Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Animal Crossing: Fuji Safari Park

Sunday! We went to the Safari Park! It was great! We saw animals! EXCLAMATION MARKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

Yes. I met up with Rina at Seijo and we walked to her place to wait for Yuuki, Ryuji (sp? x___X), and Tomo.

We drove for about 30 minutes before stopping at a huge food court building. We needed foodies for such an adventure!

Yuuki told me that Hokkaido (I think) is very famous for their Melon bread and since some was sold where we were, I should definitely have some. I'm so glad I did.
Seriously - The. Best. Dessert. Bread. Ever. I asked Yuuki if I could get it anywhere else and he said mostly everywhere, but it might not taste the same. Drat! I did see it at the grocery store by my apartment, but it didn't have the sugar crystals on it like this one did. Omigosh. I wish I could get more. They had more flavors, but most of them had creme in them. No bueno!

Tomo let me try an inside-out-eggroll-tasting-pancake thing. It was pretty delicious too. And then Ryuji let me try some chicken thing on a stick. It was really crunchy and I asked Rina what the crunch was. She said it was bone. O___O WUT. And then she saw my expression and said it was okay to eat. Oh gosh. Plz, never again.
Outside the food court was more food places.
 And black nikuman! I totally typed "nike" at first. I have a problem. Yuuki was really nice and bought this for both of us to try. It tasted like a spicier version of the normal nikuman.
 And they were handing out samples of rice and then this seaweed soup thing:
Doesn't look that great, but it was decent. Just so much. I had to dump the rest in Yuuki's bowl XD.

We went back to the car after eating and me thinking I should get more melon bread. There seemed to be a traffic jam IN the parking lot. What was going on? Apparently, there had been an accident on the freeway. We sat there in the parking lot for about an hour - an hour and a half. We slowly made our way out and were on the way! Slowly. Very. Slowly.
Me, Tomo, and Rina on the way ^___^:
 Ryuji and Yuuki up front:
I have to be honest. In the beginning of the drive, I got freaked out a few times, thinking that we were going to crash because we turned in the left lane and had to keep reminding myself that in Japan, you drive on the left side of the road.
I get so sleepy on long car rides but told myself how rude it would be to fall asleep. So...sleepy...XD
Really amazing scenery along the way.
 Fuzzy Fields! Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy. (Please, tell me you get this reference.)
 Mount Fuji in the background!
We arrived at about 3:30 P.M., after leaving at about 10 A.M. The traffic was that crummy. But it was totally worth it. I had no idea that you stay in your car in a Safari Park. I pictured Kangaskhans running all over the place and us being given 500 pokéballs each with a limited amount of steps to walk through the park. Or at least it being a zoo with just really exotic animals. I was toats wrong! It was definitely more Pokémon Snap than anything. Without the smoke balls.
But this is probably your typical Zoo Adventure Blog Post, spamming animal pictures.
Entering the unknown...a.k.a. the bear zone.
 Jeremy, when did you arrive in Japan?
 And the lions...
They seriously planned the whole "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears" thing. Yep, Tigers next.
And Cheetahs
Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes

The giraffe got really close, nearly touching the car.
I like how Mt. Fuji is photobombing in the background.

Camels hanging out by a bus:
 This guy was walking besides us:
 To the Kangaroo pit!

 Oh hey there, little guy.
 I had no idea Kangaroos were so vicious. No wonder they had a Kangaroo as a helper character in Zelda, to box away enemies. My gosh. These guys were at it 'til they were bloody. This needs to be made into a gif. Once again, I'm the jerk taking pictures of animals slowly dying (refer to picture of dying cat taken and posted in another post).
 He stopped to pose for the headlock.
They were at it for a long time until a park worker came by and opened the gate to bring the animals inside. He didn't seem concerned about it, so it must be a daily occurrence.

The group!
 I think Tomo tried to get the seal in the background with us XD.
 Here is the seal for Lauren:
Rina and I found our Japan Mommies:
 BUNNY HOUSE. @#$^@##*(*%^ CLOSED!?
Since we arrived at the park later and it closed at 5, we had to leave soon after. We went to a restaurant that reminded me of Perkin's.
I got a salibury-steak-tasting burger patty with potato wedges, corn, and rice. I didn't realize I had to pay more when she asked me if I wanted bread or rice. Tricks played on foreigners! I warn you!
There was a ball of wasabi on top. I never liked wasabi before and decided to eat the whole blob in one bite for some reason. It actually wasn't as bad as I remember. Totally cleared my nose though. w00f!

Getting home was pretty slow too. Yuuki said there must have been another accident. And I didn't even buy anything this time! So now I know that it's not buying something that correlates with these accidents. lolol. Oh dear.

