Sunday, January 6, 2013

No More School Plz

Wahahaha, school is almost done ^____^. It's kind of weird to think I never have to go to another class again after this semester. Well, I'll probably have to take some kind of classes for personal training, but still! I'll be done with Japanese classes. Ho my gosh.

Ah, I should backtrack a little first. Two days ago, I went to the kickboxing gym in Shimokitazawa. I was one of the three people there, which was pretty awesome. I didn't feel like going to a class that day, so I got to do my own stuff. I got to say, it's pretty awesome being able to use 2 punching bags at once. It was like this at the same time:

You know, beating up some Malfoys.
But soon, it'll be more like this:
And the punching bag will be like:
but whHhHHyyYy, KaAaAt?
Of course my knuckles started bleeding - always with the bleeding, lolol. I went up to the guy working and he was like "Oh!" I told him it was a daily occurrence.

Later in the day, Evan asked me if I could go out shopping with his friend, Sarah visiting from UWM. He recently had another friend stay with him besides Sarah and hasn't had any time to work on school work. Also, Sarah also hasn't had any real shopping time, since well, she's living with a boy right now XD. He asked if I could take her to Harajuku to shop around.
Well, I mean. I couldn't say no. lololol. Halp.

When we got there, I pointed out the crepes and how they're really famous in Harajuku. She toats bought one. It was caramel apple cheesecake D=. She said it was so good. FORGET YOU, LACTOSE ALLERGY.
I also convinced her to buy that hat XD. She has already been in Japan for a week and didn't buy anything for herself up until that hat! I was in awe. I was in disbelief. I was on a mission to help her find something for herself. Or 3 or 4 things. lolol.
A bunch of stores still had New Years grab bags available. I resisted this time. New Year's sales here really are crazy. One of the stores with all of the frilly-girly-I'm-so-pretty clothes had everything in the store on sale for 50% off.
Guys, sometimes I just want to be able to wear this stuff:
But alas, it would never suit me
and my moustache.

We also found a few gifts she was looking for, for friends and family back home.
Oh, and then we saw a famous Japanese band:
 We have no idea who they were.
One of these guys. Hopefully Neva Give Up.

And I found a random Blythe lying around in a store:
Watchoo doin' o'er there?
Sarah seemed really amazed by all of the clothes in Harajuku. I'm really glad I got to take her there and that she got to take her time shopping at least once during her stay. ^___^

Lauren, Kiddyland had these Kimmidolls. They look like your Momijis.

I would cuddle you forever. Until I see Marvlin again, that is.
Omg, Marvlin, I miss you.
I would like to point out my amazing Jacob hoodie in this picture.
Why yes. It does say "It's a wolf thing." C'mon. It has ears. That I'm not wearing...
lolol. I hope I didn't sell that when I went crazy on getting rid of all my stuff.

Speaking of Twilight, I watched New Moon and have started watching Eclipse. I was craving it. What is going on? I can't concentrate on studying lately either. Woof, it's hard. >__< I did finish the 10-page take home exam for one of my classes though. I also finished the speech on Chrono Trigger. Tomorrow, Yuuki is going to help me to correct it. I have a feeling it's going to need a lot of corrections. I feel bad for him, haha. ^___^'

This is still one of the best scenes in the game:
I also did a few sprints today at a nearby park area and then went grocery shopping.
I found these edible hats:
 And finally found some non-dairy ice cream! By golly, about time.
 I also got to talk with Grant today.
As you can see, he's looking a lot better. He also said he's feeling almost 100% better ^____^.

And I kept Bethy online for 2.5 more hours than she planned. MEW VS. MEWTWO?
She posted this on her blog, but I got really excited to see that she took a picture with the Gloomy bear I got her and I want to post it here ^___^.
BARF HAT. I love it. Everything about this picture is perfection.

School starts again tomorrow. I only have a week and a half of classes left. I imagine this will be playing in the background while studying:

Oh wait, this one is 10 hours of pure bliss:

Peace out, homeslices. =^.^=




  2. I'm commenting backwards today. I'm sorry. o_O

    I'm so proud of you! You're almost there, bb-- almost finished with school. It really is the strangest feeling ever. Even nowadays, I sometimes I have a difficult time contemplating the fact that I never have to go into a classroom again. I never have to take an exam again! I never have to be stressed out for an entire semester again! What a relief. I think graduating is probably one of the best feelings I ever had-- and not because I was proud of my achievements (haha), but because I was so sick of school after 20 years; I was SO over it. xD You're going to feel so free, bb. It might take some time for that feeling to sink in though, FYI.

    Two punching bags. I bet you got down to business right away. Those punching bags better watch out.

    That crepe... sounds incredible. Ugh. Can I have one now? Plz?

    That was nice of you to take your friend's friend around. I wish I could be as nice as you. I think my answer would have been, "Uhh." You're better with people. I don't have much talent when it comes to hanging out with people I don't know for extended periods of time, especially girls. Girls and I don't have as much in common as most of them would hope. Lolz. "Do you collect dolls?!"

    I can't believe she didn't buy anything for herself in all that time she was there already! Whoa. That's, like, unheard of.

    Bb, I would totally wear that pink dress and headband. In fact, I think I would wear it every day of my life. Get me it, plz?!

    How is that mustache pic of you NOT your profile pic?!

    A Simply Mango Blythe! So lucky. I wonder if there's a store in Japan that doesn't know the worth of a Blythe doll. Probably not... It would be great to come across a Blythe that was super cheap. I can dream.

    Ahhh, those dolls are so cute! There are a lot of Momiji and Kokeshi look-a-likes around these days. ^^ There are a bunch of Kimmidolls around in the US, too, but they're mostly at the kitschy stores.

    I'm singing the Yoshi song in my head right now. I'm pretending you're singing it with me. <3

    You + Marvlin = <3 forever


    When we all played Chrono Trigger for the very first time, I asked Mom if we could keep that camp scene up on the TV screen for a few minutes because I wanted to sit and look at it. I just stared and stared at the screen, pretending I was sitting around the campfire with all of the characters. It was the most cozy, special feeling. <3 Magical.

    Haha, that Barf hat goes well with Gloomy!