Friday, September 14, 2012

I Was Eating a Carrot and Just Put an Almond in My Mouth Too

Almond Carrot. This carrot....tastes nothing now. DANGIT.

Well, last night I decided to venture to the market to check out all the crazy stuff that's there. Good thing I only took pictures of the Japanese versions of stuff you can find back home.

Mini Versions!

MORE MINI VERSIONS. The flavors are amazing. Melty caramel. I really would love to try the middle one, Murasaki Imo (Purple Fleshed Sweet Potato). Maybe I'll get it sometime and have a teaspoon a day. I was actually pretty surprised how there isn't a lot of lactose-free stuff here. They have soy milk, but I got another scratchy throat from it again and haven't found almond milk yet. Oh well! Maybe I'll get used to it or it was coincidence.

 For Grant! =]] I still have to look up the prices.

I went to a more formal, more elite than Fresh Market-type place and got some pretty funny looks. I guess wearing a hat with goggles is weird there. It felt very Wisconsin. XD

I've been pretty tired early with the strange sleeping difference, so I got sleepy pretty fast last night. But first...okay, well I knew there was a TV in my room. And then I was like well, it's going to need to have some way of getting channels, so I shouldn't get my hopes up. WELL, IT HAS CHANNELS. I turned it on and bam! like 10 Japanese channels.

 SO. AWESOME. TV is interesting again! And it doesn't feel like a waste! And it's a really nice TV too. I can't believe it was just here.

I went to sleep soon after and woke up at around 2:33 a.m. to my first earthquake experience. It was like "Oh, this is what an earthquake is like. Oh, I should probably move stuff so things don't fall. *goes back to sleep*.

The next morning. Oh wait, today, I woke up at about 5:30. I got to skype with Grant again ^____^. Another happy moment, but I felt so sleepy and wanted to be quieter 'cause I didn't wanna disturb Kirsty. Sorry, Grant! >____<  But it was great to see him again. =^.^=

Then, I NEEDED TO WORK OUT BECAUSE I MISS IT. and we don't have our gym memberships at Seijo yet. Asato san said that she was glad that there was an athletic student because there usually aren't many and the gym usually isn't that full.

On my way of getting lost yesterday, I found that field and decided to go back so I could do some sprints and interval training. Sadly, I found the gates were locked so I went back to the house and did whatever exercises I could using body strength and stairs. I didn't want to in my room because I didn't want to disturb anyone else in the house. It was only 7:30 a.m. too. I got a few strange looks by passerby-ers. Maybe it was because I was wearing kinda short shorts (BETH). But they're for training! And I didn't think I would be running into many people because I would be alone on the field. Oh wells. I'm not sure if I'll be wearing them again here if it's considered inappropriate or disrespectful.
I haven't really seen anyone running around here or working out. Only strictly for sports team reasons I see people exercising. The streets are probably too narrow for running though.

Then, the internet people came back so I wouldn't have to mooch off of my neighbor anymore and I had gotten an ethernet adapter in Shibuya two days ago.

I had a very awkward moment when they were leaving and I asked if it was proper in Japan for me to show them out. The girl didn't know much English and asked me to talk slower. The guy didn't know any English. It was one of those "oh, this must what it be like for them when I ask them to repeat what they say or explain it differently. But yeah! It's like in America where you pretty much wave them goodbye at the door. I had tried explaining Maywynd to her. I'm still surprised Asato san and her haven't heard of Blythe dolls before.

So, before she left she said that I have a free day and that I should go out. haha, no problem there. I went around the shops by the station and such and didn't find much. Then, I decided to challenge myself and try the train system alone. Yeah, I have no idea still. I had to ask for directions the entire time, but it all worked out. Everyone is so helpful and there are station workers that are always there to help.


I decided to go to Shibuya again, alone this time, so I could explore everything I wanted and do my girly shopping.

Being here really makes you want to be more girly. Back home, I feel more like a tomboy, I kinda always have. Then, you see all these girls who are so pretty. Honestly, it kinda can make you feel like crap because you're like WOW, YOU GUYS ARE SO PRETTY and then you pass a mirror and you're like oh. I'm all like...greasy and need to put on a hat. The girls' skin here is all perfect and it's like WHAT. MAKEUP. ARE YOU USING?

