Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grocery Stores = Amusement Parks

Most of you know how much I love going to grocery stores just to look around, pick things up off of the shelves, say how cool they are, and put them back in their place. IT'S NOT THAT WEIRD.

Wahaha. Yesterday, after working out (It's so hard not to write an angry post about how people at the gym and people at a movie theater do they exact same thing) and studying, I met up with Yuuki. He has an English speaking and writing test today and wanted to practice his conversation skills. I have to talk? Me?

I asked if he wanted to walk to Kaldi Coffee Farms (A small Heaven with Natural Peanut butter) since we had talked about it before and he hadn't been to the one here yet. So, off we were, talking up a typhoon. Ohhh, I shouldn't say that.

Yuuki had never tried natural peanut butter before so he picked up a jar ^___^. Wahaha, he has been converted. Unless he doesn't like it. IMPOSSIBLE.

We walked around the store and talked about the random items available. I got him a Cadbury chocolate bar. He had never had Cadbury before! It's weird because people in Japan seem to really love bakery goods, but don't eat a lot of sweets like candy bars. Man, there are so many bakeries around.

We continued walking and chatting and found a little grocery store along the way. He was telling me about the different foods there, like this tongue:
That's a lot of tongue. Ow. I couldn't help but think of this guy:
Remember him from "The Mummy"?
Yuuki wasn't grossed out by tongue because he said it's pretty common in Japan. Oh gosh. I wonder if I've eaten it by accident already. Speaking of gross though, I taught him what the word "gross" meant. It's fun when he doesn't know a word and I get to explain it. I'm your local walking, talking dictionary. Then, when he understands it and uses it in later conversation, it's like:
We kept walking and found a SuperMarket! Omg, more stuff, guys. Oh, and this guy was chilling outside.
 Bigggg supermarket. So fun.
These were here:
It's like the Japanese version of Bugles. But these are actually meant to go on your fingers. XD

About a week ago at lunch with Yuuki, Shota, and Mitchell, we were talking about Halloween. They brought up this chocolate egg that you break open and find a toy inside. "WHERE. CAN I FIND THIS?"
We found them here! MARIO STYLE.
 EXCITING. Yuuki bought me one!
 And we got..
Bah! lololol, okay. Move closer to the penguin, Yuuki.
 AwWWw YeaAAhh, we got a Cooligan penguin <("-{_,<

After this grocery store, I had told Yuuki how I wanted to find an OK! discount market. It's usually 3 stories and has a ton more choices than the market I go to. He said he know where one was so we headed there! It's so close. I couldn't believe I missed it before. I picked up some lamb meat there and pears for really cheap. ^___^

I learned a lot from Yuuki, like random words like 貧血, or "hinketsu" for "anemia." That was really awesome to learn because I knew "貧" meant something like "shortage, without, poor" and "血" meant "blood." Put those together and bam! Anemia! That's the only time I'll ever get excited about anemia.
He also taught me about how nato, niboshi (dried sardines), and other foods are good for you and what foods were like anko, made from azuki beans. Eff yeah, nutrition. Also, he said Grant and I had Mitarashi Dango the other day. Those were the mochi balls on a stick.

On our way back, I had asked how he studied English and if he used flashcards. He busted a bunch out and I quizzed him ^___^. Some of the words were pillow, funeral, punctual, down to earth, etc. He told me that pillow fights were mandatory on field trips if you had to sleep over somewhere. WHAT? Mandatory pillow fights?! What is this magical place?

After quizzing him for a bit, Yuuki and I went our separate ways. I cooked the lamb and it was pretty good. Kinda greasy tasting, so I'm not sure how often I would actually eat lamb. Of course, I looked up the nutrition facts as I was eating it. lolol. Great protein niacin, and B12. Higher calorie, sodium, and saturated fats. Just in case you were wondering.

Today, I'm thinking about going out and take actual quality pictures around town with my good camera. I ipod's camera is great. I'd definitely enter its pictures in contests, no photoshop needed. <___<
lololol. And I'll definitely study, too.
I'm fer eeking pumped for the package my mum sent me. Oh yeah! Yesterday, I got to video chat with Lauren and Beth for a long time. ^____^ I love Lauren's hair and am zo jelly! I miss my red hair so much >___<. Just like my hat.
I think my favorite part was when Shawn ninja'd in the camera's view here and there.
=^.^= I get to video chat with Beth and Mum now! Bye-bye for now!

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  1. Grocery stores really can be like candy stores sometimes, especially when there's a variety of food that you normally can't find at a regular store. (I feel like that about Fresh Market sometimes.)

    I can't believe chocolate bars aren't as common to eat in Japan! Such a crime...

    Dude, I recognized the guy from The Mummy right away. That poor man.

    I guess I don't feel really grossed out by seeing a tongue because I'm used to seeing that kind of stuff at Filipino parties. They always had stuff like that there.

    It's comforting to know that Yuuki understands what gross is. Of all the words in the English language... Hahaha.

    Whoa! That supermarket really DOES look like a candy store-- or even a toy store. Everything is so colorful.

    Oh my gosh, that Mario egg is so awesome! Was the chocolate good? It looks thinner so I wasn't sure.

    Mmm, I can't believe you found pears. I hope they were fresh. And lamb, too! Wow. A feast, bb.

    I'm glad you were able to learn the word funeral. Haha, I wonder if that will ever come in handy? I hope not. o__O

    Let us know how the quality picture taking goes. I still want to see Maywynd out in the pretty parks of Japan.

    Shawn looks SO happy on camera. He got really excited when he heard me talking with you and Beth the other night. xD

    I might need to steal that photo of Toupee and me-- I just love it so much! Thanks for taking it. ^____^