Friday, November 2, 2012

Hoppy Halloween. HOoOo! HOPPY. GET IT? ugh.


Hi! Ah, Halloween. It definitely had a different feeling than back home. I decided to explore town after class to see what the festivities were like.
Trick-or-Treating is done a bit differently here. Instead of going to each house for candy, little kids were given a scavenger hunt map that marks the locations of booths you can collect candy from.
There were only little kids and their parents trick-or-treating, so I decided against hopping in line with a pillow case, looking like I'm about to rob them.
 And then there was this guy chilling. Best costume IMO (In My Opinion).
Yuuki had told me that Halloween is still pretty new in Japan, so that's why they don't Trick-or-Treat the same way. I think I prefer trick-or-treating back home, though I do like the idea of a scavenger hunt.

At about 6:30, the group met up in Shimokitazawa for the party. Here, we showed off all of our sweet costumes.
Yuki, the Joker, was by far the best.

Grant got to come along! Representing with Captain America. Er, Amerika. And then there was Tom the crab. lolol. His costume may have been my favorite. 
There's a huge space when I posted this in between this text and the next pictures and I'm too lazy to try to fix it. =]

I just re-realized the fantastic photobomb that Evan did in the picture on the left. lolol.

I didn't really take any pictures in the actual bar. It was very small and had about 30-40 students from Seijo there. It was all-you-can-drink, so I drank the FiSh outta a couple cups of water.

I'll steal some photos off of Facebook where I look halfway decent. lawlolz.

There's just so much greatness about this picture. Aroma sneaking in the background, Grant's expression, and Takahiro wearing my bee wings.
 Me and Moe!
 AwWwWwW yEaAaH!
 Mao and Me O___O.
 And then the whole group:

Tom and Grant, who is finally wearing his mask the right way:
It was pretty awesome. I'm really glad that Grant got to come with and meet everyone. The bee costume my MoMo sent me won 2nd prize by popular vote! (Thank you again, MoMo!) All of these people suddenly were handing me their votes. O___O I got a big container of caramel popcorn that I handed out throughout the party. Yuki won first prize and for good reason since he mastered the Joker pose. And Tom won 3rd place with his crab costume.

I'd say about half the party was socializing and the other half was taking pictures with each other. Evan and I were the only ones thinking "but what about the dancing?!" and started a little dance party in the corner.

Another different custom was that everyone changed into regular clothes and out of their costumes before going back home instead of just wearing it on the train. IDGI! haha.

I went around town the next day, expecting to see Halloween candy and merch on sale to get rid of, but it was all gone. It was like Halloween never even happened. There were even Christmas decorations and candy already out, which I guess is pretty much the norm everywhere.
BUT where is my discount candy that I wasn't going to buy but wanted to see?! Zo disappoint.

Oh, and by the way:
IT WAS BANANA DAY. I totally figured out the system. Thursday is banana day where bananas are on sale! I think I've figured out Tuesday and Wednesday sales too. WAhahaha. One of the cashiers recognizes me now (More and more like MoMo everyday XD) and I was talking to her and told her how excited I was that it was banana day and did a little "w0000!" at the end of the transaction. She laughed, so it was okay. lolol.

Yesterday, I went to Disney Sea with Yuuki and his hometown friend, Taeko. I think that will need a post of its own, though. Another time soon, hopefully! Today, Evan and I have to give a speech about UWM at the Seijo festival. Oh gosh. Yeah, I'm going to go practice now.

I miss you all and hope everything back home is going awesome. Oh, and that you played Animal Crossing on Halloween. I really missed that this year. @___@ All my virtual animal friends.


  1. Hoppy Halloween?! I'VE NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE.

    Ooo, I like the idea of a scavenger hunt for Halloween. That sounds more exciting than the normal trick-or-treating. Then again, I can get lazy & might just want my well deserved candy without actually having to SEARCH for it...

    That guy looks great as the Joker. See, I like it when people don't wear wigs with their costumes. He looks so much better wearing the costume with his natural hair.

    Hahaha. I see Grant went all out with his costume. And, oh man, I love that crab!

    Whoa, don't hold back with all that water drinking, bb! ^___~

    That first pic of you is great. Really, the perfect pic to describe your Halloween.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! You won?! Omg, congrats, bb. That's seriously awesome. Hahaha, and you didn't even have to go out of your way to get the costume! Even better.

    HAPPY BANANA DAY. I have one left! I can celebrate it here, too...

    I'm sure your virtual animal friends on AC will greet you on Halloween next year. xD Or... MAYBE NOT. Dun dun dun. Beth and I can dress up like Tom and Nook for you so you can live the AC experience to make up for the lack of virtual animals if they happen to be no-shows. =p

  2. IKR. lololol.

    If only the candy really were hidden instead of being at big, visible booths. I MISS EASTER EGG HUNTING. I guess Harvest Moon 64's will have to do.

    Yuki really mastered the whole Joker look! I couldn't believe it. And he's such a nice guy, too.

    All thanks to MoMo =]]. I still can't believe she sent a costume. And I know she really thought about which one to get, too. I can see her standing in the aisle for a long time and then debating and finally calling Beth or you to settle the debate. Plz give her many hugs for me.

    You need more bananas! EVERYONE NEEDS MORE BANANAS.

    Omigosh, yes. So wait, one of you would dress up like Tom? Like Tom the Crab? And the other would dress as Nook? lololol, yessss.
    As long as you're not Timmy and Tommy, ugh, those nephews...

  3. You are so adorable in the bee costume. Your friends(and Grant) are cuties too. No Halloween candy on sale? Ha Ha--good thing I stocked up here. Banana day! Do you still get peaches too? Beautiful pictures! Love reading your blog--I feel like you are right next to me and telling me a story---cool.