Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yeah, I wish I was talking about buying a skirt at the store. Or getting a new hamster. BUT NO. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A SPIDER.

Okay, so I'd like to consider myself the bravest of the family when it comes to spiders. I'm like hey, I've grown up pretty tolerable to spiders. I can rush to get a vacuum, cover it with a glass, even toy with the idea of having a pet tarantula. Yeah, forget that now.

So I'm off to sleep soon, watching some Japanese TV, getting my learn on. Then, hello. Oh hai, Mr. I'm-As-Big-As-Your-Hand-Spider. You think wolf spiders are big? Think again.

I run to get my bug cup in kitchen (of course) and I'm like oh. my. gosh.

Yeah, of course it's gone by the time I get back. So there I was. Standing on my bed. Slowly lifting up my things on the floor, one-by-one. Of course my backpack and purse pockets were all open, a new house up on real estate for one lonely big spider.

So I'm like. I cannot do this. I can't even. So I go to the downstairs neighbors of the house where my friend, Yu san, lives. He and 2 other students from China live there. So I run downstairs and ring the doorbell. woof! They answer. I can't remember the name of the student who answered the door =[, sadly. But he went and got Yu san since I know him most and asked for him. I told him there was a huge spider in my room and I needed help to get it. Luckily, both of them came up to help look for it.

They looked through every possible place. Where was it? The other student went to get pesticide, which is funny because Kirsty was talking about how she got some and I was thinking "Ohhh, I probably won't need that." STUPID KAT. PESTICIDES ARE FOR EVERYONE HERE.

They ask if it was a mouse and I'm like "NO, IT. WAS A HUGE. SPIDER." and the other guy (man, I wish I was better with names) was like "Oh man. I hate spiders."

He sprayed some and I'm like "WILL THAT KILL IT?! WILL IT JUST SCARE IT AWAY? DO YOU THINK HE COULD HAVE WALKED OUT THE DOOR?" I had asked "Do you think he could have left?" and Yu san was like "If you see him again, please call us," which I took as a "He's totally still here." but in a nice way. I was like yeah, there's no way I'm going to be able to sleep with knowing its still in here. So I keep kinda shuffling around, hoping they won't leave yet. I'm looking through my closet with the handy flashlight Mr. and Mrs. Mark gave me and shuffling through things and turn to the right and "THERE IT IS!" So much for being quiet so you don't scare it away, Kat.

So they see it and they're like O_O and act fast and try spraying it to death but it escapes and me being the girl that I am (this should be a new Sh!t Girls Says Youtube video--reactions to bugs) ask "DID YOU GET IT?! IS IT DEAD?!! CAN YOU SEE IT?!"

They move the baskets of skirts and workout clothes I have 'cause I'm like dude, just take everything out, and move the skirts and still nothing. Then they look back in the closet and see it and *whack*
"DID YOU GET IT?" nope.  moments of silence (these are the worst) *bam. bam bam bam* "GOT IT."
yes! Omg, he was sweating. He's like "I hate spiders." He said he's never seen one that big before and thought when I said big spider that I meant a regular spider with long legs.

Lauren. I'm gonna show a picture of a dead spider. XD Of course I would be like "CAN I TAKE A PICTURE FOR MY BLOG?" I'm one of those people now. Hey, I figure I've never had Twitter or Instagram, so this is pretty good.
 Now, I know it may not look that big. But it was the size of my hand.
 They even cleaned him up!
 They even put all my stuff back all nice!
So these are my heroes.
I really wish I had all my baking supplies to bake them something, but I'm sure I can whip something up with the stuff I have here.
But for realziez. For someone who hates spiders to slay that beast. Total warriors.

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  1. OH. MY. GOD. Even though spiders scare me to death, this was probably my favorite story from you so far because I can relate to it. I, luckily, cannot relate to ever seeing a spider of that size or girth though. O_____O

    You are super, super lucky that you found people to help you. The fact that one of them also hates spiders was a huge bonus! And they were SO nice about everything. You're surrounded by awesome people!

    I can't get over the size of the spider. Part of me wishes I could have seen the size because I'm still in shock and awe over this. I hope this doesn't happen again! x_X