Friday, September 21, 2012

Libraries Close Early

Grant, remember when we Google mapped this place? They have Doraemon plushies in the window instead of Disney characters now. lolol.
Today was the first day of school and I actually felt pretty nervous. All of a sudden, Japan wasn't just about socializing, exploring unknown roads, shopping, and having time to do whatever. Now studying and classes entered the picture (or will be entering the future pictures, lolol).
So the first class we all had was Japanese Communication. The teacher was really nice. It felt a little bit like a UWM Japanese class, except way more intense and instead of 50 minutes, it was 3 hours x___X. We went over あいづち (aizuchi), which is responses to things people say in conversations like
"I'm going to steal your apple!"
"Ehh!?" <---(aizuchi)
So kinda like sound effects, except some are actually sentences.
So we practiced responses, reading sentences, new kanji, and watched a video on how they make stuff in Japan, like fake food to display outside restaurants.
Like these.
I felt pretty overwhelmed with the class to be honest. Our Japanese classes back home aren't this intense. Plus, I felt like everyone else's Japanese skill was way better. I had to look up a bunch of words on my ipod. Right now I'm just feeling pretty insecure and kinda sad about how far behind I am in Japanese when I took 4 years and some people only took 1 or 2 years. What have I been doing all this time? I feel embarrassed by how bad I am. It's like this stuck feeling.
Well, I just have to remember that as long as a try my hardest and improve and go out of my way to really use Japanese here, then I should be proud of myself. I'm learning everyday and I have to keep trying and keep going.

After class, we had lunch. At this university, they have a lunch break for everyone at the same time. So we all headed to the cafeteria. I had brought my own lunch, so no piccies of the awesome-looking food that they have yet. The cafeteria felt like high school (and everyone looks so young). There were people looking at us gaijins (that's what they call foreigners/outsiders, though I feel like we're the only ones actually calling us that. I haven't heard anyone from Japan call us this yet XD). The food looked pretty awesome.

After eating, you rinse your plates and put them in that sink moat.

 After lunch, some of us had Japanese Anthropology. It was a recommended class to exchange students, taught mainly in English. The teacher was the same one that interviewed us the other day. She was the main reason I wanted to take the class because she was so nice, easier to understand, and very energetic and enthusiastic.
Hanaka and Megumi were also both in the class. I had met them at orientation. Sadly, I think I'm going to drop the class. It seems like it has a lot of lessons in history and that is something I don't have the attention span for. I was sitting there thinking, "Oh gosh. This is not for me. Please let it end." and the teacher started to assign reading parts for everyone. I had to say that I was thinking about the class still because I didn't want to take an assignment and leave them. Luckily, we got out early.

I went to see if the ATM would work today and it did! So I went to go pay the 2-months rent. It was a pretty huge relief to get that done.

After, I went to the gym to workout. I was the only girl there and there was hardly anyone using it. The only guys that were there were taking extremely long and ineffective breaks during sets. Some were just sitting around doing nothing. I was in and out of there and felt like I got a pretty good workout.

After, I made dinz and went out around town. I was thinking about going to Shibuya but it was later and didn't really feel like being around a big crowd tonight.

I felt like Lauren would really like this shop. And Courtney would really like the jewelry.

Here's decor that would look great in Lauren and Shawn's house when get one.
These rings reminded me of the rings in "The 10th Kingdom."
 This tea kettle was so cute. I wantz.
Bunny Butt

 Then, I found a Library.  Hecks yeah, Runner's Magazine
 They had an English book section too.
I like the review
I really liked this Grimm's Fairy Tales Book and really want to go back and get a membership to borrow this. It had the Japanese translations on the bottom of each line.

And of course, the "Terminator 3" screenplay in English and Japanese. They also had one for "Maid in Manhattan" if anyone was looking.

 And this awesome Japanese cookbook with both Japanese and English directions.

 I wanted to stay longer in the Library, but they closed pretty early. There was an announcement of the closing over the speaker and I'm like "I wonder if that said that its closing..." and it did. A worker found me and escorted me out. lolol oops.

Something about some stores in Japan though, is that when you buy something, they take you and your purchase to the door and thank you there.

I thought of MoMo when I passed these.
And here's the Liquor store Grant might like.

And this is from another one:

And I finally went in the Godiva by the station to see if my membership worked in Japan. Sadly, it doesn't. They also didn't have cookie dough truffles, but they did have some Japanese exclusive ones.
 And this Tarte. I felt like it was time to treat myself to a dessert.
 Yes, it had some dairy in it. I figured I was going to be alone tonight anyways. lolol.
 Green Tea Tarte with a thin layer of ice cream, some jelly thing on top, and something else. It actually wasn't that great and will probably be the last thing I buy from Godiva here XD. No more dairy either...T__T I kinda wish I would have eaten an apple instead. For the future!

I hope everyone's week has had a wonderful week. Plz feel free to write me an email or letter! =^.^=

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  1. I like that your class went more in depth with natural verbal expressions Japanese people make. That's really clever and a good way to help students get a better feel for the language and personality of the language. I kind of wish teachers had done that with high school language courses. =\

    I don't think you're far behind in what you know; I think other people were probably just taught Japanese in different ways. They're going to excel in different areas of the language, depending on how they were taught. You're a fast, dedicated learner so I know you'll keep up. It helps that you're surrounded by people who are speaking the language because you're being forced to learn it in natural surroundings. I know you're going to do just fine. Just take a breath and keep doing what you always do: ROCK THOSE STUDIES HARD. <3

    I'm sorry to hear about the anthropology class. You know, I can see where you're coming from though. You don't want to go through an entire semester where you're bored and you don't feel challenged enough. At least you have a lot of options for classes!

    Oh... I want to live in that shop... and I want that bunny tea kettle!

    It's funny because I've been trying to find a really good, somewhat old, copy of Grimm's Fairytales for myself. I was just looking the other day! I hope you find a really cool old Japanese edition for yourself sometime. ^^

    Aw, don't let that one Godiva dessert keep you from trying more goodies! I'd at least go back to see what other chocolates the eventually get in stock there. I, myself, am very disappointed in our own Godiva here. After that one time I visited, they've been sold out of the Cookie Dough Truffles every time Mom and I go back. They said their next shipment of chocolates is in TWO weeks! Ugh, so disappointing...