One other small fault is that they never have your shoe size because Americans have monster feet. Sorry, Lauren. But this place is great for you, Small Foot Beth. Ugh, Creepers. THEY ALMOST FIT ME.

But now the happy stuff! SHIBUYA IS AMAZING. So you're in a building with all this crazy awesome stuff and then you realize it has more floors. And more. And more.

Big Intersection when it's less crowded

ughhh, cool stuff.

Oh noooooo


 LOLGRANTLOOK. Japan knows of the Book of Heavy Metal!

It's funny I got so excited when half-price got a Japanese CD in stock because now I'm in stores with thousands of them. Oh gosh. Even...

Finally found one! soOooO coOOOool!

This was one of my favorite shops. The girl working there was awesome. She said she was going to be studying abroad in London next year. I spoke some Japanese to her and then she started using English and she had perfect English even though she said she had only just started learning T___T.

 Okay, so I saw this and was like Oh wow. They sell these? And then...

 It's an entire One Direction (with a little bit of Justin Bieber) store.

 Okay, this sink is just awesome. The left spout shoots out soap. The right shoots out water. And the bottom is a hand dryer. Japan really has got their bathrooms down. Oh, and there was a circular mirror room with tables so you can check your makeup.

Um. Okay, I went to try stuff on and then the girl asked me to take off my shoes and then she put this cloth on my head. I think for sanitary reasons. I'm like I CAN'T SEE WHAT I LOOK LIKE IN THESE CLOTHES. I really dig the whole shoes off thing though.

 This was in a BAPE store. Those shoes were on a conveyer belt, passing by under you.

It had been about 4ish hours of shopping and I hadn't eaten for a long time, so I decided to stop somewhere with ramen. I was the only girl there besides the waitress and it was mainly just middle-aged men. I think it was the most out of place I've felt so far. lol. I really just wanted to go somewhere cheap 'cause a lot of places had pretty pricey meals.


Vegetable Ramen.


 I found another UFO catcher and with Sentimental Circus plushies! Sorry, Lauren. I tried but didn't win you one =[.
6 Floor Forever21

 There was a 4 or 5 story H&M too.

 This was a Hummer Limo with 3 models posing in front of it. It must have been for a magazine photoshoot or something but a lot of people were standing around it and taking pictures. Oh, and then there were really big lines for the iphone 5 a few places.

 Intersection getting a little more crowded as it gets later.


So yeah, shopping in Shibuya was tough 'cause everything was amazing. And it was the worst place to go because of wanting everything. THEN I FOUND OUT I COULD USE MY CREDIT CARD. HAHAHAHA.

Wanna see what I got in these bags?! WAHAHA. Even the bags are all nice.

 YEAH, VISA! Ugh, after just talking about saving. But that's Pokemon Green right there! Never released in the US. I got it at another used game store. And the Chrono Trigger Bible. Well, I'm going to need to learn how to play in Japanese so might as well have the Japanese guide. Even though all the Musni girls could probably play it with their eyes closed by now. I also got Lauren a little present there, but she'll have to wait to see that. But seriously, the clothes are like clothes that I've been wanting forever from all the Asian sites online. They're amazing quality too. That huge hoodie has a big hood =]]. BIG HOODS <3

Anyways, today was awesome and it's only 7 p.m. I think I was in Shibuya for 5-6 hours. I don't feel too tired yet so I might go check out beer prices for Grant. =]

On a side note, the shower here is awesome. What's up with these awesome bathroom stuff? I think America has this too, but still.

It's removable!
I could wash only my leg if I wanted

Or just my hair! Great for putting cold water to maintain hair color. This isn't an advertisement.

 And the sink spout turns into the spout for the shower with the flip of a knob.

Oh, and the toilet has a Big Flush and Little flush option. Honestly, great stuff.

So I really think I'm allergic to pure soy milk 'cause my scratchy throat returned after drinking more. lol, what is. this life? That's okay! Probably just had too much of it.

