Friday, October 26, 2012

Maywynd's First Adventure. Oh, and Kicks and Punches.

Yesterday, I had off of school, so I decided to take Maywynd outside for the first time. I only got about 6 weird looks! From the 7 people that passed by. Not bad. Thank you to Lauren for the awesome new outfit for Maywynd from the care-package, too!
Sorry, I don't have photoshop to edit any of these. >___<
 Eff yes, solar flares.
You guys, I made a gif! Not the greatest quality, but heck, it's a gif.

 She tipped over and got leaves in her hair at one point, but it looked awesome.
 (Lauren, there's a spider pic coming up XD.)
And then we found a small sitting area with a little stream and found this bugger:
I like the reflection O___O. There was an old lady watching me take pictures of the spider and after she said I had a nice camera so I sat down next to her and showed her some pictures. We talked for awhile (in Japanese, w00! and I understood her! +33 exp. points) and I showed her Maywynd. She thought Maywynd was pretty kawaii. ^___^

I went home and studied for awhile, took random walks, studied, fell asleep while studying (lolol), and then went to meet up with Yuuki to practice speaking. He's been really helping me with my Japanese and I think I've been helping him with English, too. We walked around town and then stopped in Daiso, which already has Christmas decorations, to look around. I'm sure America has been selling ornaments for 2 months already, though.
Then, we went back to school to meet up with Mitchell to go to kickboxing.
It was pretty darn awesome. Kazuya mainly taught us the basics, but we got to move on to hitting a heavy bag and then some focus pads. I'm really glad we were starting from the beginning because he really helped me with my form and he also teaches things a bit differently from what I had learned before.
I took this after practice and it's kind of blurry 'cause my hands were shaky. haha. I was the only one drenched in sweat after practice...lolol Gross Kat strikes again.
This is just the ring. That we didn't use. lawl. You can kind of see some of the heavy bags in the background, though. It was a pretty small gym, but you didn't really need much more room. Everyone was zo nice.
 Lots of trophies. Kazuya said it's the most famous Kickboxing gym in Japan. Oh wowz =]
 We went out to dinner after! I forgot what this is called, but there's a big pit in front of you and you cook the meat (chicken, pork, beef) yourself. It was all-you-can-eat for 70 minutes. O___O We got a few plate fulls to share.
HAHAHA, FIRE. It reminded me of Indiana Jones. Howwww did she survive the heat in a metal cage?
 Anddd the wrath of this guy:
I mean, really.
But anyways, it was pretty darn delicious. I wish I could go to that kickboxing gym more, but it's a 10,000 down-payment and then 11,000 a month, not including the train rides there and back. It was really amazing going though. I miss kickboxing class x___X.

Today, Grant and I are probably going to Shimokitazawa just to explore.
Oh yeah, MoMo, I had a dream that you dyed your hair black and I asked if you dyed your hair and you said "No, but it's black now because the hair dresser said it would be healthier and it is! Look at it!" In which I replied, "So, wait. You did dye it."

I hope this is our first conversation together when I get back.


  1. I actually saw this post right after you posted it (Shawn brought it to my attention!), but I haven't had a good chance to sit down and comment 'til now. I was SO incredibly excited to see Maywynd captured by your beautiful camera!

    I'm really happy you like the latest outfit for Maywynd. I thought the light blue would complement her coloring perfectly. That crown looks awesome on her, too! Yay. Make sure to take good care of the crown because my friend doesn't seem to be making them anymore. I've heard other people complain about the plastic snapping-- most likely because they weren't really paying attention while using their crowns.

    I think the photos look great even without Photoshop! You're lucky to have a camera that deals with lighting so well naturally. I have to edit my photos like crazy...

    I love that gif you made! It's so simple but so sweet. Her hair looks gorgeous when it's poofy like that.

    Awww! I love that the lady liked Maywynd. Sheesh, people are so nice in Japan. I wish they would pass over some of their sweetness to US people.

    You're right: America HAS been selling ornaments... since like July. It's really silly, haha. But at least it's almost November and seeing ornaments NOW seems normal. xD

    Gross Kitty! Hahaha. Well, the photo could have been so blurry that I couldn't tell what I was looking at-- but this isn't bad! That place looks like fun. It's neat that you were in the most famous kickboxing place in Japan. It's like... you're a part of history! Well, you were surrounded by history, at least.

    By the way, there is NO possible way Willie could survive the heat from the metal bars on the cage. NO. WAY. I just had an Indiana Jones marathon a few weeks ago and I just couldn't get over that detail!

    Hahaha. Momo with black hair... What a weird thought...

  2. I’ll try to take good care of it! It lasted me repositioning the crown about 46 times already. Ughhh. Lolol, mohair. Love/Hate relationship. Mainly love, though.

    Why am I always the only one sweating perfusely?
    I want to go back to the kickboxing place!

    “NO possible way Willie could survive the heat from the metal bars”
    They need to make some kind of back story untold about Indi because he must have some kind of superpowers that we don’t know about. Super protective skin with his trusty magnetic hat + head.