Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Grapes Actually Taste Like Grapes

Yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. I woke up (thank goodness, lololwut), did some homework, worked out, and then headed off to the station to meet up with Shota and the others to go to Yoyogi Park in Harajuku.

It was the most crowded train I've been on so far. We're talking everyone up against everyone. It was like a concert.
Halp. The exchange students who live in the mansion say they have to ride a train to school like this every morning during the rush. Craziness >___<.

On the way to the park (Picture from Shota's facebook):
 [Don't forget, you can click the picture to enlarge it ^___~.]

The park was so beautiful. There were tons of people walking around and even a lot of foreigners, like us, which is weird to say. It's also weird to respond with "Where are you from?" with "America," rather than the city or town.

Everywhere, people were practicing for sports, clubs, bands, tricks, fire-extinguishing, picnicking, playing with a bean sac, juggling, and just hanging out. I tried to not get anyone in the second picture. I should have taken some of all the people to better show you ^___^'.

So many bubbles, you guys. He would wave one way, and then wave back and make the bubbles into hundreds of tiny bubbles. Or, he would blow into a bubble and create little bubbles inside that one.

We met up with about 20 people. Everyone was talking or playing frisbee and I saw this guy and took Sabrina by the hand and said COME WITH ME! There were kids everywhere and their parents taking pictures. AND THEN THERE WAS US. WAHAHA.
It was a fairyland or like living in Kokiri.
With more lights and fairy glows everywhere.

Then, Yurie, Yuliya, Mao, and Mako joined us ^___^.
I really didn't capture how many bubbles there were very well...but anyways, we even got to have a go at making the bubbles!
Mao's turn:
 My turn:
Hahaha, the bottom left picture looks like I'm taking that girl out with a bubble.
Yuliya's turn:
 And Kirsty joined ^___^:

Tom and Shota then came over too and tried to pop the higher bubbles XD.
We played there for awhile and then decided to get some water and walk around the park. On the way, there was this bunny on a leash. SO I HAD TO TAKE A PICTURE. Ohh, I asked, don't worry.
Ohh, I didn't ask, don't worry.
The bunny and him are doing the same things almost...
This is on our walk:
It's awesome talking with everyone because we each get to practice Japanese, while also helping the Japanese students practice English.
 Here's some of the people hanging out:
 Really really high kite (the black dot is the top) and Shota diggin' it.

Mao, Yuliya, and Mako:
 Shota did some magic tricks with cards and then Evan showed us some too:
While a few people were playing frisbee, we played a few card games. That's old maid right there in action (lolol, sorry, Beth).
 Some of the card teams. I stopped taking pictures of the teams after these two, lolol:
 And I took these 6 from Shota's facebook album XD. Here is some of the group:
 You know. American Spiderman Pose.
In our card groups playing "Presidents and Assholes." Ana and I lost and were the assholes =[. Twice.
 Me and Anna! And Tom unknowingly photo-bombing.
After the park, we were all so hungry. Little did a few of us know that Harajuku is connected to Shibuya and is only a 15-20 minute walk. Shota and Aroma had made reservations at a place called Monsoon.
But first, there was this thing along the way:
You could go inside it and it was a huge jumping-trampoline-garbage-castle-thing.
Tom commented on how a lot of places in Japan take so much time in decorating the stores and restaurants all nice and then they bust out these cheap Halloween decorations everywhere XD, like in Monsoon.
Shrimp Red Curry with brown rice. It was decent, but Tom and I were still really hungry after, since there wasn't a lot in ours. I was craving brownies.
And then the lights dimmed
And "Happy Birthday" started to play and Shota came out with this big fruit and cake dish:
for me!
Everyone was singing and I was like wut. Since it was Moe's birthday yesterday, but I looked around and she hadn't come to eat with us, probably having plans of her own. And then I saw what the plate said after awhile. lolol. Well, that and they sang to me and were looking at me. Then I realized it was for me. Yes.
How did I not see that before? Anyways, it was the perfect dessert! FRUIT! With some cake XD And one was kind of like a brownie, so it was exactly what I was craving. The drink had tapioca and fruit in it. It was difficult to split this with everyone, but I think we did pretty darn good. OH. And you know how grapes don't ever taste like the grape taste you get from eating a Jolly Rancher or something? Yeah, these grapes actually tasted like that.

