Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bacon. Bacon Bacon.

Oi, I haven't written for awhile. How the heck is everyone? Have you had your See's Candies dose for the day?

Huff Puff, what has happened? Ah! Well, Kirsty and I finally confronted (complained to) Asato about all of the issues in our apartments. Since day 1 of moving into this apartment, there's been a strange...odor...that you catch a wiff of once in awhile. I thought it had something to do with the sink, since there's no garbage disposal. Maybe some food particles get stuck and rot and be all smelly out of spite of being left there. Recently, I had realized that the odor was coming more from the washing machine pipes than anywhere else though.

Kirsty and I had been shopping around at Daiso when she mentioned The Odor. "Wait, your apartment has it too?!" It was then that we decided to go to the office to get it taken care of and also because other utilities started to poop out on us. Kirsty's doorbell never worked, one of the lights in her apartment was out, the porch light was out (Making it seem like you were in a horror movie every night, desperately trying to unlock your door before a masked villain came to take you away), and my refrigerator has been leaking for 3+ weeks. Yes, it has still been running. Yes, I have to catch it everyday in order to make lunch.

Since it was Friday, we wouldn't be able to get help until Monday, which wasn't a big deal. It just amazed me how fast they actually took care of things when they were contacted. They came out right away on Monday. Since they fixed Kirsty's doorbell, I can now ring the heck out of it in order to wake her up instead of knocking. HAHA. Maybe she'll get ready faster now so I don't have to wait outside for her anymore. XD
The repair guy didn't know what was wrong with my refrigerator so they just adjusted the temperature. I came home to find it was still leaking, so I'll have to let them know.

At least The Odor is gone. Grant had given me a candle that I was storing near that area, hoping it would block it out. It didn't work out too well. X__x

Anyhoo, it's awesome to have all of those repairs done and to know that they will come out and fix it ASAP. =^.^=

Grant and I were craving fro yo like pregnant Rebecca Donaldson was craving watermelon.
Get the woman some watermelon, Uncle Jesse.
Grant had looked up and found a Fro Yo place near his apartment in Shinjuku. It was located in the Korean part of town:
 Fro Yo!
 Yeah, this place was creepy as when Full House randomly had Papouli die.
I'll never understand that.
We checked the place out, got a weird vibe, saw that they only had canned corn-syrupy-fruit toppings, and busted it out of there.

Instead, we went to Grant's place to make some "real food". And possibly go to Shibuya to get some real fro yo later in the night. XD
Grant received a care package from his family a few days ago and he shared the glory with me. ^___^
Real Monkey PB! Real Bread!
 Real Bacon!
 Heck yes, we combine the three.
 Grant was super excited cooking the real bacon. It smelled like real bacon!
After one bite, it was like
Seriously. Amazing.

The rest of the afternoon, we played on our 3DSs and they headed to Shibuya for some Fro Yo.
The Christmas decorations are starting to pop up now.
We also found this shop after walking to Harajuku after Fro Yo:
So much pink in that store. I couldn't go in, haha. It looked kind of like a less mature Victoria's Secret.

After hanging out with Grant, I came home and the gas...container? The gas machine thing was blinking red. I thought "Has it always been blinking like that?" I shrugged it off, went inside, and decided to have a good 'ol cup 'o tea. But the burner wasn't working. There was this little pathetic puff of fire and then nothing. Ah, so the red light meant something T___T. I went outside with the book light that Mr. and Mrs. Mark gave me to check out the gas things to see if I could find anything that was wrong. It was then I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. lolol.

I asked Kirsty if she was having the same problems. She checked and her gas wasn't working either, nor was the hot water. We decided to mad call Asato (this poor woman...) and she didn't answer her phone any of the 20 times.
We decided to check if the light of the student's living downstairs was blinking too. It wasn't. Ugh.
We went back upstairs and realized there was a paper that is always attached to everyone's gas...thing. What do I even call this thing? A gas thing. That's pretty good, I think.
From what we could read, it said something about a red light and how to stop it. Okay! So, this was normal. Kind of. That's good, right?
Luckily, Kirsty has a sister that's been living here for a few years now, so Kirsty used our last lifeline and phoned her to make sure. I mean, this was gas we were dealing with. Danggerrrr XD
Her sister had the same thing happening with her gas thing. She said that since there was a bigger earthquake, it happens for safety reasons. Japan is so cool.
So, she helped us figure out what to do and after a few minutes, we were back inside, each making tea.

In the morning, I decided to go running and venturing around. It's amazing what you can find when you're on a run. With all of the excitement of new ground, you don't realize how far you're going. I ended up running 8 miles. XD I still can't decide if I'm a long or short distance runner.

This was at school the next day on the way to class:
I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.

Yesterday, Grant and I got to hang out again ^____^. He shared more PB with me! He even saved the butt of the bread loaf for me. THE BEST PART. He said he doesn't like them, so I felt better for taking his real bread. XD

But first, we explored the basement of a department store that was pretty much a huge fancy food court. There were so many delicious looking cakes. I wish I could have taken a picture of them, but I couldn't sneak a picture in. I saw a girl look at me, getting ready to pounce with a "NO PICTURES" remark, so I stopped.
But before then, here are some of the chocolates that were there:
Mannn, these aren't the impressive sweets. I wish I would have just taken the risk...
Maybe another time! They also had a crazy expensive grocery store and Grant found some dragonfruit, each with their own names, like David Bowie and Dark Star.
Sorry for my finger. haha. x___X

It seemed kind of morbid to have this Christmas decal by the meat hanging:
Well, it is kind of like the Chesire Cat.

After, we went to the more reasonably priced grocery store to pick up some sushi for dinner ^__^.
I still crave Fujiyama...

It was pretty good, but then I kept eating teaspoonfuls of Grant's Monkey PB. He was looking at something online at the time and I was thinking to myself "I bet he can hear me eating this peanut butter." (Just like MoMo and her hollow mouth, lolol) He called later called it 'normal Kat background noise' XD. lololol.

Oh yeah. Earlier in the day, I had taken a few pictures outside. I wanted to capture a bit of Fall before all of the leaves were gone.
The Chamber of Secrets also leads to Japan:
 I love walking down this pathway with all of the trees overhead and leaves on the ground:
 I also took Maywynd outside to get some pictures of her as a bear.
Yay, that's all for now. I, um, apparently am going to be a in a Regatta boat race on Sunday held by Seijo. I'm in a team with Evan, Tom, and Yuka XD. This is so random, I love it.
This is exactly how I'm picturing it's going to be:

That's all for now. Bye bye =^.^=

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  1. I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.
    I looked around me to see where Beth was hiding.