Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweet Deal

Well, today, basketball was just poo. I really didn't do my best. Oh, and every class there is a guy that is on the opposite team that always yells, "Hey! Excuse me! Pass me ball!," whenever I have the ball. Yes, I do speak English. Yes, my Japanese is poor. But seriously, dude? This isn't high school.
So I kind of lost my temper a little and yelled "SHUT UP!" at him. The teacher then said something. He didn't say anything like that again the rest of class. However, he did have a very bully-like ~I know I'm annoying you~ smirk on his face the entire class.

I adventured around town after class and then went to the Library to study again. It's been rainy all day and night, but really pretty! ^___^ I always feel like I'm in Animal Crossing when it rains and hear that repetitive tune in the background of my mind.

PEARS WERE ON SALE. I found two in the discount bin! You guys. These pears. I grabbed a pair. A Pair that's Peary delicious.
Oh yeah! Yesterday, Grant and I got to hang out. HE GOT ME A WONKA BAR!
It's like the original Wonka bars we used to buy at Toys R Us that had the graham cracker bits in it and the irresistable I'm-totally-not-leaving-this-spot-until-this-entire-bar-is-devoured taste. They were like subway foot-longs. You think you're going to save the rest for later but just end up eating the whole thing because "there wasn't enough to save." And this bar has caramel in it, too! Oh, sweet goodness.
And it has an awesome bar code:
 I got him this dessert from a grocery store:
 He said he really liked it! It had walnuts, toasted pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, a caramel-like drizzle, and some pie crust with a pie kinda filling. I think. Or something like that. Oh gosh.
Oh and we snatched these on sale! We think they were mochi on a stick, slathered in a really sweet caramel butterscotch sauce.
 I'm really digging all the Halloween desserts popping up everywhere:
One step up from a Caramel Apple

 More flowers that remind me of MoMo that I wish I could send her:
 At the Library, I needed a break from studying:
Then, I came home and played a bit of Earthbound. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you. Grant and I found Mother 1 & 2 (Mother 2 = Earthbound). They're on the same game cartridge. So, now I can be playing Earthbound with Lauren and Beth at an incredibly slow speed due to looking up all the words. lololol.
Yeah, I freaked out when the worker at the store brought this out when I asked if they had it. It wasn't out on display. I gave a really surprised face and said "WAAHHHHH" and he apparently didn't understand my reaction and Grant had to translate my happiness by giving the thumbs up to the guy. The worker at Godiva back home probably could have used the same translation.

We also had a very blue day (Please have a listen at Eiffel 65's song). It was Wendy's birthday and for some reason we all planned to dress in blue. I have no idea. XD It was pretty awesome though. Hopefully Daan will post a picture so I can share it with you guys later.

Tomorrow, I'll be hanging out with Shun from basketball. I'm not really sure what we'll be up to =^.^=.

And just so you all know, I do miss home:

Thanks to Jeremy for searching for me on Youtube and finding this gem. lolol. Halfway through you may notice that Timmy stops and looks at his windshield. It had broke from him stepping on it XD. Yeah, he had to replace that for some serious moolah.
Something I really like about this is that after Timmy dropped me off and went back home, his mom asked him why he was so sweaty and all he said was that he was hanging out with me and she said, "Oh, okay."
Nothing surprises her anymore when we hang out. We need to work on that when I get back.


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  1. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO! This is the best blog yet. The dancing was fabulous. I'm definitely going to play that a lot. The Wonka bar and other desserts look soooo delicious. I need chocolate NOW!