Sunday, September 16, 2012

P-p-p-panda BeAaARrRr

I'm really glad I had decided to wear my panda dress yesterday before knowing we were going to China Town. It's located in Yokohama, our destination for yesterday.

Anyways! First, we stopped at the 7/11's ATM since we were all pretty much running out of yen by then.

Here's a picture of the beers they have there for Grant, even though they aren't fancy and this is probably like taking a picture of the beer selection an Open Pantry x___X

We stopped at a place called Freshness Burger first. They got the order wrong, so this isn't really the burger I had. But we got it for free thanks to Tom who bravely went up to communicate in Japanese that they had gotten the order wrong.
But here's there pretty much Salisbury steak tasting burger. Very...simple.
 We ate and tried talking in each other's accents. My British accent is very snooty, lolol. Tom's version of an American accent is very nasally. I really hope it isn't what we sound like to him...

Lady Catelyn's Coffee (Game of Thrones reference).
 Yokohama O___O

Cosmic World Ferris Wheel
 Guyyysss, there's a carousellll. D=
This is before he took off for flight

Omg, giant Pikachu
 Inside the Ferris Wheel:

Mini Golf rooftop
Grant, be warned of some height pictures...

 After, we journeyed to find China Town and walked by kind of dog grooming thing going on in a park along the way.

 And also some kind of Fish Festival...
Wooo, NHK headquarters
We made it to China Town ^___^

Naturally, Santa was just chillin' there. oh. OH HO HO, CHILLIN'. OH GOSH.

 Pandas everywhere for Shawn.
Why yes, that sign does say "NO PHOTO." I DIDN'T KNOW, YOU GUYS, until Evan pointed it out. lolol.

 Nikuman and it was delicious. It was pretty much like Filipino Siao-Pao, but better.
 On the Train to Shimokitazawa (The hipster part of Japan. It pretty much was like Bay View with what people wore, all the bars around, the vibe, and the music playing). If you didn't notice, Japanese signs can be a bit off on their English translations but usually you can get the idea...
 Kirsty's sister met up with us and helped us find a relaxed and cheaper bar to sit in where you have to take off your shoes before getting to your table and we sat and talked for awhile.
 Grant, here is the liquor store I was talking about only a stop away from my place.
I was so sleepy from waking up at 4:30, but happy I got to sleep until 6 this morning. AwwWWw yeAAahhHh. We'll probably be going to the zoo today and then school starts tomorrow. We have orientation for 3 days and on one of those days, we have a 15 minute individual interview. Halp.
I'm gonna go work out first and pick up a few things from the convenient store before we go.

Oh yeah, I'm really happy we all got to video chat yesterday, you guys. (Oh man, I originally put "Skype." It's just like the use of the word "Kleenex."


  1. Thank you so much for the height warnings. I clicked on none of those.haha
    OMG.. I didnt realized who was in the Hangout(TM) photos... your poor mother.. lol

  2. Those screen shots were the perfect way to end this post. I couldn't stop staring... or laughing! Mwa hahaha. I hope Momo enjoyed them, too. xD

    You look SO happy hugging that huge Pikachu. Don't you wish you could take him home with you?? You must go back and try to take him! Lollll.

    I think Shawn is loving all these panda photos, by the way. I can't believe there are entire sections dedicated to just panda products. Shawn heaven.

    That Nikuman looks really good. I want to try some! I didn't really like Siao-Pao that much, but maybe I'd like this one more.