It was really an awesome day though. They didn't even make me pay for my ticket. I couldn't believe it. ^___^

To Wednesday (today) though! I've been mainly studying. Oh, on Monday, I went to the gym after class because I thought we would be just running for track practice. When I met up with Yuuki later on, he said we were going to the gym 'cause he promised me that we would so I could train them XD. Oh gosh. Second trip! Not a bad thing at all.
I was able to do a set of 66 lb. bench presses with the team. I was pretty proud of being able to lift what they did. Then, Yuuki's turn came and he lifted in about 1/4 of the time. Gah! And they added about 22 more pounds. I could only do 1. haha, but I still did one!

And then I was showing them some circuit training moves and we were all in a circle in the tiny machine room doing them. It was so funny. They seemed pretty wiped out after. ^___^'

Tuesday and today, I went to class, studied, worked out, and have been going to the Library. I really love studying in the library, actually. A lot less distractions. I feel like my MoMo =] I even did some extra homework today. ikr, so Josie Grossie.

In training class today, I had written down a bunch of exercises to do and got through them all, plus some. I was shadowboxing in the mirror and then turned around and everyone was staring at me. Everyone. Was Staring at me. I'm like, "Hi!". It was a great workout though. I feel like it's been awhile since I've felt I really worked hard. Maybe I've been using too heavy of weights to work with and get tired too fast. Def pos.

I had lunch with Mitchell, Yuuki, and got to meet Kazuya today! He does kickboxing professionally and has matches every 2 or so months, as long as he hasn't hurt himself. He said he would bring me and Mitchell to his kickboxing lesson sometime! I'm so excited. Maybe sometime next week.

Oh! And I found whole wheat bread. I know I don't really like eating carbs in the form of bread, etc. but I had been craving a PB sammie recently. I bought some other bread that is whole grain, but super thin and small and pricey. Whole grain/whole wheat/Better-for-you bread is really rare in Japan. And if you find some, they sometimes add ingredients like butter. Whyyyy? It was just crazy to be able to find some though.
I really needed chocolate, too. It had been so long...
haha. This was from Monday. That bread packet had 8 pieces. Yeah, really small, man. But it was really delicious! And only 4 or 5 natural ingredients. Toats awesome.

That's it for now! Grant and I are going to be hanging out tonight. It was our anniversary yesterday. Oh goodness ^___^.


  1. I'm so happy you're eating bread again. You're not missing out on all this awesome new food now! That melon bread looks so fresh. *__* Whoa. *wants* You should try different brands of melon bread. Who knows; maybe there's an even better one than the first type you tried.

    All this food you're describing... I can't believe the variety! When we go out here, it's all the same stuff: sandwiches, burgers & chicken. That's it.

    I can't believe how young all three of you look (referencing the car pics). You look like you're, maybe, 16? Craziness.

    I bet you wanted to go frolicking in the fuzzy fields! If you ever have your own land with fields, you must name them The Fuzzy Fields, whether they are fuzzy or not.

    I like the animal habitats there more than the ones here. The spaces look bigger and more natural. All of the cages here are so restrained.

    Is that you... trying to be a kangaroo? Forget Japanese and physical training; I think you've found your calling as a kangaroo. Zo cute. ><

    Your name for yourself is constantly growing. You really do love taking photos of animals in danger. KATHLEEN.

    Aw, hi seal!

    I'm glad you're sporting that peace sign everywhere, bb. It really does make you look natural there.

    That food looks good. I didn't expect it to look appetizing from a place you compared to Perkins. Heh.

    Ooo, congrats on the 66 lbs press! That's awesome. I bet you could do a lot more with some practice.

    Like you, I really did prefer studying and reading on campus or in places like a library. I was so much more focused on what needed to get done. Home is always so full of distractions.

    Hmm, maybe Japanese companies don't feel the need to be AS health conscious about adding ingredients like butter because most of the people are so naturally healthy to begin with. People have to be more active when it comes to being healthy in the US, and that means unhealthy ingredients HAVE to be removed from foods.

    Glad you got your peanut butter fix, bb! Shawn had a craving for some recently, too, so I made him a peanut butter sandwich. There's something about PB that smells SO good... Even if I'm full, I feel like I need some...

  2. p.s. I apologize if there were any typos or other grammatical errors in one or both of these last two comments. I was too lazy to go back and reread them to check. u__u

  3. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy! It's a world from Yoshi's Island ^___^.

    Yes! The animals looked so much happier here.

    Kangaroo Kat. Ugh, fine. Beats Jack. XD

    What brand of peanut butter did you use for Shawn's sammie?!




    BETH, !!!