Saturday, November 17, 2012

Risking My Life For Lauren Pt. 10

Lauren, I believe you owe me a life and a half when I get back for taking photos. XD

Today, Grant and I went back to explore a little bit more of Akihabara. But first and more importantly, I would like to show you this garage in Shinjuku that is pretty much the same one as in "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."

Heck yes, you should watch this to see what I'm saying.
So pretty much, there's a Hulk car in that garage just waiting to be driven.

Oh, and I had told Lauren that I didn't think there was any Pocky that's here that isn't available back home, but I'm not sure if this "Super Butter" one is in the US, too. Then again, this is Pretz and not really Pocky...they're so similar though >___<!
Yep, just like the State Fair. Butter on a stick.

Oh yeah, Grant and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday t O___O. The 20-month anniversary is the Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato anniversary. I gave him a jar of peanut butter and then we went to his place and cooked some pretty darn awesome meal.
Eating that huge sweet potato reminded me of a meal in "The 10th Kingdom."
 Okay, wait not that meal.
Umm, getting closer...

Okay, more like when they were eating a bunch of huge vegetables, like squash, at the Bo Peep restaurant in the Little Lamb Village.

Anyhoo, back to today ^___^. After getting off the train, we exited out of the station to Electric Town. That just sounds like a Pokemon town name.
Right outside, there were cafes for Gundam and AKB48 (an extremely famous J-pop girl group - Warning: If you don't like all that is kawaii multiplied by 10, blended with some high-pitched voices and a pinch of DDR dance music, then this band is not for you).
We went back to the the huge World Radio building to check out if there were any new Blythe stuff. Some of the dolls were on sale, there were a few new outfits, and also a few more trinkets since last time.
Another store had a few Pokemon and Mario stuff. It's so weird that it's so difficult to find Pokemon stuff here!
 Oh yeah, we found Fluffy:

Akihabara has a bunch of stores with old school games and systems.
 Oh dang, CT box.
 AwWwWw YeahhHhh, Ayla rockin' the back. XD

We also went into a store with a bunch of old gachapan toys and other things like air soft guns, anime figurines, movie figurines (like Data from Star Trek Enterprise with really long arms), and a few plushies.
These are probably the most intense air soft guns I've ever seen:
And then we found original Pokemon gachapans O___O!
Do you know how difficult it is to find Pokemon stuff with the original 152? IT'S TOUGH, MAN. I got a few gems from this section that I'll show you later. ^___^

We wandered into a very small store with some random Blythes chilling in a case by the door.
There's better pictures of Blythes later, I promise.

Yesterday, Grant and I had each bought stainless steel canisters that keep your drink hot for hours that we brought with us today. THEY ACTUALLY WORK. I burned my mouth for hours.
We decided to have a Christian Bale diet for today with coffee and an apple. You may see us in the new movie, The Manufacturers.

Rilakkuma and Gloomy Bear are everywhere.
 Just paying a visit to Red Delicious at Mandrake:
Seriously, the apples here are huge, even the stores think so.
I hope you saw the store named "Big Apple" or else this picture is just a picture of me holding a 3/4 eaten apple on the street. Not that that's a bad thing.

Since it was pretty rainy (again), there weren't too many people, but their umbrellas were like dodging walking pathless razor blades. Sometimes, I feel like shouting:
Here's some shots of the streets. When I'm there, I think 'Oh, big buildings and stuff-yay!' but then I think how you guys haven't really seen much of the place. So here's to give you a better vision of some of Akihabara from outside:
Just a ton of stores with anime, manga, video games, arcades, etc. You want to stay a kid? Live in Akihabara. It's the Japanese Neverland.

We didn't stay too long here and headed back pretty early. Grant had looked up where Junie Moon was located (He is my hero. And Lauren's too, probably) and found that it was in a building we pass often in Shinjuku. The building was amazing. Besides Junie Moon, it had Gothic Lolita and Punk clothes, a bunch of amazing DIY Alice in Wonderland merchandise, and the best shoes on the earth. I didn't get to take a picture of all of the stuff because I wanted to save getting yelled at for Junie Moon.

