Monday, October 15, 2012

Kiddy Land: Lauren Land

Warning: This post contains Saturday's events. ^___~

Grant and I decided to go to Harajuku =^.^=. It was his first time there. First though, we decided to go to the grocery store and cook some foodies:

Ramen/Soba/Udon with Miso broth, mushrooms, onions, and chicken. Zo good. Except, Grant didn't like the mushrooms much at all. They weren't so bad, but they did have a strange consistency. Far too many in the dish, too. lolol, next time! =]
I ate zo many noodles. Oh gosh. So sorry, Paleo. Seriously, I'll see you again sometime. The noodles at the grocery here are super cheap. Like ridiculous cheap. This meal cost us each about 250 yen. Not bad. ^__^

Then we headed off to Harajuku ^___^. This fella was waiting outside for us:
Grant really connected with it.
We had also seen this guy earlier:
Aw, reminded me of MoMo and her beautiful butterfly bushes.

Grant and I both had places we wanted to check out in Harajuku, Kiddy Land for me and a bar for Grant. Kiddy Land was supposed to carry Blythe stuff, so I wanted to check that out for Lauren.

We found Kiddy Land pretty soon after arriving.
 Oh gosh. New Furbys. Their eyes are completely Computer-screened-ness. DOWNGRADE.
 Omigosh, Hermione and Ron's wands chopsticks!
There was so much going on in this store. Four floors-worth of so-much-going-on.
And then there was a Snoopy Town floor. Omg, Beth. That'd be funny if Beth didn't really like Snoopy that much and I just thought she did and have been making all these useless shout-outs to her XD. a.k.a. Peace Sign. V(^___^)
lolol, Snootea
And Random cute characters floor:
And then the floor with dolls...:

Most of the Regular-sized blythes were about $183.70 and Mid Blythes were $130.45. They didn't have the petite's for sale here.

It was hard to leave that area, but we went to the last floor with Hello Kitty and Rirakkuma. I felt bad for Grant 'cause I was taking pictures left and right and Harajuku is just pretty much shopping, but he said he didn't mind.
 And Sentimental Circus Stuff! Omg, favorite.
After shopping at Kiddy Land, we went down Takeshita Street with all the amazing clothes. We found a Sweets Paradise there, which is a Pasta and Dessert Buffet. Take a lookie:

Yeah. You read right. A dessert buffet. You have 70-90 minutes to eat as much as you want. And pasta, salad, and the drinks. It looks like they have bubble tea, too! It's only $16ish too. We didn't go that day. That really requires some serious mental and physical readiness. It's like Man Vs. Food. Oh gosh. We do plan to go one day, though.

We found the bar that Grant wanted to go to and sat down while he tried a new beer. He said he really liked it too. The bar had a pretty relaxed atmosphere.

After, we walked to the vendors nearby that sold Takoyaki. Takoyaki is pretty much octopus with some random veggies fried in a wheat batter in a nice little ball-shape.
As so:
 Some sweet sauce kinda like Oyster sauce and of course, mayo. It was really awesome that he got to try takoyaki, since it was one of the things he said months ago that he really wanted to do in Japan.
AwWWWw yEaAhH! First bite. He let me try it, too. I was kinda scared since the octopus sushi sampling had gone oh-so-wrong at the Sushi Kaiten. But it was actually really amazing! It must have been since it was cooked and had other things with it instead of just rice. I would definitely want to eat some more sometime.

We walked around for a bit more and found a Tower Records building and sampled some music from Japan and the US, like the new Muse cd. The building had so many floors, but we only stayed on the first floor and left to venture more. We found a really pricey, but awesome Lolita shop, Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It's another store I had been shopping from on eBay since I was a wee-one. Well, because of the price, more so just eye-goggling all the merchandise. It was amazing to see it all in person. I didn't take any pictures because the store was so small and there were 4 people working and kind of just staring. There was this amazing Hour-Glass necklace though that was like plz.
I just found out that the movie "Kamikaze Girls" had one of the characters play as the original creator of the store. Even cooler!

Grant and I kept walking and then things started to look more familiar. Wait, how did...wait, we're in Shibuya suddenly? Yep, we found ourselves in Shibuya again. We ventured around in the department stores there for a little bit. I had to study though, since I would be going to the Safari the next day. I've been really stressed with school, so I haven't been in the best mood and become even more stressed when I feel I haven't studied enough. I have to work on my mood though and handle things better, I think.

We stopped at a grocery store for a hot minute and Grant bought Purin! Purin is very famous in Japan.
Grant said it was like crème brûlée. Oh-so-delicious-looking.

Yes! So that was Saturday. I'll have to catch up on Sunday's Safari activities soon. ^___^


  1. This was much better than my own post. If mine were average, yours would have an IQ of 210. Top notch. 10/10 would read again.

  2. Why can't Lauren live in Lauren Land? -____- WHY.

    Surprisingly, that little green friend waiting for you outside before you left for Harajuku doesn't scare me much! He looks like he was a friendly chap.

    Speaking of Harajuku, Josef had JUST asked if you had gone yet (before I read your post) and I said you hadn't. He knew you'd love it there! ^__~

    I can't believe Ron and Hermione have chopsticks all their own. How could you not walk away with those??

    I didn't realize how big Kiddy Land was. Sheesh, that's amazing! Four whole floors of cuteness... *dies*

    I may have gone broke in the Re-Ment section alone. Oh, and that Peanuts section is great. I'll have to email Celena some of your pics because she LOVES Peanuts, maybe even more so than Hello Kitty.

    Those shelves of Blythes... *cries* I would have broken down at every store with so many dolls in one place. I recognize most of the stock dolls, which is cool. Although, Pickle Winkle (in the black box) looks a little different than her promo drawings. Interesting. And all those Blythe accessories, like the bags and stationery, would have had to come home with me. Ironically enough, I would have to sell my dolls in order to afford all of it. xD

    I guess the price for those Blythes wasn't really that bad. I see a lot of those for sale on eBay for $200 + shipping, so money would be saved if buying them in Japan. *SIGH*

    Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and Sentimental Circus... all in one place... *is resurrected and then dies again* Ever since you got me my Sentimental Circus stuff last year, I've wanted TONS MORE. Ugh, it's all so expensive online though! I wish more US sellers carried the brand.

    All the food in your post looks so good, especially the Purin. I see Purin online all the time. There's a Purin item on Gaia (with a smiley face) that I just love. >w< You need to learn how to make it so I can finally try some myself!

  3. lol, Lauren! This is the third time I've been to Harajuku, you goonie T____T. I even have a post with "Harajuku" in the title. lol.

    Lemme know if there's a certain Blythe you're looking for!

    SENTIMENTAL CIRCUS. A house full of the stuff, just imagine O___O.

    The purin packets are sold here at the dollar store! They have a black sesame flavor, too. Not so sure about that one, but Grant wants to try it sometime! I'll let you know what he thinks.