Sunday, September 30, 2012

Harajuku: The Most Dangerous Place to Bring Money To

Today was pretty great. I got to video chat with Lauren, Beth, and MoMo for a bit, workout, and go to Harajuku.

Well, you see. I needed basketball shoes for my class and the Nike store just happened to be in Harajuku and I wanted to go before the typhoon hit. lolol.
So, I'm pretty much just going to photo spam you. There's a lot I still want to take pictures of there XD. But a lot of places yell at you for it, so I have to sneak around a little. ^___^'
 Headbands ^___^
 For Carter! Oh, that's my finger. Well, there's a Soccer Shop behind it and I thought of you.
 A shop for little girls. And Lauren.
 Okay, second round of Takeshita Street *ding ding.*
Omg, you guys. These clothes. I was dying.
 Omg, you guys. These shoes. I was dying.
 In the panda section...For Shawn:
 These reminded me of Lauren (Mainly the bottom two purses).
 They're really bags, omgthisplaceyouguys.
 More Alice and Wonderland for Lauren.
I don't know what's going on in this, but I like it.
 NYARMAGEDDON. hahahaha. "Nya" is the sound that Japanese people make for cats instead of "Meow." These reminded me of Beth.
 Goggles, Wigs, Gloomy Bear. Ugh, so much goodness.
 I want this to be my closet. Fluffy skirts with chains, tears, bows. Hoodies with ears, pins, rips, fishnet, patches. You guyssss.
 Creepers plz.
 The more color, the better.
Harajuku has a few hidden shops underground and upstairs. I got to talk with a Japanese dude dressed all cool in here. IN JAPANESE. He was a programmer and I was like omg, I'm having a conversation. He spoke no English at all. I think I probably left awkwardly being like "Okay, bye." in Japanese. haha, whoops ^___^
 More amazing shoes.
 Before I got yelled at for taking pictures.
 Oooo, I spot a Lolita Store. That's gonna be pricey.
And then this happened. Which was cool because we had just watched a video in class about how they make that bird on top. It's an extremely intricate and timely process. O___O APPRECIATE, YOU GUYS.
 This was probably one of the coolest shops. I couldn't take a lot of pictures because I knew I'd get yelled at. It was full of DIY, Original hoodies. Lace, ears, and the works. Really really pricey! But really really good quality stuff. Like if you were a video game character wearing this stuff in battle, it would probably sustain throughout your adventure.
 And the Lolita store upstairs:
Then I found Sex Pot Revenge which I've been shopping from since I was 14ish on Ebay. lolz. The name makes it sound bad, but it's just really very punk-goth. Sadly, they didn't really have any I NEED THIS NOW stuff.
 I decided to walk to Shibuya since it's so close and there was, of course, a street performance going down. These guys were greasers dancing and singing.
 And then these guys from Dragonball Z walking around XD.
 These were iphone cases, Lauren.
 I thought it was funny the Disney store is attached to this huge dark-evil-castle-looking building.
 So I took the wrong train home. I was like "Why haven't we stopped yet?" Yeah, I took the EXTREME Express home, which is the only kind of train that doesn't stop at my stop. lolol, so I had to back track a little bit. Oh well. The Train Workers are really nice and always help. I think I'm going to get to know them by name soon.
And then there's this little guy on my kitchen window. I'd love to let him in to protect him from the storm, but I can't trust a bug I don't know. Right now, the wind gusts are pretty strong and there's some rain mixed in it too. I wonder if we'll have off of school tomorrow. I can't imagine being out there right now. It would probably require goggles and a wet suit and Link's iron boots to keep from being swept away. I hope everyone is safe at home though =[. Lauren would blow away for sure.

Oh yeah, I did buy stuff today. wahahaha. A few presents too, but I want to go back and get more for you guys! Particularly, Lauren and Beth. At least from Harajuku. I think I'd rather show you in a video chat what I got ^___^.

I really love it when you guys comment on my blog. It means a lot and is really encouraging to keep on writing and even encourages me to explore more than I might. If you have any requests of pictures to take or places to go, please let me know! =^.^=