Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting My Tourist On

Yesterday after class, I met up with Shun to hangout for the day. He decided for us to go to Asakusa, which is apparently a very touristy place in Japan. After going, I confirm that.

In the area that we went through, there were vendors selling typical souvenirs. Lots of keychains, sweets, shoes, masks, etc. COLORS EVERYWHERE.
 Beginning of all the little shops:
We pretty much just skimmed over all of the shops and only went in one or two. I think Shun was kind of nervous and didn't really know what to do with me, haha. x__X
I think I'd like to go back though and explore more of the area besides the shops.
 Stars and Swords:
 Kokeshi dolls, a.k.a. more Animal Crossing house items:
There's something about souvenirs, that when they're labeled as souvenirs, I feel like I shouldn't buy them. They're just so....souvenir.
But these pink and blue chocolate covered bananas with a Koala March cookie on them looked pretty awesome. I wish I could send these instead. Sorry about the sun. I'm saying that to the bananas because now they have to worry about melting.
I think I'm doing traveling in Japan backwards, going to the touristy hot spots later...Nahh. XD
I'm sure you've seen pictures like these in much better quality. But I bet you didn't see them at wonky angles taken on an ipod before. AWwWwWw YeAaAaHhhh!
 Incense with swastika symbols on them:
 I got this from a Yahoo! answer because I get all my answers from Yahoo! The swastika in Japan is a "Buddhist symbol and represents dharma or balance. It can mean love and mercy or strength and intelligence." (Just so you don't send me a plane ticket home early after seeing that picture.)

Going into the temple:
 I asked, "HOW DID THAT GUY GET IN THERE?," and then realized he was a priest.
 On the ceiling:
Nah, just kidding. XD

I'm not sure what the name of these are, but it was like the other one where you pour water on your hands.
 What a strange building...
 Drawers with fortunes in them:
This is how you get a fortune:
 People who received bad fortunes tie them on this and say a prayer that would pretty much consist of "Say it ain't so."
Me and Shun:
 Tokyo SkyTree Tower, which is apparently the tallest tower in the world:
Look how close I was to it! lolol.
Shun had to end the day early because his mom was sick and he wanted to go home to take care of his mum and things around his house. I'm wondering if I scared him away though because he asked what time I wanted to get back by when we first met up and I said 7 or 8 and he said okay. Then, he randomly brought up needing to go home. We also went through the same place 3 times instead of exploring the area. I feel like he didn't know what to do and was really nervous. Or I just scared him. Probably that.
He did buy me and his mum some ningyoyaki. They're small cakes that taste like pound cake with bean paste in them. So it's kinda like mochi with pound cake instead of bread.
They were pretty good, but even better when I put them in the fridge and then ate them with peanut butter XD. lolol, peanut butter makes everything better.
Another thing that reminds me of Animal Crossing is this here sign that says that there's going to be a Halloween Party in town. Where is Tortimer? I need to hit him with a bug net out of pure excitement and then receive an hour long lecture about life.
Of course, I went to the grocery to get some foodies and AVOCADOS WERE ON SALE. What luck! ^____^
Sometimes, I just want to buy this...
It was half off one day but I had already eaten and that would have been way too much food for just me.

Today, I'm going to the gym, studying, and later hanging out with Yuuki! He has an English speaking test on Sunday and I'm going to help him by talking with him. What a challenge for me.
Sometimes, I feel like I confuse non-native English speakers
 with talk like this.

I'm going to end this post abruptly.

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  1. I love seeing all of the colorful food. The beautiful buildings here are awesome, and every place you show is soooo clean!