Friday, January 11, 2013

Thomas is Batman

Yesterday, I looked at a quarter and it looked really weird to me. I was like, "Dang. That eagle has some serious detail." All of a sudden, this American money looks like the fake one. When I first came to Japan and looked at the bills and yen, it looked fake and I was spending it like Mesos. All I had to do was kill some slimes to get more.

lolol. We had our final for Japanese Communication and I think it went pretty darn well. The night before, around 8, I was completely resistant to studying any more material. After studying 550+ words and hundreds of kanji, I think my zombie-ness was understandable. In the morning, it was also difficult to do any more review. I studied as much as I could and then went to take the exam. For once for a Japanese exam, I feel like I studied a really good amount and understood everything on the test. After the exam, the teacher told me how I finished pretty fast. So I was like:
And then I thought:

I must have gotten everything wrong.

haha. After class, I had lunch with the exchange students. Here's what a typical lunch at school looks like:
Every day can be like a trip to Mitsuwa.
This is actually a meal from the less-fancy cafeteria. A lot of us just discovered this one. Apparently, there's 4 and not 3 XD. Well, there could be more than that. But yeah, they call the older cafeteria "the dirty brown" and the new one "the clean white." So a typical conversation after class could contain, "So are we going to the dirty brown for lunch then?"

After lunch, I met up with the T.A. for my Gender Studies class, Christian. He emailed Anthony and I yesterday and asked if one of us could help him proofread a paper he's translating from Japanese. He wanted a native English speaker (his native language is German), so I took up the job. Some parts were pretty complicated, but I think we were able to clean up the translation a bit.

In the evening, Kirsty and I were contemplating whether we should head out to meet the other exchange students in Ikuta. We were both snuggled up in our own rooms, emailing each other and saying how staying in bed sounded so much better at the time. It really is more difficult to go outside when it's colder. Another reason I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, was that they would all be drinking before going out. I would have brought tea, but still. x___X
We agreed that flipping a coin would decide for us. The results told us that we would be staying in. I asked her, "WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES, KIRSTY?"

I then went on Netflix and found a movie recommended called "Hogfather" and told her I was coming over whether she liked it or not and we were going to watch that movie. She agreed XD and I rang the doorbell a few times...a few?
I brought over the quarters I was marveling at earlier and asked her if she wanted to trade me British money.
British money is so cool! Some coins aren't round and the picture of the queen changes throughout the years as she ages to match what she really looks like at that time. One coin was thicker and even had writing on the side.
And the"notes"/bills are different sizes, which Kirsty said was inconvenient. BUT I THINK IT'S COOL.
 And they even have pretty pictures, like hummingbirds.
I marveled at this stuff for awhile. We traded and then headed out to the grocery store to get her some foodies.
I wish she had bought this:

We went back and started to watch Hogfather, but realized the movie probably required more attention than we were giving it. As in we were talking the entire time, so we put on Pocahontas instead. Did you guys know that Christian Bale was Thomas's voice?
 It's amazing what a suit can do.

We ended up talking and adding random comments here and there to the movie about Batman and how he shot an Indian. I'm sure we'll have another movie night soon after Tuesday. After then, I will be officially done with school and then will have a month in Japan to explore. Oh gosh. Mitchell and I were talking about a few places we really want to visit and things we want to do before leaving, such as going to the Imperial Gardens, hiking Mt. Takao, venturing around Odaiba, and a few more things. I really want to go to an onsen sometime! .^___^. Mitchell is leaving in February too, since he's already been here for a year. woof.

On the days I studied, I took a few breaks to walk around town instead of falling asleep. O__O
I think I've found the best Gachapon machine:
 Yes, that is fake poop.

These are some of the chocolates containing alcohol in a store:
And then this little boy was taking candy off of the shelves and putting them on the ground. XD He was doing this for a long time and making a pretty big mess, so I went up and asked where his mom was. He said she was 'over there' (this is all in Japanese). As I was putting the candy back in its place, we were talking a bit about the candy and who Thomas the train was (he was on a candy container). So there you have it! I can at least talk with a 3-year old, haha. His mom finally came over and found him after we finished talking about strawberry chocolate.
I think of Grant everytime I see Dango:

Some other interesting food that I've seen these past days were in class. Someone brought in Giant Rainbow Pocky. I got the Matcha Green Tea flavor:
It was pretty darn delicious. I tried Evan's orange one and that was pretty good too. They also had a grape flavor and 4 other different kinds. RAINBOW, MAN. I also liked it because it felt like I was actually eating something instead of vacuuming up a regular-sized Pocky stick and feeling like I didn't eat anything.
Patrick knows what's up.

And then Tom and Sabrina each bought this drink during one of our breaks at school in a vending machine:
This my friends, is drinkable, hot, Corn Soup. Tom said it was pretty disgusting and stopped at one point with a surprised and disgusted look on his face and said "Oh...yep, I got a kernel."
Oh gosh. ()(>.<)() lolol.

Oh yeah, I did have a speech I had to do since I'm leaving earlier than the other students. We had to choose some kind of book, but I asked if I could do it on a video game instead. I could and chose Chrono Trigger .^___^.
I asked Yuuki if he could help me correct my speech and he was toats up for it. First, we went to the gym together. I gave him his Christmas present, a Dragon Quest pillow, a few candies, and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. I hope he doesn't get earwax.
He also had a present for me! I couldn't believe it.
Candies from Kyoto! So awesome. And so yumz. .^___^.
The speech went pretty well, I think. I played the soundtrack in the background quietly like a nerd. A few students later said I made them want to play the game. GOOD SIGN. No one can resist Chrono Trigger.

I didn't know that I would be asked a lot of questions after the speech XD, but I think I answered them decently. XD

I just have one more class and a 30-minute interview (halp me, plz) on Tuesday and then I'm done! Today, I'll probably study and go to the kickboxing gym. Tomorrow, Yuuki and I are going on an adventure. One day while we were walking back from a run for track practice, I asked Yuuki if he had ever taken a random train and got off at a random stop he's never been to. He said no at the time, but he recently asked me if I was up for doing that. YEAH, MAN! So, we plan on taking a train we've never taken before and venturing around. w00t!

Signing out (`_´)ゞ

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