Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yo, Where My Blankey At?

I still wake up in the middle of the night wondering where my blankey is. Have you seen it? I miss it so much.
And then, I's not here...

Okay, thank you anyways.

These past few days have mainly consisted of going to class, the gym, grocery stores, and hanging out with Grant ^___^.

Oh yeah, and watching Obama win on Japanese TV:
Waiting for Obama to speak was pretty awesome though because I got to talk with Lauren, Beth, Shawn, and Jeremy on video chat.

I had to cut out the title of this one. BETH.
 Thanks for this title, though.
J-man has cake powers:
Grocery Stores! Why do I love them so? Here are a few things you may not be able to get back home:
Darjeeling Tea Marshmallows and Coffee Marshmallows:
 Piano Cakes and Puppy Cakes:
 And other way too pretty desserts:
Kaldi is coming out with so many Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music. Usually, I'm not really too into that kind of stuff, but I am actually really looking forward to the Christmas decorations this year. I think I'm just searching for anything that reminds me of home. Plus, the music at Kaldi doesn't have lyrics. Most Christmas songs with lyrics make me want to take a hammer to a gumball machine. GUMBALLS FOR EVERYONE.

Grant and I have been able to hangout more recently. We've been meeting in Shibuya, where he found this really awesome bar. They have a ton of rare beer he likes and the owner is really nice. He knows a bunch of people in the beer business world. Plus, he's fluent in both English and Japanese. I totally got shot down when trying to speak Japanese to him. He busted out English after a few of my attempts. Gah!
It was really cool to hear him and Grant talk about different beers and their knowledge of all the brewers and such. I think the owner was pretty impressed at how much Grant knew.  O__O At least, I was.

Before Grant and I met up, I wanted to do a bit of shopping around. I was going through a magazine the night before that I bought about a month ago that happened to be about a shopping building in Shibuya called "109." I found out that Maison Gilfy, a store I had been oggling for a few years now had reopened in that building, so I had to check it out. I was actually really disappointed when I got to it. None of the clothes were cute, just overpriced and there was hardly any merchandise.
That's okay though! I'm really happy to have been able to finally check it out in person after all this time.
I took a few sneak pictures around the building. It's 8 floors of all these mini stores. So many Lauren dresses. So many cat shirts for Beth there.
Oh high, boots. lolololol.
 Beautious shoes.
 I wasn't positive if it was okay to take pictures. But I did anyways.
Yeah, I got yelled at after taking this picture, so I didn't take any more =[. Of all the Japanese displays, I took a picture of Paris Hilton.
I went back to the first floor to try on this awesome hoodie I saw and ended up loving it. ~Workout Bragging Rights up Ahead~~> As I was taking off my coat to try it on, the worker who was holding the coat I wanted to try on was like, "Wa! Sugoi Kinniku!," which means, "Wa! Awesome Muscles!" After I knew it, I was flexing for all of the workers there. lolol, thx, Jillian.

Anyways, I met up with Grant after wandering a bit more and we sat down and ate dinner that we each packed.
Oh yeah, this graffiti was pretty cool:
 That guy better watch it.

Then we wandered a bit into a few stores, like Village Vanguard, which is the bookstore that is actually way more than a bookstore.

Mr. President 2012:
Perfect Represidentation. lololol. do u c wut i did thr?

Lauren and I had been talking about Fro yo that morning and how that is going to be the first thing I eat when I get back. Then, Grant and I found a Fro yo place here!
Guess which one is mine! ^___~
Sadly, they didn't have cookie dough. It was mainly healthy fruit toppings. =] They did have bigger mochi, though. The flavors of the fro yo were a bit different too ^____^. They had kiwi, cheesecake, watermelon, plain, caramel, and a few others. Oh-so-good.
Then, we walked in a store called Tokyo Hands, and they had these steps throughout the entire store, which had 6 or more floors:
Oh good. haha.
And we went into a place called Loft that has everything from stationary to furniture to high-end jewelry to pasta sauce. Oh, and this forest:
 It reminded me of Animal Crossing.
And these adorable cups locking arms that Grant pointed out:
Homygosh. They had panda ones too.

At the gym the next day, this big guy was on the floor:
He was pretty cute. Speedy, though. I tried to pick him up with something, but he was way too fast and freaked out, which made me freak out. There was a lot of freaking out.

Grant and I met up again in Shibuya that night. I may have convinced Grant to get fro yo again.
lololol. So, he asked if I wanted to share one and I was considering it. Then, we got to the store and I'm like YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!
There was a couple sitting down and sharing one and he said, "They're sharing one!" in which I laughed and went to pick my fro yo flavors. lololol.
Girl needs her fro yo, yo. Plus, I didn't want no gummy bears all up in my fro yo, infecting my delicious creation XD.

We went to the bar again and sat down and talked, while watching the Nutty Professor 2 with Japanese subtitles in the background. One of the bartenders recognized us and she offered me water right away. I am already the Water Girl there. XD
They're having turkey there on Thanksgiving! We may go there this year for that =]. Turkeyyy, I miss you.

Gobble =[

We walked to Harajuku around 8:30 and found that the Nike store was closed. 8:30. On a Friday night. They were having an employee meeting. What is. This life? This country is so strange!

Today, Grant and I went around town here. Sadly, the two game places that we went to were sold out of Animal Crossing. One even had a special 3DS-LL Animal Crossing Edition one with a cute print on it. I had been debating buying it so long and finally decided to, went up to the cashier, and they told me it was sold out. Gah. So that's what that sign with kanji was saying...well! I learned some new kanji today XD.

Then, we went to Shimokitazawa for a bit. While we were walking around, I saw this in one of the windows of a small boutique shop:
It had really small box shelves with random people's work. There was only one box shelf with Blythe stuff in it:
There were about 5 outfits and then some random socks and such.
This really fancy outfit was about $30, if you're interested, Lauren. It came with a tiara and everything. I'm not sure if that one was handmade, but some of the others were.
 And then I thought Lauren would like these guys:
 Tomorrow, I'll be going to Tokyo Tower with Tom, Wendy, Megumi, and Yuka. ^____^ Bye-bye.



  2. Oh, bb... I know how it is to miss a blanky (in my case, my bear towel). I'm sure your first cuddle with it when you get back will be the most amazing moment in the world!

    My, how your face has changed since I last saw you. O__O

    Obama in Japanese is like the greatest thing ever. Hahaha. The night we were all chatting was the best, seriously. I felt so happy to begin with, so talking with all of you made the night even more special.


    Why does Jeremy's screen cap make him look like he's a very strange character from Clue?

    I would like to request one Japanese grocery store, please. You can ship it in the holiday package you'll be sending.

    It's good to hear that Grant has become so familiar with the beers and the people in the beer industry in Japan. That's something I don't think a lot of people in the hobby get to do!

    Ugh, I'm bummed to hear about Maison Gilfy being such a disappointment. It sounds like the company has its highs and lows when it comes to products. You know that it will probably release the most amazing line ever the week after you leave. Hahaha.

    I will have to tell you about my experience getting yelled at taking pics this last weekend. I'm going to write about it in a blog post. I was like: -__- Now I know how Kathleen feels (although, it HAS happened to be before, too).

    I didn't know that there were Obama plushies! Why am I first seeing this in Japan? Why not the US?! Ugh.

    I can't believe you found a fro yo place there. Whoa, it's about time. And you got it TWICE. How great is that...

    So many memes with the name "Kat" in them... I never knew.

    Ohhhh, more Blythe stuff! Thank you for showing me. ^u^ I like that outfit, but I don't think it would match any of my girls' styles. =\ Maybe next time though.