Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Hopping Around Town

This was from the first day of orientation when they were teaching us where things were and about to give us a campus tour:
 WHERE WAS MY PEACE SIGN? I got it all wrong on the first day.

Today was a free day. I fell asleep again after waking up and eating breakfast and trying to study. Then, I got to Google Hangout with some of my favorite people =]
 Grant and Nathan got to join for a little bit too ^___^
J-man returns!
 CAAAAAKKKE! I think Shawn was the most entertaining to watch.
Even here.
You have all never looked so beautiful.

After, I ate lunch and studied a bit again. Then, I fell asleep...again...ughhh. So I woke up and was like GAH! I have to get out. It was raining all day, so I decided not to go out of town, but instead to explore more around here.

Another liquor store for Grant (Posting these helps to keep tabs on places I want to show him, sorry for the liquor photo spam all the time, everyone ^___^'):
 Here's a cigarette vending machine you can find a bunch of places on the streets:
I still haven't seen any crazy vending machines. That must mean I haven't been exploring enough.
Bedding store with, of course, cute characters:
And then there was this arcade place that was extremely noisy. It sounded like a huge and constant vacuum going off in it. People could smoke in there too. I was like no plz and escaped quickly. But first creeped and took a picture of many people I do not know.
 A Chocolate store! With expensive chocolate =[ but cute bunny chocolates. ()(^.^)()
 This is the biggest cake I've seen in Japan so far:
Probably not nearly as amazing as the cake Mrs. Mark made me for my birthday this year. Omgz. That was the best cake I've ever had. So dangerous. Actually, I miss all of her cooking. and her! T___T

And I miss baking for people! I found this shop kinda like a V-Richard's.

Japan seriously loves its Spam here. I've found cans in boutiques. And they give out big pumpkin cakes for trick or treating. lolol, probably not, but still! There's gotta be someone here that does...
 Grant, they have lentils! DIFFERENT KINDS.
So it really scared me that the one jar of natural peanut butter here is less expensive than the peanut butter with added oils, sugar, salt, etc. I snatched that PB up since I'm out of almonds and haven't found almond butter here. It'd probably be extremely expensive since regular almonds are. It's pretty pricey eating meat, so I have to find more sources of protein for cheaper, which PB is great for. (Sorry, Paleo. For now.) And too many eggs a day isn't great for you either.
 Flowers for MoMo ^___^.
 Instant Beer head! Yes, it's called head, Beth.
 Then I found another Used Book/Game/DVD store! So clossseee. =] Oh gosh, Harry Potter love.

Some people spend money on huge liters of alcohol. I spend it on pink llamas and don't bring them home. You don't want to know how much I spent trying to get this guy. A little boy even tried helping me and gave me tips. He even used money of his own to try for me. Unless he really was just planning to keep it for himself. I didn't take a picture of how it was when I left the llama, being SO. FURIOUS.
WHATEVER. I STILL WANT THAT LLAMA. Guys, it has an apron. I mean, c'mon.
But really, I don't think I'll be trying these UFO catchers anymore. They're way too easy to spend money on and I have to step back and remember: I have Marvlin waiting at home for me. =^.^=

Another Liquor store for Grant:
And there was another bookstore. Of course, I went to the children's section first. Timmy, it's unavoidable. You get weird looks being in that section in any country.

I keep looking for "I Want My Hat Back" in Japanese, but have had no luck so far. I'm not really even sure if it exists right now. X___x

 Apparently, it's:
(n) tube-shaped fish-paste cake

And I was out of chicken, so I went to the market. Like every day. Ugh, but they have daily discounted random foods, so it's really nice. Like that really cheap peach! No luck this time. Only these guys.
See the top 4? I'd like you to meet my new pets. They were kinda tough to get home and I'm not quite sure yet what to feed them yet, but I'm gonna do some research after this. I know I want to name one of them Tom Hanks, but not sure about the other 3 yet.
No, I'm just kidding XD. It would be another Mailed-Lobsters-To-Our-Household-Gift repeat. That was horrible. And delicious.
I got home and found out that LOST plays in Japanese here at 9. I can watch like you are, Mum and Beth! Sadly, it's on Season 2. Maybe it will somehow restart when Grant gets here so the first time we watch it together, it will be in Japanese.
I had to guys, I just had to. They were only $6 each. Actually, watching these does really help with Japanese. I wanted to test out the Harry Potter movie I had bought a week ago and watched for a minute and it refreshed a lot of vocab for me. It was like "I KNOW WHAT LUPIN IS SAYING. IN ENGLISH. AND JAPANESE!

Tomorrow, I have 2 brand new classes, Japanese Language and Gender Study II. I'm really hoping I like these and start to feel more comfortable with classes.

Man, that Llama makes me so angry.



  1. How could you not make a peace sign?! You always do and this is the one time you didn't... Hahaha.

    I had so much fun on video chat with you the other day. ^o^ Seriously, my day is made whenever I get to talk with you! I always feel beautiful when I see screen caps you post. xD

    I will gladly take all of those plushies off the store's hands. Plushies plz?

    Speaking of Spam, I forgot to mention the whole Spam challenge we bet Shawn to do last weekend... I'll have to mention that in my next blog post!

    I'm glad you found some peanut butter that you can eat. I'm sure our package will get to you soon so you won't have to resort to peanut butter for a snack. ^^

    Whoa, look at all that Harry Potter goodness. I can't wait to see what you come back with when you get home.

    Bb, I laughed so hard when I read about your llama troubles. Hahahaha. You know, I've seen that llama before. I bet you could get it somewhere else without having to win it. =p

    Don't you worry, we'll find you one! And if it makes you feel better, we'll create a very easy claw machine so you can feel as though you've won it. Lolz.

    Say hello to Tom Hanks for me. You should have bought just him.


  2. STOP IT. STOP IT! SO MEAN! That darn llama! I'm telling you, ugh.

    I must know about this Spam challenge.