Friday, September 28, 2012

Real Life Harvest Moon. Without the Farm.

First, I want to start with:
I hope your knee is doing better, Mr. Mark and that Grant gave you the messages I've been asking him to! ^___^ And that you get to relax and rest from work for once! =^.^=

Okay, back to yesterday ^___^

It was pretty hot diggity dang awesome, was it not?! The package came! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I WAS? You may have become immune to my usage of caps lock by now, SO I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW I WAS REALLY PUMPED.
Lauren, Beth, Shawn, and Grant were all staying up late talking with me and Grant was about to go to sleep when the doorbell rang. w00f, nice timing. So happy he got to stay. =]]
It was filled with some pretty darn amazing stuff:
These animals are supposed to represent us:
Shawn-Panda, Lauren- Hamster/Rat, Beth-Turtle, Jeremy-Hippo, MoMo- Butterfly, and me- Bunny
TEAA!! With a new cup too! Omigosh. ^____^
And more tea from Grant! Green Tea! And the birthday cake chocolate I've been craving. These things are really the perfect rainy day kit.
And this little cutie to remind me of Marvlin from Lauren. He still needs a name.
And then some more ~creative~ things.
Oh good. We can match.

And cards! Beth's letter was full of glitter and Shawn's was written on a medical sticky note. His was hard to compete with.
This was great, you guys. I've had so many almonds, raisins and so much tea and chocolate already. And I even snuggled with sock monkey last night. This one doesn't make me as angry.

Here are some of my favorite shots:
 You guys look like you belong to the villians of "WaterWorld."

After video chatting, I decided to venture out some more and found some pretty cool shops and things along the way. So, here's a bit more of Japan for you:
How did I miss this guy before?
 I've seen a lot of poodle-styled hair here. And that guy was darn fluffy.
 Sweets Gift Store:
 I think this is their version of a gift of cheese and sausage, lots of crackers:
 And stumbled into another grocery store. One day, almond milk. One day.
 Okay. I'm still in denial that there is no turkey. If there really is going to be a bacon shortage like Yahoo! tells me because Yahoo! tells me everything about life like "What Men Really Think When You Say 'Hi,'" then people in Japan are going to be furious. This is just a wall of ham and bacon. This is just a wall of Pig.
 Don't think you can find these back home...but I bet Mrs. Mark could make these into some amazing dish.
Bunny Flowers for MoMo! ()(^.^)()
 Then there was this cat shop...
 With a bunch of cat stuff.
 Another store had this statue. If I could tag people, I'd tag Beth and Jeremy.
 Two more for Grant!
 Something went down here...I just know it.
 More flowers for MoMo ^____^.
 Nothing like a good burger with coffee.
 I know you see it, Lauren. And if you don't, I am disappoint. Keep looking.
 Aw yeah, huge donut.

I came back home and ate, did some homework, read a little bit of the book Grant sent, and went to sleep. It was an awesome Friday night. =^.^=
But I liked last night! And there are no homies here.

This morning, I went on the UWM site and saw these and cringed:

Really nice, heel strike, you guys. Way to advertise.

And then checked my email and found this:

I've been feeling like I'm in Harvest Moon lately, but this just makes it more so.
Except, I don't have to rush to the pharmacy because one of my cows is for sure going to be sick the next day, get angry at myself for not stocking up since only 1 medicine is in stock a day, and then get sad since I can't have eggs for breakfast the next day because my chickens are angry at me since I couldn't go out and feed them O___O.

But yeah! I believe it's more to inform classes being cancelled since students commute from 1-2 hours away by train and take the train line that would be affected. We'll probably get rain and winds and stuff.
Hopefully the scholarship kicks in tomorrow too. I want to go to the groce and buy some regular food and then some non-perishables just in case the weather is bad.

On a happier note, I found out that Japan has Groupon too!
Oh yeah! I talked with Yuuki and he said I could still come to the track club practices on Monday at the campus if I wanted. So, I might do that. That way I still get to practice once a week if I want and still be able to talk with Yuuki. w00t! =^.^= I feel a lot better.

So that was it so far today ^___^. I'm going to go workout and then get ready to go out with some of the students from Seijo at a park nearby.

Bye bye for now =^.~=.


  1. Ahhhh, you don't know how excited Beth, Mom and I were about the package! It makes me so happy to know that you were just as excited-- probably more so. xD I'm glad we all stayed up late enough so you could open it right away. Beth and I felt bad that you might have had to wait until the next day to open it. I can just imagine the box sitting on your bed, taunting you all day and night. Hahaha.

    I'm glad how obvious it was that Jeremy was the hippo. Lolz.

    That's so much tea, bb. I hope you can finish it all! Make that your new goal.

    I hope your new Marvlin-esque friend helps bring a bit more of home to you there. <3 Let me know what name you decide on!

    It warms my heart (haha) to know that you've been cuddling Sock Monkey. That's what Beth told me at least. IT BETTER BE TRUE.

    Oh my gosh, you don't know how much I love that photo of Toupee wearing an eyepatch. I wanted to stare at it forever earlier. I think I'll have to do that when I get home! Toupee, in all his hammy glory...

    Whoa, the Japanese take their poodles VERY seriously. o__O

    Ugh, I want all those sweets. Like, now. Just looking at your pictures, I can imagine that they'd be less sugary, but a little lighter so that they're not as filling as American desserts. I like that kind of sweetness, too!

    Maybe that Wall of Pig is a sign that you need to convert to Baconism.

    I geeked out when I saw the Full House DVDs. Amazing.

    I feel like I've said that exact phrase, or maybe Beth has-- the one that Rory said in that gif. Seriously, their dialogue defines our lives so much of the time...

    Oh goodness, and to hear about that typhoon...! That's crazy, man. I can see why you feel like you're in Harvest Moon. O____O I actually forgot about the typhoon hitting the fields in the game. Now you're making me want to play. Maybe I'll feel like I'm right there with you if I do!

    I like that you can have the best of both worlds and go to track practice just once a week. That's so flexible compared to high school track. Actually, high school track was considered an official sport and you're going to a track club, so I'd imagine that yours is more laid back. That's so awesome. Perfect, bb!

    I'm still trying to think of a good name. Maybe Wel.

    You know, being here actually kinda makes me want some bacon. Each time I go to the store, I'm more open to the idea. Ugh, oh noes.

    I bet the Full House voices are amazing.

    It's getting really windy and rainy here! Omigosh, I wish they had Harvest Moon 64 for the DS. Well, the name wouldn't fit anymore, but it was totally the best out of all the Harvest Moon games.

    Ty bb! =]] Thankyuu for your advice too. It really helped ^___^