Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Virtual Life and Gaijins vs. Burgers

That's right. I ordered the Animal Crossing DS from Amazon Japan. ^____^ I couldn't help myself! I was like Twitch from "Holes."
Except instead of obsessing over a fancy car and stealing it, I was glued to Amazon, saw a darn good price and pounced on it (fully paid).

And nothing like this happened as a result:
You want to watch Holes now, don't you? I feel like Lauren's going to and then Shawn's going to rediscover his love for the movie.

Instead, this happened:
HAPPINESS. I'm all sweaty because I had just gone on a run. I had woken up and got to video chat with MoMo, Lauren, and Bethy for a bit. I was going to take another rest day, but decided the weather was too nice to waste and kind of just kept on running. I ended up running more than 5 miles. lololol. And I discovered a park! ^___^ More Maywynd picture opportunities.

Yeah, so I had ordered the 3DS a day before it came, so I didn't think it would be the package that I had missed. I ran to the post office after going for a run (lolwut), picked up this mysterious package, and opened it right outside. Bam. There it was in my hands. "Who sent me this?!," was my first thought.
The night before, I had checked the sender on the slip that says I missed the package and it was a Japanese name and they sent it to "Kat." I thought, "Who knows to call me Kat that lives in Japan and knows my address?" Apparently, I hadn't looked at the name right on Amazon, and it actually did end up being the seller I had bought from. Silly Kat. Well, I now know that Japan has crazy fast shipping. I also now know that Yamamoto Shogo is a famous baseball player in Japan because he has the same name of the sender that I googled. lololol.
Let's all take a moment to admire that form.
Truly amazing.
Anyways! I was so excited while walking home and was still confused as to who sent it to me (it was I who sent it that I missed a turn and got lost for a bit, but found my way back soon after. Sort of. Hahaha. ^___^'

So, this game is amazing. It's even more awesome that I understand a good amount of what they're saying, as it's in Japanese. Here's a few shots for you:
Nook is still as fancy as ever.
 Of course I get stung on the first day:
 Some new things I really like:
-You can change your socks
-The characters have a more human body
-More accessories!
-There are longer dresses you can wear
-You can customize and design the outside of your house
-You go around town and pick the exact place you want to put your house
-You can learn how to swim (though I am not sure how yet)
-When you swim, you can dive and catch other creatures (There's a whole different slot list for those creatures, besides the bug and fish slots.)
-The 3D is actually pretty awesome

The list shall keep growing, I'm sure. I've been playing this quite a lot and don't feel guilty about it, which is really rare when I play video games these days. I think it's because it's in Japanese and I'm learning a good amount of vocabulary, practicing reading, and understanding grammar a bit better. It's so nice to be excited about a game again. I feel like I'm in high school again, being excited to be able to relax and come home to play Animal Crossing. Where's my beefaroni at? Oh gosh...
What was I thinking...

Speaking of insane food, yesterday after class, some of my classmates wanted to go to Burger King to try the same "black burger Bi-king challenge" that Grant tried. You know me and watching people eat copious amounts of food.
Adam will always be my hero.

So naturally, I had to go watch.
We arrived at the destination. Contestants: Daan, Wendy, Tom, and Evan. Me, Kirsty, and Mitchell went for support. And so-
it begun. 

*ding, ding*
First round:

Tom's second round.
  Evan and Daan's second round and Mitchell's french fry-eating support.:
Evan: "You see this? I don't even want to eat this. It's like a baby's head."

This is actually Tom's 4th round. He was upset because he was skipped a few times and started hitting the "food wall" after waiting a long time. Sad service! But only 4 people were working and they were running around everywhere. They'll probably be relieved when this offer is over XD.
 He really did not want to eat this.
 BUT HE HAD TO. MAN, MAN, MAN! Well, More like Bi-king! (pronounced like Viking)
 And the results:
Evan - 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 drinks
Daan - 2 burgers, 2 onion rings, 2 drinks
Tom - 4 burgers, 1 fries, 2 drinks
Wendy with Kirsty's help - 2 drinks, 1 fries, 1 onion rings, 1.5 drinks

They were planning on going clothes shopping, since we were in Shinjuku, but after eating all of that food, they decided to postpone that plan. lolol. Tom's hair was all messy at the end and I said he looked like a wreck. He was hurt. I'M SO MEAN. ^___^'

Today was pretty simple. I paid rent and my health insurance bill ^____^. Very exciting stuff. Haha. Here is something you probably won't see most places in the US:
That yellow guy is a safety helmet for earthquakes. Pretty slick!
lolol, slick? Kat, really?

