Thursday, September 13, 2012

Get Lost, Find Games

I forgot to share my Plane Thoughts haikus:

They offer me food
I am an experiment
All of it is gone

Bread, Unknown oils
I am a big puff ball
I want an eggplant

Little girl in front
Opening the window shade
waking my slumber

This ipod is seriously like my best friend so far. I can take pictures, take notes, practice Japanese, look up unknown words or kanji, convert currencies. Hot diggity dang, technology. This is not an advertisement.

So, today I did some laundry! So exciting. (Beth, I did my linen just for you or I might not have for a long time. lolol) It took a little bit to understand how the heck to figure out the machine. I decided to dry my clothes outside because there's a handy clothes rack outside. Might as well make use of it. Plus, most people here seem to dry their clothes outside.

That's...probably not how it's supposed to be done.

Anyways! Evan must have gotten lost or got busy with school stuff and we ended up not meeting up. So instead, I decided to explore ^____^. First, I looked around the Seijo campus a little bit.

This is a big door. I just realized this picture makes it look like a regular door. So, here's a picture of a door. IN JAPAN. bam. Instant coolness.

This is a picture of my finger and a dead cicada got in the way. Very inconsiderate.

I ran into some awesome signs.

 I love these kinda signs.

Classiest bathroom sign ever.
Glocal Studies!

Portal inspiration?

The toilets are really awesome. They come with buttons for music, like a flushing sound. I think it's so people don't hear you doing your business. America needs these.

After venturing around the campus, I wandered off across the river into some resident homes. Even the walls around houses are decorated cute. I thought of you, Lauren:

Some people were playing Rugby (I think):

And I saw this sign. This is for you, Timmy.

Then, I found a little temple.

And a park:


Then I ran into Tsutaya, a video game, movie rental. They also sell some games. I might get a membership here sometime.

 The new pokemon games!



 Timmy, I also thought of you here:

 It looks like animal crossing...
Wish I had a PSP >__<

Then, I found another market! It mainly had stuff like kitchenware, gardening stuff, and school supplies. I just realized everything I bought was 105 yen each. No wonder I couldn't find the price tags. lolol. Must go back here for school supplies later.
You could drink coffee the cute way.

Then, I found the river again, so I thought I was on the right track back home. There were kids practicing for some sports around here. I think it was a gradeschool. They were all running around and stuff. AhHHHHh!

 It was weird 'cause this river smelled amazing. Or at least around here. It smelled like the best kind of flower ever and a scent that you'd never get sick of. It's hard to explain, but it's probably what I wish I smelled like all the time.

The ducks are way bigger in Japan. Or at least here. So are the other birds I've seen, but I really haven't seen many.

So I may have gotten lost. But then I ran into a policewoman and asked her if she could tell me where Seijo University was. Instead, she showed me the way without complaint. She was so nice. Actually, everyone here is really nice.

I came home pretty hungry and there was this menu at my door: 
If only! I haven't eaten out yet. I've just made all of my meals so far. So I made an egg with broccoli, sprouts, pepper, sriacha, and mustard. and a little potato. Oh, and an orange! All so good.

Something that's kind of strange to me is that I can't find regular green tea and when I did once, it was really expensive. There's usually just black tea and herbal sold around here.

So, here was my haul today. I splurged quite a bit. The Harry Potter movie was only about $4.  I got the stationary to write letter to my grandma, stickers to decorate it and CHRONO TRIGGER 'CAUSE I HAD TO. and yes, Lauren. That is Animal Crossing in Japanese. If only the 3DS one was out. AND I GOT THAT BEAR NOTEBOOK 'CAUSE IT'S A BEAR WITH BALLOONS, WHAT OTHER REASON DO YOU NEED? And for school maybe. Mayhaps.
I forgot my DS at home. and the charger for it. Actually, I forgot it on purpose. I looked at it and said NO, KAT. YOU DONT' NEED THIS, YOU WILL BE STUDYING. Ugh. So if a package from home happens to come by here...and it happens to have my DS and the charger with it. Well, I wouldn't complain.
But yeah! I need to be more careful with my money after this. I think I'm doing pretty good, going shopping daily and using what I have in the fridge for meals instead of eating out. But I really want to try some authentic ramen and sushi soon.

 I'm pretty excited and nervous for school to start. Asato san said they don't have kickboxing. But they do have track, so I might be joining that. I'd really like the join an athletic club though. I hope that I have time like this to explore more during school and talk with locals, even if it is just because I'm lost. It's still fun hearing everyone talk and trying to figure out what they're saying.

Oh yeah, Lauren. I saw these hair signs and thought of you:

Well, it's only 6 p.m. here, and I rested up after venturing for 3 hours. lolol, so I'm off to look around some more.
Bye-bye cycle.



  1. First off, how are you NOT broke yet? There's so much awesomeness there; I don't think I could old back. -___- Good for you for getting Chrono Trigger and Animal Crossing! We'll try to send over your DS and its charger ASAP. ^^ I'll talk to Momo about it when I see her next.

    I cannot choose a favorite haiku because they are all so great. This might just be my favorite line though: "I am a big puff ball."

    I hope you're hanging your laundry wrong when you're drying it and that you're in a spot where a lot of people can see it. Because then people will think you're the weird girl who hangs your laundry wrong. xD

    You should take those bathroom signs one by one so you can start hanging them in the US when you get back! You'll be known as the Bathroom Sign Thief. Kathleen, come on. MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSELF.

    Speaking of bathrooms, those toilet buttons are the coolest. Maybe we should just install them at the house??

    Thank you for thinking of me when you saw those signs on the wall. <3 I wish we had artwork like that on the UWM campus, because it would have made my walk more enjoyable. Instead, we just had really exaggerated paint art that I couldn't appreciate. -__-

    Omg, congratulations on that fantastic Pokemon Snap capture! What a FIND.

    You're gonna have the cutest school supplies ever. Maybe they will inspire you to stay in school when you get back so you can continue using them for a few years. Har har har.

    Seriously, that food menu was just waiting for you at your door?! ZO jealous, bb. (I'm gonna be saying that a lot, by the way.)

    Alrighty, I must get going since Ed looks like she's given up all hope after waiting for me to feed her. She must wait for me to take a shower first, haaaa. I'll write a post for you after I finish some work around the apartment. ^__^

  2. By the way, I want both those hairstyles. *___*

  3. BAHAHAHA I am super excited. I love the signs.
    Those games! NOBUNAGA NO JIKAN.

    You should hang your shirts sideways/// be that american...

    I love the screen capture... great demoing..

  4. Lauren, you have no idea how difficult it is to not spend all my money here.

    Yeah, can you ask MoMo to start finding a person who can install those bathroom sounds? Or else I'll have to make the sound myself, so really it's for the benefit of everyone else.

    Grant, next time I do laundry, expect another picture...
    and someone else posted that picture! All I did was look up "bye-byecycle" Amazing.