Thursday, October 25, 2012

Richard Gere and Turkey

So, I've been seeing Japanese versions of famous actors around here lately, including Morpheus, Richard Gere, and Bruno Mars. Grant didn't think that the guy I pointed out looked like Morpheus at all. Apparently, the only thing they had in common was that they were bald. You guys, you don't understand. He had the Morpheus attitude about him.

I was on the train to see Grant a few days ago and well, the train wasn't very crowded and I wanted to capture what I meant by seeing these Japanese versions of celebrities. I hope Richard Gere doesn't mind that I snapped this picture of him:
You guys, it's Richard Gere.

I took the wrong train again to Grant's. lololol. Apparently, it skipped over his stop. Luckily a woman helped me get back on the right track. The right train track. lololol, omg. halp.
Here's another look at Shinjuku:
I feel like no matter where I take a picture in Shinjuku, Shibuya, maybe even anywhere here, there will be a Karaoke in the background. One of these days, I'm going to remember how to spell "karaoke" without the help of the red squiggly line from spell check.

Of course, we hit up some grocery stores just to look. And found this Lavos baby for sale:
It was pretty dang expensive. Probably 'cause birthing it sucked.

That deserved a bigger font size. I can't even. I miss lean turkey so much. But we found it in huge form and in a bit smaller form:
The big one was over $100 USD, but I guess that's not so far from what it would be in America. Grant and I want to buy one for Christmas and have a feast with everyone. Beats KFC, a common Christmas dinner here. @___@

We found a pumpkin weight-guessing contest and entered. I lifted up the pumpkin and then Grant a few times. They were a close weight, so we put that down as our guess XD.
We then stopped at a store with a bunch of anime stuff because Grant wanted to check out Magic cards. He's starting to get into playing the game. If it's anything like collecting Pokemon cards was for me, then his bank account is seriously in trouble. XD
Sometimes, I wish I was into manga and anime, because going into stores like these would be like being Abu in a cave full of treasure.
Clothing, Figurines, Just tons of collectibles from all animes and mangas:
 Yes! A Harry Potter thing! lolol.
They even had Final Fantasy Perfume and Jewelry. Step aside, Taylor Swift.
 And cosplay costumes and wigs:
 Awesome quality Kingdom Hearts keyblades that Timmy would probskis have liked:
Sadly, the bottom floor with all the Magic cards closed by the time we were done looking at all of the other floors with all of this stuff.

Wednesday, during training class, I trained Wendy, Daan, and Mitchell. I taught them a bit about nutrition too and how it's even more important than exercise. They have it more difficult since the food program they're on doesn't allow for the most healthy choices all the time. A lot of the workout was showing them how to do moves, so I feel like it wasn't as challenging and effective. I told them it was the easy version of a workout and they said they were scared for my more advanced version. Wahaha.
But Wendy said she was sore yesterday, in the good way, from the workout. Yay!

I went and gave Asato san some dark chocolate from the package MoMo sent me 'cause I wanted to thank her for all of the work she does for us toublesome foreigners. Then, I stopped in Okuma's office and dropped off one of the coffee canisters that was also in the package. I noticed he had a lot of coffee in his office and wanted to thank him for the awesome dinner party for us the other night. Then, he said he had to thank me and give me something in exchange. Wait a minute. That wasn't supposed to be how it worked. lolol. He insisted and said that I can share it with those living in Shibata Mansion.
I saw this package at the local grocery store for 2,000 yen. Oh gosh. x___X This man is too kind. I brought in the cookies and chips yesterday for everyone to eat. I'm going to give the mango pieces to Yuuki since he said he really liked them when we were at Kaldi and keep the mixed nuts for myself XD.
Apparently, the crackers at the top are made of nato and wrapped in nori. NooOooO, naAaAAtoOOo. D=

Grant and I met with his friend from New Zealand, Luke, at Takadanobaba. They wanted to look at Magic Cards at a small store hidden in the streets.
They had a ton of cards and then a few groups of people playing the game there. 
 Tournament plaques and trophies:
Grant made a deck there, so he's set to play now ^___^. Then, we went to Shakey's where they have an all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salad, and curry and rice there. Every week for about 10 years, I think, a group of Magic card players get together at Shakey's and play there. It was kind of funny going to such an American place and then stepping outside and realizing BAM! you're in Japan.
Grant and I had a few helpings of food like this:
And dessert pizza, like apple pie and marshmallow sweet potato. NEVER AGAIN. Holy bloated the next day. hahaha. I was so sleepy during class the next day, too. It really reminded me how much diet effects your body. It was pretty delicious, though.

