Monday, December 3, 2012

I am Disappoint, Ginza

About 5 days ago, Seijo held a party for all of the exchange students and pretty much anyone who wanted to come, with permission, was welcome. So, I invited Grant to join ^___^.

The part was only about two hours and half of the time was taken up by the different groups of students introducing themselves in front of everyone. I think I had the best speech. "I'm Kat. Like a Cat. I'm from Wisconsin and go to UWM. Nice to meet you." After about 3 times of saying the same little introductory speech this year, I think I'm starting to master it. And yes, in my "ordering at a restaurant" voice. Ugh.

So here's some pictures from that night.
This is me being really awkward with one of the head people from Seijo and Grant:
My arm looks okay in that one. I'm still working on how to pose my head.

Here's all of the exchange students lined up to give their introductory speeches and make me sound like a first grader:
 Here's Tom with a drink 5 minutes in:
 This guy had some mad skills:
They had some pretty dece food there, too. Stuff like pork cutlet, chinese pot sticker-like things that were different pastel colors, tiny square pieces of cake, FRUIT. I always stock my tummy up on any fruit when it's at parties because they usually have the more expensive fruit that I'm too cheap to buy, like grapes and strawberries. I forgot to take a picture of it all >___<.

Anyways, I got to meet some new people, which is always awesome.
Here is Tom introducing our Regatta team:
We had to say what the meaning of "頑張って”or "ganbatte" was from our own country. Literally, it means "do your best," but it's kind of hard to translate.
Some people said it meant, "Good luck" from their country. I said, "Don't screw up." Go America!

Yuka didn't know what to say, so this is me telling her to say "Break a leg," and she said "Break leg."
Close Enough.
The party went by really fast. Everyone loves Grant. They come up to me and tell me how cool he is. Pfft, like I don't know. XD

The next day, Grant and I decided to go to somewhere new for both of us, so we went to Ginza.Yeah. It wasn't exactly the greatest place on earth. It was cold, rainy, and dementors were near. Ginza was pretty much just a bunch of huge, expensive brand name stores, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Diane and Johnny would have had a field day. Grant and I are not Diane and Johnny.
Here are some pity pictures:
This tree clock is okay.
It didn't take us long to figure out that Ginza wasn't the place for us. We were starving by this point and started to get a little loopy, I think. We tried hunting down a Subway because we had seen that they had turkey available, but we couldn't find one in this joint. After walking around for a bit more, we hopped on a train back to Shinjuku, since we knew one was there. Somehow, we decided to get  off the train early and go to Shibuya instead to get some random food (or Subway if we could find it) and fro yo. Fro yo makes everything better.

There was a place located in the station called The Food Show, which is basically a huge food court where you can buy food from a bunch of different booth-like restaurants, with no place to sit down to actually eat what you buy. Grant and I ended up buying obentos that looked delicious.
They were not delicious. Well, they were decent. Most obentos look delicious, but they all end up tasting the same in the end. Honestly, it's not worth it. We were sad from our sad obentos. FRO YO TIME.

Because of our sad day so far, we decided to go a little bit more crazy on our Fro yos and pile on as much as we wanted.
 They were, by far, the greatest fro yos we've had here yet. They were, by far, the most expensive fro yos we've had here yet.
This is what it looks like inside the Partyland:
After sugaring ourselves up (I can't believe "sugaring" is a word), we went around Shibuya for a bit.
Grant was here for a few hours:
I guess you can't really tell that it's going the wrong way. Or he is. I can't decide.
Have you ever seen one of these crazy laser keyboards before?!
Grant and I then got some Tim Tams and hot chocolate. It was that kind of day.
Omg, so much sugar that day. My mind was happy. My body was not.
Luke asked if we wanted to meet up in Shimokitazawa to hang out for a bit. Grant and I went a bit early and he picked up this hat to replace the one that went missing:
I diggity digg it.
It was freezing outside and I decided to go home earlier since the Regatta race was the next day and we were all meeting early in the morning. Even with my heater on at apparently 29°C, which is 84.5 °F, I was still shaking for half the night. I even went and put my feet in really hot water, but they turned icy cold a few minutes later. Woof! At least I wasn't sick at all the next day. Go immune system! =^.^=

Bah, I'm going to start writing the post about the Regatta race and then post it tomorrow =^.^=.

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