Friday, January 18, 2013

Ikebukuro, Bruno Mars karaoke, and Cheeky Boys

Three days ago, I was contemplating on going to either a new place or venturing around a place I had already been. So, I decided to do both. First, I stopped at a place I've never been to before, Ikebukuro. Grant told me it was pretty much a mini-Shinjuku, and I'd have to agree after going there.
I got there pretty early (10 A.M. -____-) so some shops were still closed. I planned to go back to this Sanrio, but I forgot X___x. Sorry, Lauren!
 Yes plz.
Sunshine City is a huge shopping mall. After awhile, you get kind of overwhelmed with all the shops and just kind of walk through them.
 This drink cost like $350 but you could survive off of the calories for 468 days:
 ~Kawaii~ lil' girl ^___^. She snuck in the shot, haha.
 Ho-ho. Lauren would have gone crazy in this shop:
Some of these were taken with my ipod, sorry x___X. I wanted to do some more 'sneaky' shots to avoid getting yelled at.
Beth would love this shop:
 There was just so much to look at. So many colors O____O.
 They had a Toy's R Us!
 Which had a few different things than the US:
 They definitely have a better plush selection:
 And some cooler toys:
There was a ton of Doraemon stuff. I wish I could have come to Japan when the original Pokemon was still big. So many plushies to catch. ^___^

And then there was this shop:
I have yet to try on a pair of crocs. I would probably love them. lolol.
Booo, this was closed until later this year.
 I just liked the name.
 And I guess the sweets they were selling XD
 So much candy.
 I didn't stay too long in the mall, so I ventured the streets a bit more before leaving for Shibuya.
 This Zebra Hotel was kind of awesome looking:
Ah-ha! Auntie Anne's! Those chocolate pretzel sticks look pretty amazing. I wonder if the US has them now.
 Just a lot of buildings, man.
So yeah! I decided to head out to Shibuya and then possibly walk to Harajuku after.
Why yes, I did go to Partyland by myself. IT WAS STILL A PARTY. lolol. I tried creating a more chocolate-cookie fro-yo since I've been mad-craving a chocolate chip cookies. They had a new apple flavor, which was awesome. I had that with a chocolate flavor and then poured on boatload of those cookie chocolate chips. It actually did taste kind of like a cookie. Yay, finally, cookie. ^__^
I was just like
and then
I went around Shibuya for awhile, but wasn't really feeling like shopping too much. I actually felt very much like a hobbit, yearning to be in my hobbit home, safe and warm, with a nice cup of tea. So, I headed back. Perhaps my Tookish side will come out more in the days to come.
I've been hooked on Once Upon a Time and have been watching that. Oh gosh.

Yesterday, I went to the gym, ate lunch, and then headed out to meet with Yuuki and Kazuya at school. We wanted to get together to plan on when to go to Tsukiji for some fresh sushi and then venture to Odaiba. With both of their busy schedules, it looks like we'll be going in about 2 weeks. I'm pretty darn pumped. ^___^
We sat and talked for a long time. They ate lunch and Yuuki wanted to practice speaking English. Here's what his obentos look like:
It's like art. With a lot of rice.
He had bought a book to help with his vocabulary:
Please take the time to read those. I think these will really help him when he comes to the US.

lolol. Kazuya had to go study, so Yuuki and I talked a bit more. He found out I had Chrono Trigger for the DS in English and really wanted to play, so I told him he could borrow it. We headed over to my place to go and pick it up.
I also lent him Pokemon Sapphire. He tried playing on the saved file that I had been playing on, but when he turned it on, I only had 2 pokemon. One was a level 8 Zigzagoon that I named Venonat and the other was an unhatched egg. What was going on?! I had 4 badges already. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of my Pokemon...they weren't in my PC either.
lolol. So weird. The egg hatched while we were walking around though. I was hoping my game glitched out and it would end up being Mew.
It wasn't.
He had not one attack move.

So anyways! Yuuki read my books "I Want My Hat Back", in Japanese, and "This is Not My Hat", in English, that I have here. He discovered that the snake in IWMHB talks about seeing a blue, circular hat, but not the bear's red cone hat. The blue, circular hat it describes is the hat that's in TINMH! Oh man. So awesome. George R.R. Martin has some competition with all of these connections Jon Klassen is making in his sequels.

I had to kick Yuuki out (lolol, kidding, I walked with him to the station) since I had to get ready to go out to karaoke with some of the exchange students. It was ~Bruno Mars edition~ since his concert sold out. I'm still not over that. XD

I was excited to be able to dress up (sort of) for the night. I'm usually just in my Nike gear all the time now ^___^'. (Therma-fit is the best.)
BRUNO! Sadly, I was the only one that really wanted to sing Bruno Mars songs, haha, so we didn't sing too many. At least Mitchell joined with me. ^__^'
The karaoke place also had all you can drink non-alcoholic beverages and ice cream, which was pretty awesome. So many selections of tea.
I wasn't able to capture Evan dancing, but my favorite part of the night was probably when Evan and Tom sang and jigged to "Milkshake."
 Sabrina, Daan, and Mitchell ^___^
Touch my bum. lolol, "Cheeky Boys"song that kept on saying "We are the cheeky boys, We are the cheeky girls."
 Sabrina and Daan both sang Japanese songs. It was beyond impressive.
Another highlight of the night was replacing nearly all of "Lose Yourself" lyrics with Mom's spaghetti. Tom and I were doing it so much, that Tom accidentally blurted out "Oh my ghetti" instead of "Oh my God." lolol.
It was really exciting when Tom told me I had a good voice and should turn the mic up and later on, Sabrina said she liked my voice. I feel like that's one of the best compliments, when someone says they like my singing voice.
I think I may have scared them when I sang/screamed "I'm So Sick" by Flyleaf though...lolol. ^__^'

Yeah! We did about two hours of karaoke and then I headed back and watched more of Once Upon a Time. I had also received an email saying that the Seijo grade school is having a mochi-making party and that 5 of us are invited to go. So, I guess I'm going to be going to that in a few days. ^___^' I love all of the random events they give us ()(^.^)().

Now on a random note:
If you guys are having muscle pain from working out or anything really, try adding a tsp of Tumeric to your cooking. I had read in a few places that it has healing properties and is great for anti-inflammatory purposes, but wow, it really works. I've had way less muscle soreness, if any, when waking up the next day after working out since adding it to my diet. Yay!
Okay, peace out homeslices ^__~.


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