Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stop Making Things Fit, Bruno Mars

Here's a creepy Kernel for all of you:
Yesterday, Grant and I went to Shimokitazawa to explore. We probably only got to go through about half of it, too, so we'll probably be back another time.

First, we stopped at the OK! mart here and Grant got some Matcha Tea Dango.
It came with this strange sweet and salty powder that we couldn't figure out. We finally found online that it's called Kinako and is a soybean flour.
I had picked up a Murasaki Imo ice cream for him earlier in the week and he finally got to try it. =] Murasaki Imo is Sweet Potato.
I had a little bite and you really could taste the potato-yness. Craziness!
Shimokitazawa really is like a huge art craft-Bayview-Third-Ward-Chicago town. The same music is playing as you walk down the streets and it's filled with independent designers and craft makers. It reminded me of the Chicago Art Fair we went to the past few years.
A lot of places didn't allow pictures to be taken, so I couldn't get too many. There was a lot of jewelry and keychains and stuff with sweets and cute animals, so you can probably imagine.
In one really narrow and random shop, there was this sign that reminded Grant of Jake and me of Beth:
 Very good.
And a lot of stuff for different religions:
We each found hats we liked =[.
 And this hunker:
 They had some pretty awesome jewelry. A lot of it was steampunk.
This next one was right before Grant pointed out the no-picture-taking sign. Bah! This doesn't do this place justice at all. But you at least see that there were shelves full of DIY Etsy-type stuff. Lauren would have gone crazy.
They also had ear plugs that Beth would have liked. The owner was making them right there at his little booth shop. I picked up his business card, so I'll have to give that to you later O___O. haha??

There was also a store filled with original Hot Wheels cars and then some really old McDonald's toys, like Fry Guys O___O.
 Aw, childhood displayed in a case.

We found a store with some cheaper Doc Martens. So, as I was trying the first shoe on to see if they would fit, a clip of a Bruno Mars song started playing and finished by the time I had my foot in the shoe. Yeah, they fit. Do you know how often that happens when I want to buy something? Whenever a Bruno Mars song starts playing and I'm thinking about buying something, the item always fits or something. What a magical man.
Ughhh. So pretty. They had like a holographic kinda shimmer going on. I didn't buy them though XD. Thanks anyways, Bruno.

Grant and I really like stopping in grocery stores. It's one of our favorite past-times.
Cat donuts and Ghost...something. lolol. They have the coolest Halloween desserts here!
There was this really awesome shop that took old Firefighter clothes and DIY'd them. I didn't take pictures of the cooler stuff, 'cause I didn't know if it was allowed and we were being followed by the shop assistant. The pants and jackets all had a firefighter flare to them though. ho-ho. Flare. Oh gosh.
Pictures for Vacay Jere:
 We found another Village Vanguard. It's the same shop from Shibuya that had some Blythe stuff and was labeled as a "book store." Pffft.
We didn't find any Blythe stuff here, but we mainly just skimmed through the store. I think I captured the most important part of the store though. Giant Koala March cookies. They may have been a pillow, but still.

There was also this really awesome shop where a guy made everything himself, like the jewelry, the wooden displays, the clothes. There was a lover's kind of necklaces where instead of having 2 pieces of a heart connecting, it kinda looked like:

but one was the reverse, so they fit inside each other. It's hard to explain and I really should have taken a picture. But, the 5 stood for hand-holding. Totally sappy-awesome. It was really pricey to get both though x___X.

Today, I'm probably going to meet up with Grant and his friends Luke and Andy in Harajuku.
It's another rest day today T___T. I'm still pretty sore from the week's workouts and apparently my body has been telling me that I've been overdoing it a bit. Rest days, man. They're the pits. ,>___<,
Bah! That's okay. Something to look forward to for tomorrow ^____^.

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