchases of apples, we walked to his apartment and found this sign:
I love Japan.
Grant in his room:
We shared one of the tiny Chocolate Brownie Haagen Dazs, since I was going to be alone tonight XD. Omg, ice cream. I miss you.
Grant walked me to the station since it was getting pretty late and it would still be a 10-25 minute train ride depending on which train I could catch. At the station, there were a ton of people waiting around and not going through the ticket area. We didn't know what was going on, but I went through by the trains anyways and asked a train worker to make sure I was on the right train. Then, he said something to me, looked at his watch and I thought he said "十時” or "jyuuji," and walked off. Apparently, he said "事故” or "jiko" which means "accident." After not moving for 15 minutes, I asked the girl next to me why we weren't moving. Then she told me there was an accident.
So we waited. And waited.
 I started to write Haikus during the waiting time. I'm going to share them with you all today:

Train is not moving
Should not have had that ice cream
Unfortunate Souls

Someone smells of beer
It is not the apple juice kind
Grant would be upset

There was a jiko
I hope they are not hurting
Frowny face woman

Man falling asleep
Please keep yourself upright and
Stop swaying my way

Yes you bumped my arm
More than once actually
I will glare at you

Seriously too close
Yeah I can smell your elbow
That is way too close

Moved my bag so that
There was more room for standing
You looked offended

Still you sway closer
Pretend it did not happen
Sir, please stop yourself

Woman on her phone
"十二時か" (jyuu ni ji ka/12:00), she just said 
Say it is not so

Many people leave
Oh my gosh you moved away
No more elbow smells

Train workers walk near
Is that a good or bad sign
No more elbow smells

There will be coffee
When I wake up tomorrow
Folger's, fill my cup

You are happiness
And made so easy for all
A great color too

People leave and go
I will not abandon you
You and me, baby
(That was to the train)
A lot more on here
That is toats a good sign, right?
Glad I went potty

Which do you like best?
Beth will def like that last one
Maybe this one now

I want my hat back
'scuse me, have you seen my hat
I miss it so much

What a Faboo book
Educating the public
Thank you, Jon Klassen

The train is moving!
Max, we are able to go home
Get your spaceship

We are moving slow
Waiting for zombies to come
Claw their way inside

If I become one
Kill me and take my fly shoes
And have some ice cream

When I buy new things
Riding trains for a long time
No more buying things

I understood what
The woman on the train said
I was excited

Another beer smell
No elbow smells to the face
I am satisfied

The ramen tonight
Was so delicious to eat
Help, I can not move

So many people
Labeled "6" in minesweeper
No more elbow smells

Thank you, MCR
For preparing me for this
Where is Gerard Way?

I just realized
My hand is touching a butt
I am sorry, sir

I will stop here
Float in this sea of people
Rubber ducks are great

I had some time. lolol.
After about an hour and a half, at about 11:15ish, we started to move. ^___^ It was the creepiest ride home (hence the zombie haiku). The train was moving uber slow, stopping here and there, and not smoothly. And it was packed! (hence the minesweeper reference)

I got home at about 11:40. Woof. But seriously, every time I buy something I either take the wrong train or there is a delay or something where I have to hold the bag for a long time. lolol. It really is a sign.

In one of the malls, there were a ton of those "quarter machines," which is really 200 yen here, and there was a Sentimental Circus one and Grant got one for me! I think he got me the best one, bunny! ()(^.^)():
Toats want to make this into a necklace. But yeah! I hope everyone's having a good evening/day/whatevs. Today, I have training class and then nothing else! I really have to do some studying today, so that's what this day will consist of.

"This is not my hat."
That is all.

Here's a bonus Japanese Train Haiku:

Jisatsu ja nai
kono koto hoshii
itsu ugoku

(It is not suicide
This is what I wish
When will we move)


  1. A whole FLOOR for just TOYS?! WHAT. Ugh. If I haven't expressed my envy before, please, let me do that for you now.


    Like I said in chat, at least you have a few months to figure out how to get that huge Hello Kitty home to me. xD

    Those Totoro plushies are adorable! And wow, they look like they're all really good quality.

    By the way, those glass/porcelain figures look like the ones Mom collected when we were little. It sounds like "Lay-ah-dro." Do you remember them? She loved those!

    Whoa, you totally lucked out with the Ramen! That looks delicious... and I like that system the restaurant had set up-- where you buy a ticket outside first. How clever. You know, I'm actually having Ramen for dinner tonight, but it won't be anything as fancy as yours. -__- Plz send some of yours...

    I can just imagine how happy Grant was to be surrounded by all the liquor! That's what it would be like for me if I was in Junie Moon for the first time... *sigh* Did Grant buy any for himself? It's pretty great that the place is so close by-- how convenient! (Convenience stores... *chuckle*)

    Bb, you weren't kidding about that Wonka bar. Sheesh, I bet it WAS in the movie, the original one.

    You need to continue making a name for yourself in Japan and steal that "Don't even think" sign. xD

    I cannot begin to tell you how entertaining your haikus were to read, bb. Omg. My favorites (but I really did love them all):

    Train is not moving
    Should not have had that ice cream
    Unfortunate Souls

    Seriously too close
    Yeah I can smell your elbow
    That is way too close

    A lot more on here
    That is toats a good sign, right?
    Glad I went potty

    What a Faboo book
    Educating the public
    Thank you, Jon Klassen

    The train is moving!
    Max, we are able to go home
    Get your spaceship

    The ramen tonight
    Was so delicious to eat
    Help, I can not move

    I just realized
    My hand is touching a butt
    I am sorry, sir

    Oh my goshhh, that Sentimental Circus charm is AMAZING. Do you see a lot of SC stuff there? I keep forgetting to ask you. I love it all so much. *cries*

  2. The Haikus are awesome. I laughed so hard, and I can picture you saying them. Grant seems to be having fun. He looks so cute in the pictures. What is that swirlly stuff in the noodles? I especially like the sign--Don't even think of parking here. Japan has a great sense of humor.