Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There's Just...So Much Paper

This is for yesterday (9/25) and today. Apparently, I didn't have the attention span to finish it yesterday XD.

Today, we all had brand new classes. Most of the exchange students had Japanese Language B. It goes from 9:00-12:10. Kinda brutal. Luckily, we get about 3 small breaks during the class.

I can't even...so the class...
Okay, well I love the teacher. She is the teacher that interviewed us on our 2nd day of orientation. She's really nice and for some reason, I can usually understand her really fast-speaking Japanese. I would like to thank Gilmore Girls for training me. I still don't think they talk too fast though.
Omg, ikr (i know, right?) My entire high school life would have been so lame.

Anyways, it was really just a very intense class. We were given a ton of papers with readings and vocab and kanji to learn.
I was really surprised that we were also given the books for the course. That was a really nice present. I'm not sure if we can keep them, but it really does help a lot. Now I can go back to get that llama. lolol.
Ugh, no. Never again.

Anyways! I was pretty mentally drained after that. I feel incredibly behind. I also found out I had a meeting with the Track and Field club an hour later, so instead of going to work out during lunch, I went home to get some lunch and came back to meet two of the people from the club. One of the students, Yuuki, is learning to speak English. He's majoring in English Literature. I always find that funny when I hear Japanese students say they are majoring in that. It's like...isn't that..boring for you? But maybe they think the same when they hear that many of us are majoring in the Japanese language. We had some troubles being able to communicate with each other which was both exciting and frustrating. The other student, Yus (sp?), spoke nearly no English at all.
We talked for a bit and I tried to ask them what practice was like, if I could be a sprinter, what they did, more questions about the club, and all the other ~getting to know each other~ questions. I looked at my iPod, and we still had an hour before classes. Omigosh, I couldn't just sit there and talk. I needed to get up. So, I left and we said we would meet after class. I emailed Lauren and Grant in one of the cafeterias. I was feeling a bit homesick at this point.
It's really kind of tough when you can't communicate with others the same way you always have and what you say is kind of restricted. For example, you might want to say more, but realize the other person may not understand or you may not be able to translate it the right way for them. w00f.

I go to Gender Studies II and there's only about 8 of us in the room. 4 exchange students, 4 Japanese students. And the teacher has energy. And, oh dang, he speaks in all English. It was just what I needed. Honestly, this wave of relief came over me. Finally, a class where I can really communicate. Don't get me wrong, being in all Japanese classes is great for learning and just diving into the language and culture, but this class was like a little piece of home. Something familiar, something I could manage without going home and staring at the wall and asking myself "What. Just. Happened?"

So yeah, the teacher is incredibly easy to talk to and he seemed really laid back, which is great because those are usually the classes I learn the most from and the information and way of thinking is something I can use in everyday life. He even said that he'll never say 'you're wrong' about something and will keep an open mind.

It's funny when introducing yourself. In Japanese, for your hobbies, you stick to the basics. Oh, I like reading books and watching movies. It's the same for Japanese students trying to learn English. Not a lot of detail, just sticking to the basics. It's really cool being in a class with students trying to learn English. It's like being on the other side. It's how some students see us when we're learning Japanese.

After class, I went to meet up with the Track club. Yuuki took me to the track and field club room. They have an entire building here dedicated to the clubs. I met 3 other students here, but of course, I can't remember their names =[. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to remember Japanese names. The room had an N64 with Super Smash Bros. in it. AwWWwW YeaAahHhHh. But first, we set off on a run around town. We ran maybe a little less than 2 miles. There are usually 15 people in the club, but many practice at different times during the day because some have class, so it was just the 4 of us. We ran by a few parks I never knew were there. They were so pretty and I really want to go find them again. A great place to take Maywynd for some pictures ^___^.

I kept pace the entire time and it was funny because 3 of us are sprinters and we ran a longer distance. Then, we went to a hill and did a couple of sprints together. It was actually really fun. It was really nice to be a part of a team again.
JAPANESE SUPER SMASH BROS! Looks the same! Because it is!
We went back to the club room and well, I mean the N64 was just sitting there. It needed to be used. So we played some Smash Bros. I TOTALLY DOMINATED. haha, nah. But I did win a good amount of rounds. Ugh, if only Beth were here so we could double-team.

It was funny 'cause they gave me this shower wipe thing to use after running and I was thinking, 'wow, these guys are cleaner than I am...I would have gone without using it and just marinated in my own sweat.' lol, whoops.