The walls were painted pretty awesome, too.
She's pretty much saying, "OhhHHHh, you're going to see some pretty amazing things."
Gosh, I wish I had taken a better picture of all the shoes. This is only a sample of what they had:
They also had studded Doc Martens, really tall Lolita boots, 5 inch+ black combat boots, and other shoes. I think I'll have to go back and sneak a few pictures later to show you.

Okay, so here's me taking a few snaps of Junie Moon while Grant helped to hide me:
 These customs were for sale for more than $1000 each:

Their eyes and mouths looked like they were carved. They were absolutely gorgeous in person. I wish I could have taken real pictures of them.

We got to see the Ayanami Rei Blythe doll in person, too! Holy adorable buckets, a.k.a. buckets of adorable.
Also, as I told Lauren already, I handed out one of her Pinkinshire business cards to another customer, so I'm hoping Lauren is pumping out some mad merch for her business. ^____^

I just looked it up and apparently there are a few types of Junie Moons and we went to LeLe Junie Moon. Oh goodness, there's more to go to O___O. Sweet deal.

Grant was pretty hungry since it was about 3 P.M., so we decided to hit up a grocery store to check out some obentos. Usually, we cook our own food, but once in awhile, we like to check out some grocery store food, like sushi ^____^. Then, we passed a Burger King. Right now here, Burger King has a deal where you buy know what? I'm just going to copy and paste the deal from an article to explain it.
"....between November 17 to 21, customers who first finish off a Kuro Burger value meal – a black-bun burger dyed with bamboo charcoal – will be given a half hour to polish off as many Whoppers, fries, onion rings, sodas they can at no extra charge."
Grant wanted to try the deal and I toats said to go for it and encouraged him. I can't help it. I love the show Man vs. Food.
Game face with a black burger.
 He finished that charcoal, a large juice, and onion rings in 7 minutes.
 Round 2 with fries:
He managed to finish another whopper and the entire container of fries, but still had some soda left. He was pretty stuffed after this and for many hours to come. Also, since he's been eating healthy for the past few years, this didn't exactly agree with his stomach. I'm not sure if he'll be eating this again x____X. I shall never again support this. XD
Evan and Tom said they'll be trying the challenge as well, so I'll let you know if they end up eating more than 2 servings.

We went back to Grant's place to hang out for awhile before he went to go meet up with Luke. It was pouring by this time, so we ran into a convenience store right by his house to get an umbrella. The cashier looked at us as we walked in and all I could say was "あめ"or "ame," which means "rain." lolol. She just smiled and kept staring at us until Grant bought an umbrella.

Today was pretty darn amazing. Here's the lot from the gachapan store!
Yes. I hope you are seeing that correctly. That is in fact a smiling Pikachu that is bandaged up. I can't even. It's just fantastic. Oh, and a Pikachu with balloons, like in Pokemon Snap. Shizzam.

Tomorrow is a pretty easy-going day. I have some studying to do, maybe play some of the old DS Animal Crossing which has been really fun to do, and venture around town. Most likely there will be a Kaldi trip to get some more peanut butter. Oh, and in the letter my grandma sent me (I was so happy to find this when I came home!), she requested that I look for a book that was written from 1930-1960 on the history of Japan and the war. So I shall be venturing around for that as well =^.^=. The challenge is finding it in English...


  1. 1) I'm so glad I finally have a chance to sit down and read through this post. I had skimmed through it when we were talking the other day (so I could understand a reference in a story you were telling) and I saw all the dolly photos... I kept stopping and staring at them. Lolz.

    2) By the title alone, I think I need to say, "THANK YOU FOR RISKING YOUR LIFE FOR ME!"

    Whoa, that's a fancy garage.

    Pretz has to be the exact same as Pocky! I bet there are Pocky pockets all over Japan, just like there are Blythe pockets. xD

    Congrats on the 20 month anniversary! Nothing like celebrating an anniversary with sweet potato... Lolz. Is that the official food every couple eats on their 20th month?

    Wow, these shops have all the newest Blythe releases. I haven't kept track of the latest girls so a lot of these look super new to me. O__O

    My heart skips a beat every time I see one of the Kuma bears. <3 I always wanted the pink one, but I'm wondering what SHADE of pink it actually is in person. Sometimes it looks more lilac than pink. (Mom thinks lilac IS pink. She is SO wrong!)

