Monday, January 21, 2013

Playground Hopping and Sweets Sampling

Two days ago, Yuuki wanted to practice speaking English before his English Oral Interview later that day. So again, all I had to do was talk. XD
We decided to walk around town a bit and found a bunch of different playgrounds. Here was the first, and probably the best:
They've outdone themselves.
They even cut the benches in half and put them at opposite ends:
There will be no bench conversations. Sorry, Forrest.
And then there was this blue poo slide at another park:
 The slide was too narrow XD.
 There were koi in a random pond:
I have better pictures of koi later on, I swear.
Guys, Japan looks just like the movies.
We passed a shop selling flowers. In mid-January.
I thought of MoMo =^.^=:
I can't wait to see her butterfly bushes in the spring ^___^.
I asked Yuuki what his favorite chocolate was (you know, practicing English...) and he said these were. So he picked some up at a conbini for us to share ^___^. They were pretty darn delicious. It had the crunch of an old-school Wonka bar, and tasted kind of like a kit-kat with more chocolate than wafer. I think too much about these things.
More playground stuff! Or exercise stuff. You had to jump from one end to the other on the left platform. The one that Yuuki was trying, you had to balance and it slid side-to-side. idek. Better than Wii fit.
 And another park!
We saw a woman hitting her husband with a snowball. That was the most violent act I've seen in Japan so far.
We walked on a path along this river talking about things like superpowers, battle weapons, you know, stuff that would come up in his interview.
 We walked back and found this church by the station:
Pretty much the same as a normal church in America:
Yuuki wanted to pick up a present for his parent's anniversary, so we stopped in a few stores to find something.
He ended up picking up Godiva. You can't go wrong with Godiva. I forgot how good it was. We got a free simple milk chocolate and coconut square sample and Oh Man. So good.
And then there was this lion chilling in a bookstore:
I thought he was 27,000 yen, but I missed the 1 before it...127,000 yen...lolol. So worth it. I hope he comes with the booties.
This is just dangerous:
I can't tell which of the two's expressions I like better.
After practicing for about 4 hours, Yuuki went to go take his test. ^___^

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how I dropped my wallet by Kaldi the night before. I had come home with a pretty packed bag full of apples, pears, and bananas and found that I didn't have my wallet. I knew I had dropped it at Kaldi. When I was there, I had paid for some chocolate (I really needed it...lolol) and tried putting my wallet away while standing outside. I was listening to music and must not have heard that it dropped out of my bag before zipping it up. So I literally ran back to Kaldi.
I asked if they had it and the lady was like...wallet? Remember, this is all in Japanese...And I said yes, a Hello Kitty one. She then said, Oh! A pouch!
And my first thought was:
And then I was like:
And she said she had it. Everything was still in it and I was on my way home.

Yesterday, Mitchell and I went to Shinjuku to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. On the way, we found a Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster that was signed by Kristen Stewart. There was also a face grease imprint on the glass right by Edward's lips.
 We made it! =]
 It was closed! =[
Apparently, it's closed on all Mondays and not just the 2nd and 4th like we thought. Another day!
We had the whole day ahead of us, so after much debate on whether to go see a movie or walk around Shinjuku all day, we decided to walk to Shibuya to get fro yo. ^____^
This building looked like a church, but it was just a fancy office building.
 We made it to Harajuku first:
 And found a toy store along the way!
 They became pretty good friends:
 And even struck a few business deals:
I would so photoshop that hat on Mitchell's head if I had photoshop.
And also found a little temple/park (I'm really not positive what it was...) along the way:
 It was practically the Gyonen National Park.
 And then there was this guy:
 And his friends:
 Pretty pretty.
 This was the pathway to the unknown. Therefore, I had to take a picture of it.
 These guys were just, you know, keeping guard:
 And another temple:

 We made it to Partyland in Shibuya! Mitchell ab-zo-lutely loved the fro yo.
Ughh, so good.
We bummed around for a bit in Shibuya.
 You can plug this into a USB port and it keeps your drink cold or warm. Hot dang. Cold dang.
Then, we went into a building with a whole floor selling sweets. When I was having lunch with Yuuki and Kazuya a few days ago, I asked them what was a sweet I definitely should try before leaving. I had tried every one they named except for manako, so I picked some up! ^___^
It was pretty good. The outside is like a Kopp's wafer and the inside has anko beans and tasted a little bit sweeter than the ones in taiyaki. It also had less smushed beans than taiyaki, so it was like a bean burrito. lolol, sort of. Pretty darn good though ^___^.
We went around the floor, eating every sample we could get offered XD. We had a method, pretending to be really interested in the displays and then got handed a sample. lolol. We probably tried about 10 different sweets.
Then, there was one worker who asked us in English "Do you want to try?", pointing at his store's sample. We said no. XD
I just like how we said no to the one person who actually offered us food without us bumming around their counter.

Mitchell had some dinner plans, so I went home and watched more of Once Upon A Time ^___^.
Today, a few of the exchange students and I were invited to make mochi with the grade school students of Seijo. Oh gosh. I've only made mochi in the microwave once, so I wonder how we'll be making it today. I'll let you know how it goes. =^.^=


  1. We saw a woman hitting her husband with a snowball.