Tuesday, November 6, 2012

School Festivals and Harrison Ford Adventures

This past weekend, my school held their yearly school festival. The dance club danced! The band club banded! The exchange students exchanged!-information about their country.

Walking around campus, it was pretty much just tables with food.
Chocolate covered bananas-on-a-stick again:
 The students were raising money for the clubs they're in by making and selling food like Yakisoba and Takoyaki:
 They used a ton of oil though >___<. It felt like a Filipino party. I was like no, plz.
 Lots of people:
 There was this guy:

 And a Free Stage where people could do anything:
Yeah, I got yelled at for taking this picture. MaaAAAnnNN, even here. So, I stopped taking pictures of the festival outside.
But inside one building, there was an open market where a lot of used clothes, jewelry, etc. were sold. There was also a booth with a ton of anime and video game stuff.
If only there were more Pokemon stuff in Japan! It's phasing out now and there is mainly merchandise for One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh! now.

They also had a few sweets being sold like small donuts, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and churros. Oh, and there was a type of fishing, where you have a small net and catch the fish with it in a little pool. Don't worry, MoMo, I didn't try this time and come home with a new friend with a broken fin. XD

Rather than that, the exchange students had their presentations to do. These were taken and sent to me in a manilla folder that was supposed to explode after 7 seconds of viewing. That is a fire hazard and did not happen. But these pictures actually were sent to me.
 Look, it's all of you in that presentation.
See? I was so dedicated that I gave AND watched our own presentation.

I didn't stay long after that presentation. I was feeling like I needed some alone time and went home instead, finished some homework, and read the night away. Oh, there was chocolate, too. OhHhH, there was chocolate. =]

These past few days, Grant and I have been able to hang out a few times, too! Of course, we went to a bunch of grocery stores.

Here are some flowers along the way that I don't know if MoMo has ever seen before:
 Big stems! They could probably survive quite the storm. O___O
There was a claw machine that Grant fueled and let me try. AND I WON.
AwWwW YeeaAaah White chocolate dipped strawberry. It's actually really awesome quality.

Grant got some goodies from the bakery that he shared with me. The bakeries here are amazing.
Cappuccino and raisin bread and Poppyseed bread. They taste a lot less buttery and are way more fluffy than the ones back home. They also have crispy, sweet edges, omgfavorite.
Cheese bread! Which apparently had a ton of cheese.
Here is from another night, but we were attempting to show the huge size of the apples here:
They're huge! And delicious! Seriously, all the apples here are crazy delicious all the time.
I shall attempt again with another picture later. ^___^'

Last night after venturing around a bit, we cooked some dinz. Apparently, I got Grant into craving something sweet after finishing a meal. lolol, oh gosh. For that, I am sorry. But we walked to a bakery that he's been to, to check out some goodies. It had the most amazing store name font.
 Bunnnyyyyyy O!
I just realized that you can probably keep that red bunny dish if you buy that dessert and now I want it. haha. But that thing to the right of it looks amazing, too. It looks like a caramel apple that broke up with its stick boyfriend.
I didn't feel like getting yelled at again for taking pictures, so I only snapped these 2 of the bakery. They had some pretty fancy looking stuff. A bit pricey, of course, though. >___<'

We ended up not buying any chocolate, but it's always fun venturing around =]. Shinjuku is a pretty darn awesome place.

Oh yeah, found these gems for 105 yen each at a Book Off (Japanese version of Half-Price Books):
Pokemon Red and an original Chrono Trigger! They had the system to play Chrono Trigger, but I passed it up for now.

School is going pretty good right now. My class was cancelled for Thursday, which I have mixed feelings about. I feel like there have been a lot of classes that we haven't had already, due to the festival and such, and I don't have too much time here and want to learn as much as possible.
I remember being in high school and my art teacher was asking people about their schedules. She found out someone had about 3 study halls and asked them "Don't you want to take advantage of being able to take all of these classes and learn as much as you can?" At the time, I was thinking in my head, "pfffft, girl, plz." But, now I'm like:
LEARNING, MAN. Gets to you.