 So these are some of the people from the club, Yuuki is on the way left and I ran with him, the student next to him, and the student taking the picture (I will learn names, I swear) Yus is the "V(^_^)V" one:
Okay, not gonna lie. Kinda scared of my own muscles. Thanks, Jillian!

But yeah! Everyone was so nice and positive. I'm not sure if I'll stay in the club for now, since I really like circuit training over running. I mean, running can be great, but I'm not sure how much I love it. But I really do like everyone in the club, so it's a toughy. There's another practice tomorrow, so I'll be going to that. TIME WILL TELL.

And today, we had Japanese communication again. We have a different teacher for Tuesday classes. She was really nice too. It was just a very long class, another 9:00-12:10 with only one break this time. It's just a lot of information at one time, but I feel like I might be getting a little bit better already. Mayhaps. lolol.

I was able to meet Yuki today. We've only been talking via Facebook and through emails, so that was pretty awesome. He speaks really good English. We all had lunch together and I found out he commutes by train, 2 hours from home, 6 days a week. That's a whole day on a train D=. w00f, there are actually a lot of students here who do that. I feel pretty lucky. O__O

Kirsty and I decided to go swimming at the gym today. As usual, there were hardly any people there, which I really have no problem with.

Oh, and lucky for us, we have to wear swim caps. Thank you, 100 yen store XD.
The woman/lifeguard working at the time asked if I could take out my earrings but they were already out...Holes, man. They trick people.
Never buy 100 yen goggles. They broke instantly...lolol but luckily the lifeguard/woman let me use some of the ones they had in the office. =]

 THEN THERE'S THIS MAGICAL MACHINE. You put your swim suit in it and hold the button down and it dries it! Am I the only one who didn't know these existed? Amazing!

P.S. These were some of the most attractive photos of me ever.

Tomorrow, I have Track practice and Training class. Omygosh, pretty excited. But there are a lot of things I'm excited for right now.

1. Grant coming to Japan. HAHAHAYESSS!!! ^____^
3. Chocolate. There's chocolate in my future, I just know it.
4. Maybe a peach will be on sale again tonight!
5. I might watch a Harry Potter movie in Japanese tonight. I just realized all the Kanji we have to learn. lolol, it's the books for me tonight.
6. Opening my birthday cards from Mum and Diane.

Do you guys miss my baking yet? ^___~

No, but I'm really proud of my Mum 'cause she said she's been eating fruits in place of sweets! So happy for her <3. Like, really really happy. =]]]

Oh yeah, I'm really diggin' this hoodie! You know, just chilling in the kitchen. IN JAPAN. *instant coolness returns* It's getting cooler over here, so it's awesome to be able to wear this.

Well, it's still pretty early in the day. I shall be off to get some more chicken and study.


  1. This was great. I wish I woke up earlier to chat, but... I stayed up really late reading... :/


  2. Beth and I like how you can somehow find a GG clip to reference for everything.

    I really do understand what you mean by feeling lonely. I haven't been in your exact situation, but that whole "lost in translation" feeling is something that's existed for forever. At least you're keeping busy with school and clubs-- that helps take the mind off of homesickness... a little, at least.

    Haha... "What... just happened?" Oh, bb.

    I'm so happy you're having fun in track! It's your calling. And it's awesome that you have fellow sprinters to hang out with in the club. You have another type of interest you can relate to with people now. I hope you decide to stay in track. I know you might not feel it's your thing, but I think it's the perfect way for you to let loose with other people who are athletic, since that seems to be a rare find in Japan. xD

    Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see your photos of Maywynd in the parks! They're going to be so gorgeous. ^____^

    That looks like such a fun group of people! Your personalities totally shine there.

    I would have liked to see what the lifeguard said when she said the "earrings" were actually just your ear holes. Lolz.

    Whoa, how do we not have those swimsuit dryers in the US?! Those are amazing... and so handy.

    Mom has been SO well with eating healthier. She goes to Brennan's a couple times a week to get the nectarines. I take a bunch home with me and eat at least one or two a day, too. They're freakin' delicious!

  3. I will post pictures of the hatch! wahahaha!

    bb, you encourage me. this slays me. in a good way. lolol. =]] ty, bb ^____^
    Maywynd is wearing a different outfit with a new hairstyle today!

    ughh, nectarines! zo jelly! that's awesome. if they're anything like the peach i had, then that'd be breakfast, snacky snack, lunch, snackity snack, and dinz err'day.