Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Original "Up"

Today was pretty chill. I think I'm doing a lot better in basketball class! And people are passing me the ball and everything. I love it. And, honestly, I realized how great of a coach Mr. Hurley was. Things he said or taught still run through my head and really help me out. I just want to go and shake his hand and say "Sir. Sir, you may have fed us Krispy Kreme donuts before practice, but you really taught us some fly basketball moves. I thank you."
I've been talking with Shun, too (I found out his name!) I try to speak as much Japanese to him as possible and he's very patient with me. He speaks some English, too! And helps to explain whatever the teacher yells at us. She's seriously crazy in the best way.

Something I really like about the Japanese students, is that they are really patient with you and let you try to speak Japanese to them. I think that's something that really hinders my learning; when teachers cut you off and don't let you finish your sentences. I know they're trying to help, but it really doesn't in the end. I feel like I'm really learning a lot more with the conversations I've had with the students.

Yesterday, I got to talk with a student from my training class and he taught me how to do barbell squats properly. I'm all about body strength training, but I do really want to know how to use equipment like barbells. Definitely going to be trying that more next week. I had been considering dropping Training since it is my only class on Wednesday and that way I could workout earlier in the day, but decided to stay in it so I could maybe pick up some more Japanese and stay motivated with everyone there. I'm really glad I did, too! I also talked with the teacher about personal training a little bit. He confirmed that it's difficult to get a personal training job in Japan and that there aren't many trainers. Japanese people don't like working out. They really do like their sports clubs, so that's one way they stay in shape.

Maybe this is their thought process:
I'm just like:
Kidding. I'm more like:

And then, there is always some kind of event at the grade school:
There was actually a ton of people there and 4 huge teams of kids. And there's always balloons! So, going to grade school is always a party, really. Well, not really, but they do have a ton of events all the time.

Here's a guy texting while biking:
I actually see this a lot. Some guy was even riding and doing it in the streets of Shinjuku which is crazy crowded. So, America - no texting while driving vs Japan - no texting while biking.

Honestly, I've just been studying these past two days. Tomorrow, Grant and I are planning on hanging out and going to Shibuya sometime. He was able to get a phone! So that's good. But I still don't have one. Haha, I don't know when it will be shipped to the store. Well, Chin san and I are first on the waiting list. XD

Oh! So we watched this video in class today. It reminded me so much of "Up."

I think Lauren and Timmy would really like this. The one we watched had a Japanese dialogue in it, but I think this is better without for you guys anyways. It made Sabrina cry ='[.

Yeah! I'm going to do more studying. I'm officially out of almonds. What is. This life? lolol. Sunday, I get to go to the safari with Yuuki and Rina, who I met today, and a few others! FRRRIIIIEEENNNDDDSSS. I ate lunch with Shota, Mitchell, Yuuki, and Rita today. I decided to sit on the ground and Yuuki said I should sit on the bench, but I wanted to face them while we ate so we could talk! Then, I asked if it wasn't common and he said that people think it's very strange and they don't do that in Japan. I actually looked around and people were looking. I asked why, since I was thinking "But it's so practical and convenient (i.e. if food drops, it's an ant's lunch for 5 years), but then Rita joined me ^___^. So the ground we sat and ate and had talks of Halloween and Safaris.

Oh gosh, I'll be forever floor girl.


  1. Hahaha. Mr. Hurley fed you guys Krispy Kremes before practice?? That's hilarious. I guess that's not as bad as me eating the good majority of a big Doritos bag before my basketball practice. My whole team decided to slack off one day and the coaches didn't come into the locker room to get us for some reason. So we sat there eating junk food for like an hour. And then we did laps. Oh man, it was... something I'll never forget.

    I'm glad you have another crazy person with you! I hope that she's crazy in the opposite way so you two balance each other out. xD

    Maybe there's something about this younger generation that allows them to be more patient with people who are still learning the language. Or I guess teachers are just impatient because they have to deal with trying to be patient every day with lots of students...

    Glad you got some feedback about personal training in Japan! I have a feeling you'd get a completely different answer from a teacher in the US. Haha.

    I can't believe how many GG lines you can remember. Do you have, like, an encyclopedia of GG gifs?

    Omg, I don't remember that wedding dress on Lorelai. What... happened?

    It's good to see that you can have a conversation with yourself through gifs. Another talent you need to share with the world more, bb.

    I'm so happy Grant finally has a phone! I know how lost he was feeling without one. =\ What a relief.

    Ugh, my computer is lagging right now so I could only get through the first minute or so of the video. I'm going to have to try watching it again later. I loved what I saw in just that minute. (My computer wouldn't even let me type that last sentence. -__- WHAT IS THIS LIFE.)

    Omg, I typed that last sentence and then I read your next paragraph and saw the exact same sentence. AHHHH.

    Wow, it isn't common to sit on the ground when eating? I don't know; I thought it would be more common there-- like being connected with the rest of the world, rather than being separated from it. *shrug* Maybe you'll start a new trend!

  2. Loved the video. I actually had tears in my eyes. I was afraid he would remove his oxygen mask when he got to the lowest level and give up.Yep, loved the video.

    Can't sit on the ground? Well, OK. That goes along with no shoes in the house. So I guess it makes sense. Very clean people.

    So glad Grant finally got his phone. He's a happy camper now.

    Grandma loved her letter. She's read it 3 times already. Good little granddaughter.

  3. That last comment was mine----momo