As of yesterday, Tom's coins are all still on the balcony. I asked Yuuki why that might be and he said because people probably think it's a trick. I wonder if they would still think it's a trick if Tom put down a 500 yen coin. Oh man.

And here I am all adorable in Animal Crossing as a Bear (and in a tent).
I'm so happy that it's still November and mushroom season. I love that furniture set. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so Grant and I will be hanging out and cooking a meal together ^___^.
I hope it's like the Gilmore Girl's Thanksgiving celebration.
Wait, that's 4 Thanksgiving meals in one day. Nevermind. All I want is Robin's homemade apple pie, man.


  1. THOME only ate 1 FRY??? BLAST! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?

  2. I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge and buying AC. I can just imagine what it feels like to hold that beautiful console in your hands while playing AC! What a DREAM.

    I don't think I have to help Shawn rediscover his love for Holes. He quotes it all the time. He loves Mr. Sir, hahaha. What a gem of a movie.

    You should order things all the time in Japan from now on, just to experience the amazingly fast shipping! O___O Seriously. I would be tempted. Lolz.

    Oh bb! Those screen shots are awesome. (Very fancy, too.) I can't believe everyone outside of Japan has to wait 'til NEXT YEAR to actually be able to buy AC. How unfair! Haha. At least we can ask you for help and get your opinion about the game in advance. ^^ Ugh, I have no idea what I'm going to do about getting a 3DS... Princess Peach, why are you so difficult?!

    Ooo, I like that list of things you made for AC. Everything is so positive. Are there any bad things about AC? And do you think my poor, sad eyes (and stomach) would be able to handle the 3D movement/images? I couldn't handle the 3D game I saw at Target and Toys 'R' Us last year so I'm not sure...

    AC is one of those games that can really give you a huge dose of nostalgia. I'm the same way! I kind of wish we could all hop into a time machine and go back to the years of playing AC every day after grade school (for you) and high school (for Beth and me).

    Dude, Adam is CRAZY! I both love and hate him because I have both respect and disrespect for him. Hahaha. Does that even make sense??

    I love that you're so excited to see people stuff themselves with fast food. I'm so fascinated by people do that; I'd probably go do the same thing!

    Whoa, Tom! Four burgers?? That's crazy, man. Then again, there was a time in high school when I would regularly eat THREE McDonald's cheeseburgers for a meal. *facepalm* Oh dear...

    I wish you would have a before and after shot of Tom that day. xD It sounds like he had seen better days!

    You need to get your own earthquake helmet, bb. You can carry it around with you... JUST IN CASE. Otherwise, you'll just have to make a beeline for anyone who has a helmet if you don't, and you'll have to steal it from them. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

    Have an amazing Thanksgiving with Grant, bb! We're going to miss you a lot here. I knew the holidays would be more difficult without you here with us this year. </3 Maybe we can at least talk on vid chat sometime. *hugs* I LOVE YOU, MY BB.

  3. The DS is so smooth! I can’t believe how “right” it feels playing on it.

    Try for the Peach DS, bb!

    I’m really hoping you, MoMo, and Beth all get Animal Crossing so we can all play together. I forgot to mention that there’s mini games we can all play!

    Man, I miss grade school just for the purpose of playing Animal Crossing for hours, eating an entire 1 person Digiorno Pizza, and not feeling guilty about either. Haha.

    Adam is so cute! Just ‘a guy with a serious appetite’ that you want to give a big hug to. Then again, I’m really glad he stopped doing challenges because he started to gain a lot of weight =[.

    Hahaha, bb. That scares me. Your poor body =[. I hope you at least got toys with your meals.

    Lololol, oh wow. I think you’ve been watching too much Walking Dead or listening to Shawn and Jeremy talk about the Zombie Apocalypse too long. BUT YOU’RE RIGHT.

    Bb! Thank you! I miss you guys >___<. It actually is really weird not being there for the holidays. I didn’t think I would feel like I’m missing out, but I kind of do. Plz video chat soon. ^____^ I love you too, bb! <3 4evr.