    FLUFFY! Omg, remember when we tried to find that one booth at Universal Studios that had the Fluffy plushie?! Ugh, I was so sad that the booth had been sold out. Maybe I will have my own Fluffy someday. And yeah, giant Fluffy totally beats the pink llama. Hahaha.

    It's so cool seeing so many classic/vintage video games all over the place. It looks like most stores are overflowing with them.

    Chrono Trigger = *sigh*

    Omg, didn't you want, like, all of those Pokemon gachapans?? They're so cool. >w< When are you going to show what Pokemon stuff you picked up from that section?? In a post, or will we have to wait until you come back? I wanna see! Maybe in a vid chat? Was the Pikachu in a cast pin one of the things you got there?

    I can't believe there are canisters that actually keep drinks warm/hot for hours. Wow, I could have used one of those in college. -___-

    Lol. Did you just try to reference The Machinist? Oh, bb...

    Just to be surrounded by so much Rilakkuma and Gloomy Bear... *sigh* What a dream!

    Aw, I have that Blythe teddy bear Petite! She's the only Petite I have; Shawn gave her to me as a surprise many years ago. He thought her short red hair made her look like Plum, haha.

    I like how even the stores in Japan think their apples are big. That says a lot.

    Thanks for posting some building pics. I didn't realize how we hadn't really seen much of the outer shops. Such a big city!

    I love that you narrated the painting on the wall. She really does look more happy-excited than scared there.

    I know this sounds funny, but this doesn't look like all the Junie Moon photos I've seen! That's why I didn't know it was Junie Moon until I read your post. I'm going to have to ask if they've remodeled or something recently. I can't find any other photos that have the store look like this!

    Is this what the other parts of the store looked like? Maybe I'm just seeing different angles of the store in your photos!

    It's all so pretty. *____*

    Japanese customs are almost always super expensive. Sometimes they're worth the money and many times not. It would have been amazing seeing those carved lips up close in person.

    Thank you for handing out my business cards. ^^ I've gotten a little distracted lately so Pinkinshire isn't officially up yet. At least people can sign up for newsletters now though!

    I don't know why I'm so fascinated by the black burgers... It's just so weird to look at. I think the closest thing I've seen to one is maybe a Reuben sandwich with the super dark bread.

    I can't believe Grant ate all that food. Omg, ow. Haha.

    Oh, here we go! So you did post the Pokemon stuff you got from the gachapan store. =D Yayyy! Wow, I love all the stuff you got there. That Pikachu in bandages has to be the best thing ever.

  2. I cannot believe all that text fit in that comment. O___O I was so prepared to chop that comment in half and post the second have in another comment! Lol.

  3. Yay! I was really excited for you to read this post, bb.


    Didn’t you and Shawn celebrate with Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato on your 20th anniversary? I mean, it’s pretty much known everywhere.

    Haha, they are called “Kuma Bears?” That's funny because Kuma means Bear. Bear Bears! ^____^ I love it.

    I REALLY WANT TO TRY TO GET FLUFFY. I wish there was an arcade nearby with him. Oh gosh.

    I had to stop myself from buying all of the Pokemon Gachapans >___<. I was going to put the Mew one back and I had walked away and realized it was still in my hand. Then, I was like shrug, guess I’m buying it. Lololol.

    The canister even keeps your drink super cold for hours too! You can buy them on Amazon or at Mitsuwa, bb ^____^. It’d be perfect for this winter and hot tea or cocoa on the road.

    I DID JUST REFERENCE THE MACHINIST. I mean…it’s sequel, of course.

    I was surprised by Junie Moon too because I had looked it up on Google Maps and it was its own shop instead of being on the 4th floor of a department store building. Grant found this one when he searched for it. After, I looked it up and it looks like we went to Junie Moon LeLe. So that means there’s even more Junie Moons to go to =]].

    a.k.a. Kitsune

    Dude, the Black burger is so weird. There was black grease or something (maybe Ketchup) leaking on Grant’s hands.

    hahaha, I can’t believe all of that fit in one post either! Zo awesome.