Monday, November 5, 2012

I Went to Disney Sea and Didn't Buy Mouse Ears

That title is really shocking, since one of my goals in Japan was if I went to Disney, I would buy Mouse Ears/Hat. I have a big head, though and the headbands of the mouse ears tend to hurt my huge basilisk-sized skull. The hats were awesome though! Alas, I did not need it. Shame on you, Responsible Kat. Your head will be cold this winter.

Okay, okay! Friday, Yuuki, his hometown friend, Taeko, and me went to Tokyo Disney Sea. (We decided to go there instead of Disney Land.) We met up pretty early and got to Disney Sea right when it opened at 9 A.M. Yuuki's dad was able to get 2 free tickets into the park through his work, so we all only had to pay for 1 ticket in all. I couldn't believe it. So awesome.

The trains to get to Disney were pretty cute.

We stepped in line and when we got to about the middle of it, it suddenly dissipated. Wait. What? Where did the line go? I felt like an unassigned lemming. W-w-where do we go?! I still have no idea how that happened. XD

So, we stepped in another line. We had to buy tickets and when we got near the front of that line, we realized we were in the line to get into the park when you already had your tickets. So...we were in the wrong line again.
Sadness, haha. But we finally got in the park after about half an hour. ^___^'

I'm just going to hit you with a bunch of pictures right now.
If you have an issue, here's a tissue.
Inside the park:
 This is good.
 Almost Mt. Fuji...
I GOT TO EAT TURKEY! Oh my gosh. I was so happy. It was about 1/3 the size of a turkey leg you can get at the Renaissance Faire back home, but alas, this was probably a much better portion. Especially since we were going to ride a few roller coasters soon after.
See, you can't see anything that is going on in this picture. That's because there's really not much going on and the sun is blocking it all. I feel like it needs to be posted anyways. So, here's a random contraption thing at Disney Sea with an active volcano in the background.
So many hats, you guys!
 This is also good.
I should have taken pictures of the cooler Mouse hats. Beth, they fit our massive heads.

The first ride we went on was an Indiana Jones one. We waited in line for about an hour and a half x___X. There was pretty awesome scenery as you waited in line though.
It felt a lot like the Forest Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
 This guy was drooling all over the place:
 I was blinded for a few minutes after taking this.
 Dr. Jones' Desk!
It was kind of like the Harry Potter Hogwart's Ride (WHICH WASN'T A RIDE - IT WAS REAL, BUT I'M WRITING THAT IT'S A RIDE HERE FOR YOUR BENEFIT) where you were sitting and it was like you were in the movie where they had a mechanical Indiana Jones talking to you and stuff and you move throughout the place. It was really funny, but I had forgotten that I was in Japan briefly and Indiana Jones would be speaking in Japanese. So I was like "Omg, what did you say?! Wait, what do I have to watch out for?!"
The scenery built for these rides are crazy.

Oh yeah, there were Disney Characters walking around. I think I took a picture of the most important ones, though.
Abu's butt that makes him look like Diddy Kong:
And Chip or of them...the other one is somewhere. I took this one because it was JUST LIKE FULL HOUSE!
 We rode a Kiddie Coaster for the Little Mermaid and this fish taught a very good lesson:
I think my favorite ride was The Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was like the Indiana Jones-type ride, where you're inside most of the time, but this one had all these Avatar-looking characters hopping around and even this really amazing forest. Then, you move really fast and it's all dark, until you see light and then you're outside on this huge drop and don't have time to scream. Woooooshhh. That one was great. We rode it twice.
When you wait in line for hours, you get creative:
A hat was made that day. Thank you, Blue's Clues, for teaching me how to make a hat out of paper. And that Salt + Pepper = Paprika.

I feel like Mr. Mark would really appreciate this sign for some reason:
There were so many different types of popcorn to buy there, like Black Pepper, Caramel, Sea Salt, Curry, and Apple Cinnamon. There may have been more that we didn't see, too. We tried the first three. I had a Maple Churro, too, which was pretty ballin'. I do have to say that I miss the big churros from America (even though I never really eat them XD). These ones were rather thin. When I want to eat a churro, I want a hunkin' churro. It reminded me of French Toast Sticks from school. AwWwWw YeEaaAHh.

We also ate some shrimp and pork tacos. They were delish.

After riding a few other rides and waiting for our Fast Pass to be active for the Tower of Terror, we found a Toy Story place:
 Taeko was amazed:
Yuuki was really nice to have let me borrow the extra hoodie he packed. It got so cold when the sun was setting. Then, Taeko had those awesome hand warming packets that she gave me. That helped a ton, too. THEY'RE SO NICE. ^________^
This is for you, Beth:
After visiting this area, we went to go ride the Tower of Terror ride, which is pretty much like the Giant Drop at Great America but with a scary story added to it.
Yuuki was really scared for this one. When I was talking to him as we were rising up on the ride, he said "Don't Talk," to me, hahaha.
So, you know those pictures where they take a picture of you at the most scary part of the ride?
I really like my reaction. I was waiting for something to pop out at us, I swear. hahaha, I can't even.

After this ride, we saw some fireworks and a little bit of a show that was going on in the water:
It was actually pretty in person. XD
I thought of MoMo while watching these. She would have really liked the finale with a ton of the big white fireworks that sprinkle down like weeping willows went off.
I think this is my favorite picture of the day from the 2nd time we rode the Indiana Jones ride:
lolwut, Bored Yuuki. hahaha.
And here's the group at the end of the journey (from Taeko's camera):
We stayed all the way until closing, at 10 P.M. Woof, I was so beat by the end and still had the train ride home. Since everyone was leaving Disney at that time, the lines for the trains were crazy. We were in about the middle of the line and Yuuki said that he didn't know if we'd be able to make this train because there were so many people. I was like omgno, I need me some sleep. We will make it.
So the train gets there and we cram ourselves in, then another batch of people come in and the train worker, just like the videos seen on youtube, is pushed us all in so we can fit. It definitely felt like The Rave, without smelling like beer, smoke, and sweat at the end though. @___@

Woof, I have to catch up on stuff like the school festival, hanging out with Grant, and my confusion of the Japanese diet. Beep beep!


  1. Btw, I like the title of this post. =p How could you not buy Mickey ears?! I was on the edge of my seat wondering if you did.

    "my huge basilisk-sized skull"

    Whoa, just paying for one ticket? Sheesh, good deal.

    That's a lot of line waiting. o_O

    Shawn is going to need that tissue. He won't run out after the holidays since I'm already getting him six boxes. (That number is subject to change.)

    That park looks badass.

    Omg, I'm so happy you finally found turkey. So you only have to go to Disney to get turkey in Japan? You should make weekly trips.

    He looks so happy wearing that hat...

    Hahaha. I love that you were blinded after taking a pic of that metal object. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET.

    I would have totally forgotten that Indiana Jones would be talking in Japanese, too! That's so great. I would have been in shock and would have missed what he said completely.

    Apple cinnamon popcorn... *cries* It sounds magical.

    You look so happy when riding the Indiana Jones ride! Awwww. I'm envious that you get to go on rides and you don't get sick. Ugh, I wish I could do that.

  2. Love this post! Mickey ears? Ha Ha! You need bunny ears! I love the idea of the Indiana Jones ride. I also love the beautiful light show. I'm so glad all of you had a good time.

  3. HAHAHA.