Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Call Me Hermione Granger

This morning, there was a huge thunderstorm. I woke up to the loudest thunder I've ever heard. It sounded like the sky was falling and lions were roaring and the room shook some too. THE LION DID NOT SLEEP TONIGHT. So it was a thunderstorm-earthquake pretty much. w00f, and being half asleep, of course my thinking was all wonky and I was like

and immediately fell back asleep. Grant, I had a dream that you bought this hidden underground club house and your mom was really angry. Watch out.

Today, I slept until 6:40! I was so happy to have slept in. But sad that I didn't have time to workout before Day 2/3 of orientation. Apparently, you get the best results when you work out at the same time each day because your body is used to working out and is ready at that time. But I mean, any working out is great.

We went over classes that we were thinking of taking during orientation. Here are the books containing the possible classes:
Yeah. Yeah, I know, right? So I've narrowed it down. To 8 classes and 2 clubs. Ughhh. What is wrong with me? I had to stop myself from picking more. I'm like NO KAT. PUT. THE BOOKS. AWAY.

There are 2 main classes that they recommend and I definitely want to take both. Also, they have a Training Class (exercise--awwWWwWw yeaAAah!, still on the track to personal training). So, I will also definitely take that course.
There are a few other courses taught in English that they also recommended, so I picked two that I might want to take: Gender Study II and Anthropology of Japan II. I met and had that interview today with the Anthropology teacher. She was incredibly nice. And during our interview, I understand almost everything! And was able to respond as well! I felt really happy after that. She was even talking pretty fast and I understood. Guys, I understood. That's so weird. wut.

Okay! So I am also thinking of taking Shodou, which is Calligraphy and Basketball, and Aerobics class. I figure I won't do the Basketball Club, so I could just take a class instead.

Then, there's the clubs, which I've narrowed down to Karate and Track & Field. I've already done Track in grade school, but I miss it. Karate would be awesome to do, but it's practice Monday-Friday. Track is only 3 days a week. The other days say to do your own workout, which would work if I end up taking those sports classes.

So Many Scribbles of Confusion
WHAT DO I DO?! I really need a Time Turner and an ice bath ready.

We were able to set up the meetings for using the gym today. Before being able to use the machines in the weight room, we have to have an hour lecture sort-of-thing for safety reasons. The treadmill is called Star Trac. lolol, Grant.

There was only 1 slot left to have the lecture tomorrow, otherwise I would have to wait until Monday. Tom jumped in when they said there was only 1 slot left, "I'll take it." And then, haha ^___^', well it was this really fast reflex and I looked at him right after angrily and said "OH, C'MON!" whoops. lol, I'm so desperate for dumbbells. I felt bad, but he let me take the slot for tomorrow. He is. really nice to have done that.

I told him I would train him tomorrow and he said he was up for it. Body strength circuit training and running (sprints). I hope he's ready. wahahaha.

We can still use the track and pool, so I decided to use the track and had it all to myself. It's a really small track above and around the basketball court. There are curtains by the window and I'm like THIS IS HAZARDOUS.

I even got to talk to one of the trainers there, though not very fluently. I get really excited when talking to trainers and didn't really have the proper vocabulary to ask her all the things that I wanted to. yet. So I kind of awkwardly ended the conversation and was like...bye...

The rest of the day, I made foodies, looked through the class books and found those other classes to consider, and went to the grocery to buy some stuff. CHEAP CHICKEN, YES. But why?! Why is it so cheap?! I'm going to eat it anyways. lolol halp. Then, I found raisins on sale! YES.

Before going out, I had my windows open, but with the screens on, but these little guys seemed to have snuck in:

That's not even half of them. The vacuum did its duty here. Probably its main duty while I stay here. I'll take these suckers any day over cockroaches. Sabrina said she found 4 already in Shibata Mansion, where most of the exchange students live.

Tomorrow, we have to hand in the rough draft of our schedule. I might just hand it in with all of those classes, try them out, and drop whatever is poo. I mean, not for me.

Watching the food channel in Japan is just as bad of an idea as it is in America. I think I might go out somewhere tomorrow. I really want to find Junie Moon for Lauren in Shinjuku and take pictures in secret.

Then they'll be trying to push me out of the door like this. Except the guy on the right will have a camera in their hand, still trying to take pictures.

I think something I miss a lot is the open fields of grass and adventure:

 Oh and this guy. Yeah, I miss this guy a lot.
Well, these guys too, I guess.

iphoto lets me get rid of blemishes or mistakes. There was a huge one by the tree in this picture.

*edit* no one realized I blurred out Sock Monkey? lolol.

 You're probably thinking...oh noo....she's in Japan and already looking at old pictures from back home. lolol, NO. THIS IS FUN FOR ME. no worries ^____^'

Oi! Okay, that's all for now.
omg, this food channel. Bye-bye! =^.^=


  1. I'm really hoping you decide to take track again because you really rock at that sport. Plus, it'll be a good release of energy for you during the day!

    Hahaha. I can just see you ending the conversation abruptly.

    Person: "So then I was walking to the store and..."
    You: "Bye..."

    How did all those little flies/gnats get in there like that?? I seriously get so bugged (PUN!) when that happens. *feels itchy* At least they weren't all big spiders. *cries*

    Oh my goodness, please find Junie Moon so I can be jealous of you even more. I can't wait to hear your story for when you go there for the first time.

    I'm... so glad... I could make it into your photo collage of the things you miss... -__- At least Plum looks great. Marvlin, too.

    I'm sure you can get your sexay hair back, bb.

  2. Question: Why is Plum's forehead also at the bottom of the photo? o__O WHAT'S GOING ON?