Tom is currently running an experiment at school. He lined up a railing outside with 1 yen coins. They've remained on the railing for about a week now. He thought they were taken at first, but they just blew off and we found them and put them back in place. XD
 Now, he raised the stakes and added 5 yen coins.

Kaldi is getting in a lot of Christmas decorations, even Advent calenders.
 Of all things....why Thomas & Friends? It should be Mother 2 (Earthbound) calenders.
 And fancier wooden ones:
 And Chocolate Santas:
I love Kaldi, man. They come out with new stuff all of the time.

This post is all over the place.
Here is a sign at school with some unfortunate kid's face:

And here is another spider chilling around town for you:
Oh gosh.

And the melons here look exactly like the ones in Yoshi's Story:
What a happy ending to this post!


  1. ヨーシ ロードハンチーング!
    curse this katakana!

  2. "The exchange students exchanged!-information about their country." -Hahahaha.

    Ah, so I bet you saw a lot of oil & MSG there. I just don't get how people can do that.

    I don't really understand why Japan is so against taking photos in public places. I thought I started understanding about places like Junie Moon, but now it seems like most public places are completely against photos. I demand an answer for this... someday.

    That booth is such eye candy! I'm shocked that Pokemon stuff is so uncommon. Isn't Japan the HOME of Pokemon? Maybe you just need to hit certain pockets, like with Blythe stuff.

    Lolz. You're quite the presentation participant. Please tell me your secret for how you were able to give and watch a presentation at the same time. O___O

    Btw, I hope you get more chocolate soon! Talking with you while you were going through chocolate withdrawal last night was so sad.

    Omg, congrats on winning in the claw machine, bb! That's so cool. First time?

    Ugh. I want those pastries SO BADLY.

    That apple is almost as big as Grant's head! That's crazy, man. I didn't know their apples were that much bigger. Not to mention shinier. o_O

    Amazing bakery. Everything looks so perfect that I would feel weird actually eating anything there. Ha.

    Nice finds at the used bookstore, bb! I will never get enough of Chrono Trigger. *sigh*

    I can see why you'd want to take advantage of all your class time in Japan while you're there. Honestly though, while I would feel the same in your position, I also feel the same about getting excited about cancelled classes in the US. Most classes I took in college were pointless. I could have spent my time better elsewhere. But when you're in a place for a short period of time-- a place that you WANT to learn about-- the feelings are going to be completely different.

    Hahaha. I love Tom's experiment. That's really great. He should write an entire blog about it. Every post would be: "Yup, still there." xD

    Ahhh, Mother 2 Advent calendars would be spectacular! IF ONLY.

    You should paste your face on that bathroom sign... Or Grant's!

    UGH. Why do you post the spider pics in the middle of a blog post... with no warning?! I always get goosebumps.

    You should do a Yoshi cosplay and go around Japan with those melons. You can drop them every few feet and make Yoshi sounds. Or at least video tape yourself doing that for a few minutes. Lollll.

  3. I'm shocked Blogspot didn't make me chop that comment in half. xD

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful! They don't even look real. I wonder if they live a long time. You're right about the desserts. All of them look fabulous, especially the ones with chocolate and caramel. I love the pictures of the melons, and yes, they do look like Yoshi's melons. Did you actually buy the Chrono Trigger video game?

  5. Grant- UGH.

    Beth - =[[[[

    Lauren, I don't understand the photo thing either! Especially when it's just products. Don't you want people to advertise what they have? idek, bb.

    first time winning on the claw machine here! i gave up after THAT STUPID PINK LLAMA.

    That Yoshi idea would actually be an awesome commercial or something.

    MoMo! I did buy the Chrono Trigger game! I was so cheap, I had to. I can't believe it's the original.