These 5 are from Shota's facebook again:
And everyone!
So many peace signs. So much awesome going on yesterday.

After dinner, we went around Shibuya to a few arcades. We played Taiko, a drumming game ^____^

Lauren, can you tell which one I am? *always in action*
THEY HAD A PIKACHU UFO CATCHER! But UFO Catchers, never again. For awhile, at least.
But Tom tried! And I really like that picture because Shota snuck in the background and is smiling.

Shota had arranged the whole thing. He even gave me presents on top of that! He told me along the lines of "I want you to think you made the right decision in coming to Japan." =] He said how he was shaking when he was getting the dessert ready because he was so nervous to see if I would like the whole thing. Craziness! O__O Of course I did! =^.^= Aroma (bottom left) also helped to arrange all of this. I feel really lucky to have made friends with these awesome people already.

Here's a picture of the crew in Shibuya (from Shota's FB again)
And here are the prezzies Shota gave me:
Pumpkin candle, hot chocolate, and there were chocolate filled pumpkin-shaped cookies, but I shared them with everyone XD.

It was a really awesome day.

Today is a free day. I do have to study Kanji though. I asked my friends from Seijo what a Typhoon was like and they said that it's usually just really windy and rainy here. So, it's totally like the sound effects from Harvest Moon 64.
We'll see if class is cancelled tomorrow because of the trains not running and people not being able to commute. I bought a couple non-perishable food items yesterday. It's always good to have those anyways. And my scholarship came through! So I could buy them. And more bananas. AwwWWw yeaaaAAAah! ^___^

I had also come home to find that Timmy video messaged me, singing "Happy Birthday" in Japanese for me. This birthday just keeps going and I don't mind XD. (And will continue to keep going when I can do all the Jillian workouts from Grant!).

Timmy's birthday is today where you guys are, so I'm really hoping he's having an amazing day. Lots of pigs ~(^'@')^


  1. Dude, I don't know how the students can ride that train to school every morning. I don't have that much patience or willpower to stay awake early in the day, especially when it involves crowded platforms that happen to be moving and shaking. By the way, I like that face you're making on the train. =p It's so very you!

    Ohhhhh, I love that pic of you lined up with all your friends on the escalator! What a great capture. You all look so happy... and adventurous.

    A magician! What a find. It's like another Pokemon snapshot. You just won the game, bb.

    I wish I could attend a bubble party. -________-

    You are TOTALLY commanding the bubbles to go after that girl. Another point for Gryffindor!

    I wish you hadn't asked to take photos of the bunny and then the owner would have gotten angry at you. Oh, your reputation in Japan is ever-growing...

    Aww, Shawn would have loved to see the magic tricks! He probably would have tried to perform a few, too.

    You look so happy and excited to be there in those photos. =D What a great day...

    You = asshole. Twice. How great is that?

    Shrimp Red Curry sounds pretty amazing right now. Too bad it was just decent... Maybe you should work on a recipe to make it better and then make it for me when you get back! A FINE PLAN.

    What a great surprise! That was really nice of them to make the fruit plate for you. I might not have noticed my name on it at all. So yes, you are quicker than me. (Cue Beth.)

    Hey, you remembered to make a peace sign in the photo this time. Good job.

    Oh. My. Gosh. How are you ALWAYS moving in photos?! You're The Forever Blur.

    Seeing that you're surrounded by such thoughtful, caring people makes me feel so much better about you being there. I feel like someone is always watching out for you-- and I know you're watching out for them at the same time.

    That was super sweet of Timmy to sing to you! D'awww. I always forget how close your birthdays are to each other. I hope he had a good one! And I feel like your birthday will never end, bb. xD

  2. I don't even know either! lolol, ty. Every morning. Sabrina says she feels so tense after being on the train. I feel so bad, because then she has to come to our 3-hour courses feeling tense.

    WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE CUP! Take that, Ravenclaw. Not so clever now, are you?

    lol, I think it would have been worse if the couple with the kid on the leash got angry for taking a picture XD. 'cause that was just rude of me.

    They would have been so amazed at all of Shawn's tricks. I hope he's still practicing more.

    Actually, I'm totally game for trying to make better curry! It would have a ton of chicken or beef in it instead of shrimp though.

    lolol, quicker. lololol.

    V(^____^)V i've been practicing, even online.

    wahaha, this year had some pretty awesome birthday-days. It's gonna be really hard to top.