Yesterday, some of the exchange students were interviewed about Christmas in our own town for the festival next week. I told them how my family has Chinese food and a huge ham for Christmas. Then, I had to explain how it's not a very common combination for American families. I left out the Quanza pizza part, sorry, MoMo. lololol. =]

I had been dreading going to basketball the whole day. Well, week, really. When we were in the office, Laurent and Sabrina decided to drop Calligraphy. The boredom of it finally caught up to them XD. I don't know how they lasted so long in that class. I didn't think we could still drop classes, so I asked Asato san if I could drop basketball and she said that of course I could. Oh gosh.
I had been thinking for awhile "Well, I could just man-up and stick with it," but I didn't feel like dreading every Thursday. I really want to enjoy my time here as much as possible. I thought how I would really rather go to the gym and work on new moves and lifting since during my training class, I'm only training other people now and not getting a good workout myself. I was also tired of some of the students from the class laughing when I can't understand them and Mr. "Pass-Me-The-Ball-Smirking-Boy."
I know you're thinking "But, Kat! You just posted how awesome bastketball was and how you missed it." Yeah, I had good and bad days in basketball, but hey, if I can have all good days at the gym instead, then I'll take that any day.

Here's a few pictures from the Wine and Cheese party:
Please note my tongue sticking out again.
Oh, and I feel like this needs to be emphasized:
lololol, oh gosh, Tom. I also really liked how when Wendy saw this picture, she called Daan (left of Tom) the drunk uncle at the party.
Wendy gave me chocolate from Belgium from the care package she received from home:
Really deliciously creamy. It reminded me of that sweetness from the Advent calender chocolate, but better quality.

I have off today! The Sports Festival is today. (So, that's where Animal Crossing gets it from.) It's held somewhere else, but apparently 4 universities are included. It was too late for me to join. =[ That's okay! FreeEeEe dAaAAyYYy.

Tonight, I'll be meeting up with Yuuki and practicing some Japanese with him and then going with him and Mitchell to Kazuya's kickboxing class. w00t! I'll let you know how it goes ^___~.


  1. It always makes me feel good when I read your blog. You have collected a lot of friends! Cute guys. Yes, we have very strange food for Christmas, especially the Quonset pizza! Belgian chocolate is supposed to be excellent. I remember when V-Richards used to carry it. I'm glad you dropped BB. It will definitely allow you more free time. I didn't know Grant liked magic cards--so cool.

  2. I like how Laurence Fishburne is Morpheus, not Laurence Fishburne, according to you... yet Richard Gere is still Richard Gere. Hahaha. It sounds like that Morpheus lookalike was pretty fearsome.

    I can actually see how you saw Richard Gere in that guy you took a pic of! I hope he saw you, I really do.

    Oh my gosh, how many times have you missed stops on trains??

    I thought karaoke was a Filipino thing, but now I'm realizing that it's more of a general Asian thing. I don't think I'll ever understand it. It sounds like you have though! (When spelling karaoke, I think of "Kara Oke" like she'd be a long lost cousin of Professor Oak. xD)

    "It was pretty dang expensive. Probably 'cause birthing it sucked."
    - I don't even know what to say.

    I hope you buy that turkey for everyone! Omg, they'd love that.

    Whoa, that's a pumpkin? It's so... shiny. o___O It looks more like... I don't know-- just a ball? Haha. The shape is so different.

    I hope Grant has fun playing Magic! I've always been intrigued by the game. Did he get into it because some of his friends in Japan like it? Or did he start back when he was in the US?

    I like how Harry Potter gets mixed in with all the cutesy anime stuff all the time.

    "troublesome foreigners"

    Wow, that package Okuma gave you is awesome! I really do like how you were trying to thank him and how he thanked you BACK again. So now, technically, you owe him. Hahaha.

    You know you're going to eat dessert like that again. Because, bb, you're in Japan and you're going to want to enjoy yourself. Also, because it's hard saying no when a sweet waitress offers it to you. (Oh wait, maybe that's MY problem...)

    I'm really surprised your friends could stay in calligraphy for that long. Sheesh. You quit after, what, like two classes? They must be very patient people.

    Boooooooooooo to you not liking basketball anymore! BOOOOOOO.

    Instead of giving a peace sign when you take photos in Japan, you have to stick your tongue out EVERY time you take a photo. Start a new trend while you're there.

  3. I've taken the wrong train maybe....5 times? lolol, oh gosh. Halp!

    I'M GOING TO REMEMBER HOW TO SPELL KARAOKE FROM NOW ON! thanks to you! hahaha, "Wonderful!" Aww, Professor Oak. That's zo awesome, bb.

    Grant used to collect Magic cards a long time ago, but since his friends here all play, he wanted to start up again. ^___^

    BETH- PP.