Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wild Boar and an Animal Forest

The hunt for Animal Crossing continues. Well, Grant found the game in Shinjuku, but not the system. I still want to try for the full package first, since the system comes with the game.
Bah. I finally figured out how to buy it on Amazon Japan. I was one click away from buying it...but then decided that the price was too steep for me since the sellers bumped up the price ridiculously. Plus, it takes the fun out of trying to find it in person, which I'm guessing is nearly impossible.
The price keeps going up on Amazon and Ebay. They are coming out with really cute Animal Crossing cases in December though:

So really, I could get a white 3DS LL and put this cover on it. BUT IT HAS A STUPID PINK LLAMA ON IT. I'm torn. Kat Problems.

Oh yeah, I've been keeping track of a few Kat Problems:
-Goes to gym as soon as it opens. Doors still locked.
-Peanut Butter.
-Pants in Japan don't fit. Thanks for my butt, squats.
-Buys bundle of bananas. Gone in less than 24 hours.

I seriously eat way too many bananas and way too much peanut butter.

Anyways! I got to help Yuuki with some questions he didn't understand in his English homework yesterday. Man, after doing that, I can't imagine trying to learn how to speak English.

Kazuya also wanted to practice his English, so all I had to do was talk with him. Wahaha. That was not a challenge for Chatty Kathleen. Ugh. That name.
He checked and was able to get me a discount on kickboxing classes! It's only for 10 classes, but I figure if I go once a week, I'll be able to take classes until the end of January. Not bad at all. He even asked if I wanted to do some amateur matches. Oh gosh. I said I would have to think about it XD.

I met up with Grant and Luke (Grant's friend from New Zealand) in Shibuya yesterday. They were going to be serving Wild Boar at the bar that Grant really likes.
Man, was it delicious. It had a red wine sauce, too. Sadly, it wasn't very filling since we shared it (it was so pricey!) and the portion was really small. Sometimes the portions here make my stomach sad.

We sat and chatted for awhile and then went off to venture around Shibuya, stopping in a few stores to see if they had the AC console. No luck! But I did stare at a TV screen playing the advertisement over and over for the game for awhile. I probably looked much like Cameron:
It was fascinating.

We went to Mos Burger where we got more filled up on foodies. Ser Grant shared his burger with me, which had onions and bacon on it. The bacon here is much different than in the US. It's more like ham than anything. The hamburgers are also very small and the patties are really thin. A Japanese person visiting the US would probably marvel at a burger from places like Culver's, Kopp's, or Sobelman's back home. It was really delicious though O__O.

Luke left a bit earlier, so Grant and I went to see if the Fro Yo place was handing out samples. You know, just to take a look. Maybe to see what flavors they had.
They got us again. Gosh dangit. Grant offered for us to share one again. lololol, who does that?

Today was pretty simple. Class, Gym, the usual daily trip to look at everything at Kaldi, bothering the girl at Dorama again and making sure that they really aren't expecting anymore AC consoles, Studying, eating bananas and peanut butter like they'll expire in a matter of minutes. The usual.

During our class break, Evan came outside and asked me "Have you seen Tom? I have this cheesecake for him." He looked so defeated when he said that. It was probably one of the most funny things I've seen today. That and a pigeon that looked like a cow.
I had him reenact it, but I don't think it completely captured his sadness.

Oh yeah, Tom's experiment is still rollin':
All of the yen still remains on the balcony. He now put down a few yen that are worth 10 (about 13 cents) and even one yen worth 50 (about 62 cents). That wouldn't last a day in the US. Actually, a penny probably wouldn't last a few hours on the ground in the US, lolol.
I'll keep you updated.


  1. OTHER PEOPLE WERE SHARING THIS TIME TOO! I don't see what the big deal is...


  3. Omg, I'm SO jealous of your new 3DS and AC game. As jealous as I am, I'm still extremely excited for you! I couldn't believe that the system actually arrived in one day. Crazy mailing system there, bb... Those cases for the DS are really cute, too.

    I'm still trying to decide which 3DS I want to get. I want that Princess Peach one so badly, but I don't know if I should give in and get the one made for the UK. Bah. I figure that AC will be the first main game I play on it, and as long as I get the PAL version (for the UK), I should be alright. *sigh*

    I think I ate three bananas the other day! You're not alone. xD

    Haha, squats are probably giving you more muscle, right? So that's why your pants won't fit? At least that means you've got super duper muscle, bb!

    Congrats on getting a discount for kickboxing classes! Thank goodness for having connections.

    I remember you mentioning wild boar the other day. That's so cool that you liked it. I don't think I've ever seen it on any menus here in the US.

    I wish you had gotten a pic of yourself staring at a painting like Cameron. COMPARISON SHOT!

    Oh my gosh, I want fro yo so much now. Damn you and your delicious looking pics, bb.

    Holding cheesecake = defeated look. Hahaha. That's really great.

    I love this money experiment on the railing is going. These updates are very interesting.

  4. Grant - YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.

    Beth - =[

    Omigosh, I knows. Fer eeking crazy fast shipping. I honestly want to buy another thing to test it out. I was really debating on getting the AC 3DS because I liked the cover of the case that you can buy separately better at the time, but after receiving it, I have no regrets. The print is so cute and it being dedicated just to AC makes me really cherish it more than I feel I would have with just a case.
    So, really...Go for the Peach, bb!

    Ugh, yes. At least, I hope it's because of muscle. Born with athletic legs = Born to not wear pants from Japan.

    Wahaha, did you get fro yo after? I can't wait to get fro yo there. I want to go back to Shibuya just for it today! But that's 600 yen just for the train rides T___T.