Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cry of a Mandrake is Fatal to Anyone Who Hears it

Lauren, I hope you got excited while reading that title.

I started writing this a few days ago and came back to it, so this is a few days older. Sorry, sorry. ^___^'

Yesterday, after Grant and I were done with classes, we met and hit up Shibuya.
Here is the tiny animal shop that had tiny kittens in it:
Holy adorable. MoMo probably could have spent the whole day just there.

Luckily we found the Sushi Kaiten place, Genki Sushi, that I went to before with Kirsty, Tom, and Evan on our first few days in Tokyo.
That pork one was awesome. I think the best one (not pictured) was the grilled salmon sushi. It even beat out the tempura shrimp one.
Sadly, I only had 5 plates compared to the 8 I had last time.

After eating, we decided to explore Shibuya a bit, since Grant hadn't before. While we were walking, we passed a sign that said "マンダラケ” "Mandarake"...slowly...beginning to process the Katakana...MANDRAKE! Wait, this place sounds familiar! Wait, I think there are Blythes in there! GRANT, CAN WE GO IN THERE?
Down the stairs we went. I read the description of the store before, that it was located underground, but I didn't think it would be about 5 stair flights down. Grant and I were expecting it to be a very tiny store with a few customers and a really awkward claustrophobic-get-me-out-of-here atmosphere, but we were wrong. It ended up being huge. And yes, THERE WERE BLYTHES. And BJDs (Ball-jointed Dolls)! So many just waiting to be adopted.
And eyechips:
 And even some BJD shoes that were pretty cheap:
 This one had a pretty awesome box (very Monster High-looking) too, but for $667:
It had so many rows of manga and art books. Yeah, Grant and I were in one of the rows and I said, "Man, I really wish I was into this stuff!" and Grant then informed me we were in the Adult Manga Section. The dirty stuff ~manga style~. Oh, gosh halp plz.
 And figurines.
 And big Keys:
 And Gloomy Bear
 And trading cards
 And Nendoroids:
We were really lucky to have found this store, since it closed at 8 and we had to take a different way to get out because they closed off the entrance. Hopefully we'll be able to find it again ^___^'.
Next, we ventured into another underground store that was labeled as a bookstore and had a guy in a panda mask dancing outside. Well, I mean, c'mon. Can't resist a dancing panda.
Yeah, it had way more than books.
 More Blythe stuff!
 And a ketchup gun!
 And old cameras
 OMG, WONKA BAR. ONE DAY. Seriously. I will buy one of these someday. Ughhh, so cool.
I still want it.

And a rifle umbrella! I really wanted to get this for Shawn, but I have no idea how I would get it back. And if he would get arrested. If only he still had his old car, Ruth, to match.
 Snoopy for Beth.
 I got my Christmas shopping done. Haha, seriously.

And that was pretty much the night! The next day, we went to Harajuku and I have a ton of more pictures to share. Lauren will really like that post, too, I think. Man, I really need to catch up! Yesterday, I went to the Fuji Safari Park with Yuuki, Rina, Tomo, and another student whose name I keep forgetting. More on that next-next time ^___^.


  1. OMG. I had a minor mindfreak the whole time I read your post. It's... all... so... amazing... Can I live in Mandrake forever, please? PLEASE?

    I want all those kittens! -___-"

    Whoa, that sushi looks incredible. Ugh, the grilled salmon had to be amazing.

    I just can't believe you happened to stumble upon Mandrake. Haha! I've seen photos of all the Mandrake locations and they all seem to be pretty big. One place even looked like a mall. Although, I probably would have been a little suspicious if I had to travel down so many flights of stairs to get to a shop. xD

    You hit the Blythe jackpot, bb. AHHH. I had to look at all your photos over and over to fully take all of them in. And then I freaked out even more when I saw Plum's sister. That's actually a REALLY good price for a Kozy. She looks like she's in good condition and comes with her stock, too. Her bangs (which people now call mustache bangs, like the style Plum has) are in high demand, too.

    Maybe I should buy her and claim to be selling Plum. Omg, I wonder how much I could get!

    Those glass/acrylic eyes are actually for BJDs, I believe. They look more rounded. However, I have seen a few Blythes sport some glass eyes over the years!

    Hahahaha. I like how you were looking around in the adult manga section. That's so great. You should have taken a photo with all the products. Lolll.

    Omggg. Nendoroids! I should send you a picture of the Nendoroid I've wanted for like two years. It's a character from Death Note. He's so awesome. u_____u I wonder if those Nendoroids are fairly priced compared to the ones on eBay.

    Ahhh, you saw some Junie Moon bags! I almost bought that one bag with the pink trim on it. *sigh* But Junie Moon tried to overcharge me on shipping, so I couldn't get it last year. GRRR. *shakes fist*

    Let me know how the Wonka bar is whenever you finally get one. I want to know!

    Hahaha. You need to get that rifle umbrella for Shawn. Pshh, you can figure out how to get it back when it's sitting in your apartment. =p

    I'm so jealous, bb. Of everything. What a dream...

  2. YAY POST!
    Back to mandrake? Then Village Vanguard??

  3. Tiny baby kittens. I would live in that store. And that toy store---I would decorate the kitten store with the Blythe dolls. That whole place is like a dream. Grant always looks cute.