Dude, Beth. All this stuff. It's gonna be waking up in the morning tomorrow and thinking "Wow, I got some great stuff." If you visit, you're going to love all the shopping in Shibuya, so start saving up. Too much of it reminded me of you. Cross shirts. Leopard Print. Baggy Shirts. Baggy Hats. Studded everything. Really. High. Shoes. I really want the 2-3 inch Converse looking shoes with studs. I don't think they have my size though.

But honestly, just walking around and seeing all the people and their outfits and listening to them talk is awesome. Even though it's frustrating not being able to say exactly what I want to with people, it's still fun and makes you try thinking a different way. I really hope to go to Harajuku soon, maybe tomorrow.

Anyways, I think I'm gonna go wander by the station. I want to enjoy the free time as much as possible 'cause I'm not sure what it'll be like when school starts.

I'm really excited for Grant to come to Japan though. Like, really excited. Hopefully my bangs grow out in 23 days so I don't have to hat it up all the time. lololol.

Love, love.

This is what I look like if you forgot.


  1. Who knew almonds and carrots cancelled each other out??

    I'd like to hear how some of those ice creams are! I think a teaspoon a day should work. Like you said, I'm surprised there aren't more foods catered to people who are lactose intolerant... I thought it was a common problem among Asians. -____-

    Hat + goggles = Wisconsin (Who knew?)

    Congrats on the great TV! Glad it's not so boring anymore, heh. ^^ I have a recommendation for you when you get back and have access to Netflix. I'm so addicted.

    Omg, congrats on your first earthquake! It sounds like you were terrified. Lolz.

    Aww, glad you've been able to Skype with Grant a few times. That's pretty great. I bet you feel more at home when you see him.

    At least you never have to worry about the gym being crowded when you get a membership. Can't wait to see pics of what it's like inside! You'll have to show us when you go there sometime.

    I'm a tad bit surprised that hardly anyone else works out there. o__O I guess I figured more people would be into it because they seem fit. Maybe they're just fit because they eat better than Americans? Hmm. Still, I'm sure you'll feel better about what you wear once you're in the gym.

    I was gonna ask you about Blythes! I hope you come across more people who know about them. I'm shocked that you haven't really seen any references to them yet. They're more... natural... dolls to see around there. I'm sure you'll see more after exploring a lot more. Malls might have more type of Blythe things around. I'll have to check to see if there are any Blythe conventions/shows anytime soon there and will let you know what I find out. ^__^ How awesome of an experience would that be!

    Dude, I love your train of thought when you see pretty girls. It's so funny. But you're pretty, too-- you're just more Americanized than other girls there, that's all!

    OMG, I'm a giant in Japan. -__- At least, my feet are...

    A "Poor & Alone Hat!" How amazing for you.

    That bag on your head suits you. Did you ask if you could take it home because you liked wearing it so much?? Hahaha.

    That veggie Ramen looks delish...

    Aw, no worries about not winning in the UFO catcher. I appreciate you trying! Someday, bb.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Congrats on all those great finds while shopping. I want to hear how the Pokemon game is. And omg, a pressie for me already?! I'm so excited. >w< Thank you, bb.

    You'd better wash that leg. It looks dirty. xD

    I'm glad you posted that pic at the end because I totally forgot what you looked like. u_________u

    I'm happy you're excited to see Grant. You'll definitely feel at home with him there, and I know you're excited to show him around!

  2. I think it's because of diet and walking around everywhere. Unlike Americans, Japanese people here seem to use the stairs when they can. They also walk to markets more for food everyday. So it's kinda more of being active throughout the entire day and then eating better, with smaller portions.

    Omg, that is. an amazing hat idea. I WANT MY HAT BACK.

    I need my gameboy color to play the Pokemon game x___X. I don't think the DS plays GB games, right?

    You would fit right in with all the Japanese girls! And I forgot to mention how I would turn one way and be like BETH WOULD LOVE THIS STORE and then turn the other and be like AND THERE'S THE LAUREN STORE. With all the pretty dresses and lace and such. =]