Saturday, January 26, 2013

Imperial Palace Gardens and Ginza Owls

To the Imperial Palace Gardens!
You can see Tokyo Tower:
That's not Tokyo tower...
Admission was toatz free, so Mitchell and I were stoked about that. It was uncrowded for such a nice and clear day. The entrance area was pretty plain compared to the inside, with just a big wall and a long house structure.
 But the garden area was beautiful.
 These guys again!
This is Mitchell acting as the leaf rock's veins.That or he was sacrificing himself to the leaf gods.
 This looked like it belonged in The Labyrinth:
  Tea house:

 This was a castle tower before:
 Now it's a great place to look over everything XD:
We think the green roof is the Emperor's crib. Hopefully MTV will explore it soon.
 Pretty trees:
 And this thing!
It didn't take us long to go through the entire garden. It was a really pretty place to walk through now, so I can't imagine how much more beautiful it would be when the flowers and trees are blooming. Oh gosh. I want to go back then x___X!
After, we decided to walk to Ginza to find a big toy store that Mitchell had a voucher for and also to Tokyo station to see how awesome it looked. Oh, and to get free food samples again XD.
There was some kind of "January Running" marathon going on around the area, so we had to dodge a long line of runners along the way. I was also looking out for Bruno Mars since his concert was yesterday too. I mean, why wouldn't he want to go to the Imperial Gardens before having a concert with a thousand screaming girls? Actually, I've been hoping to randomly walk into him for a week XD. YOU NEVER KNOW.
 Bridge over troubled water:
 To Ginza!
 We stopped at an Illy cafe in one of the buildings first and Mitchell got some amazing looking drink:
It was black coffee for me ^___^':
I've got to say, Ginza is way cooler than I thought it was from the first time I was there with Grant. We really missed the cool part of it and I blame the gross weather for that. It's filled with really fancy shops, but also really nice mall structures with cute stores and a ton of amazing-looking food places. I'd definitely go there again to explore more.
 Oh hai, snake. You are fancy.
 Lots of tall buildings in Ginza:
 Oh, and a $200+ melon:
 This made me want to buy a watch from this store:
We went to the Apple store first since Mitchell was having problems with his iphone. We had a half an hour until his appointment, so we went to find the big toy store. However, we found a food place again first XD. We got to try about 8 different sweets, using our "oh, this looks good...oh, why yes! I would like a free sample. Oh my gosh, thank you" routine. IT'S SO GREAT, YOU GUYS. But really. We even got to try a sample of a really fancy and rich chocolate cake. Hands down the best sample yet.
We took a long time there and had to go back to the Apple store. It was pretty cool because about half of the workers spoke Japanese and the other half spoke English, so you could make an appointment to talk with either.
After his appointment, we used one of the computers there to look up where the toy store was XD.
Shawn! Jack Daniel's building along the way:
We stopped in a few more stores, like the 8+ story Yamaha building. It was so fancy. And then we found the toy store ^___^.
 So many cute plushies T___T.
And these creepy cats:
 I really like that bull dog:
 Oh. My gosh. I wanted to take all of these home. That big fluffer was so awesome to cuddle.
 They had a race car track inside too:
 They had a doll floor too ^___^:
And, of course, Blythes.
Lauren! Have you seen her before? 
I really wanted to see the front of Tokyo station, so we went through the station first to get to it. The station itself was like a huge mall with a ton of shops and food places. That's the awesome thing about stations here. They're practically just another shopping area.
We found another food area and got to try a few more samples XD. Definitely one of my favorite things to do here, haha.
Here's an awesome ceiling in one of the many entrances to Tokyo Station:
 And the outside:
So fancy. You might thing, "Oh, it's just a building. Why go see that?" But it's really cool see and to think that it's just a train station.
It was already about 8 and Paul's going-away beer pong party was going to be starting around that time, so Mitchell had to skedaddle. I decided to go home and snuggle up instead of playing water pong XD. It was pretty cold outside, so the thought of traveling more in the cold and staying for only an hour didn't sound as nice as having some hot tea and writing a new blog post XD.
In one of the food places, Mitchell had bought 5 Krispie Kreme doughnuts. They had a few Karnival editions that looked so good. Apparently, Australia and Japan don't do the whole "Here's a free doughnut while you wait in line" thing. haha.
When we were on the train, he offered to share some ^___^. I actually tried some. Japan Kat is so weird. But yeah! I got to try the two left ones. White chocolate cookie bits one and a strawberry chocolate heart one.
They were pretty good, but that chocolate cake sample was way better XD.
Mitchell messaged me and said that beer-pong went pretty late last night. Actually, he messaged me an hour before I woke up, so by late, he must have meant 5:30 A.M. haha. So, Mt. Takao will have to be for another day!
Today is pretty chill, but I have stuff going on the rest of the week O__O.
Tomorrow - Ikebukuro Planetarium, Kitty Cafe, and possibly another Bruno Mars karaoke with Moe, Mitchell, and Yuuki (different Yuuki).
Bye-bye ^____^.

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