Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tama Zoo Dinosaurs and Shrimp Brains

Yesterday was Zoo and Temple Adventure Day with Okuma, the big bear. ^___^
We had to transfer to the monorail through the city with the Hello Kitty Town. D= It was so close...but so far...
We made it to Tama zoo ^___^.
Tom was really excited about the elephants.
Daan, Tom, Sabrina, Mitchell, and Wendy ^___^
Oh yeah, I was there too.
I chose the messed-up elephant ticket XD.
Oh hai, lions.
Oh you know, just Daan posing by the lions. Me-ow.
Unlike the zoo back home, the lions had a huge area to roam in.
These were the saddest looking elephants I have ever seen. The big one looked like it had eternal tears and the baby was just pressed up against that wall the entire time-
-even after we sat down and had a few snacks.
Okuma not only paid for our entrance fee, but also brought us a huge bag of Japanese sweets and fruit for a snack. ^___^
I would like 3 zorses, plz.
This guy was seriously devising an escape plan.
This is a chart where you can identify the chimpanzees by their butt.

And here are two chimpanzees hoarding away and snacking on snow.
Ah, yes. You must be Pero according to the chart.
Dat snow.
There was a vending machine inside their habitat and we found out if you gave the monkeys a coin, they would get a drink, open and drink it, and then recycle the can. Oh dang.
Here is Mitchell posing near some foliage. lolol.
Daan was incubating the egg.
And then I was born.
January 25, 2013
Daddy and me:
The zoo was so deserted even though it was such a pretty day outside.
Maybe it was because all of the kangaroos were dead.
Mitchell still felt right at home though:
Family picture:
If there's one thing that I learned on this adventure, it's that I need a haircut. XD Beth is probably saying "Ugh, Kathleeeeen. I've sent you so many picture suggestions." And probably, "You're in Japan! Go get a haircut by someone cool in Harajuku." Oh, and maybe, "The emo swoop has returned."
I want to cuddle with this forever:
These are fortunes that you can buy near New Year's, usually at temples though. They were by the monkey exhibit here. It had to do with good luck on passing school exams. Monkeys never fall/drop from their jungle gym/trees and that was supposed to represent not falling/dropping/failing an exam. That was a lot of "/" action.
He had dreads and was circling the cage while walking sideways. He was an alien.
But seriously, it was really sad because the lions had this huge area to roam around and run in. These wolves had no where to run. It was just this tiny area with rock steps and no flat area. We walked away and a few minutes later, they began howling. Two of them were growling and fighting while the others howled in the background quietly. It was actually pretty awesome.
Hiding peacock:
Cue Katy Perry.
Oh. My gosh:
Oh. My. Goodness.
I want another guinea pig now =[.
That guy had a seriously crazy-looking eye.
After crying inside from seeing the guinea pigs, we went to meet with a few of Daan's new friends at the entrance of the zoo. They had just come back from studying abroad in Montana for a year and spoke really good English.
We went on the train to go to the Buddhist Temple and stopped in the station to get some lunch. I pointed out the same sushi restaurant that Luke and I went to, so we decided to go there ^___^.
Okuma then ordered us all huge amounts of food for us all to share. Oh gosh. He even paid for everything.
Yeah, so the shrimp guy in this picture - I decided to eat him since no one else was and when I did, it was so slimy. I asked Daan's friend why it was slimy and he squeezed the head's shell I left behind and this slimy goop came out. He said that I ate some of its brain. =[
Ughh, nato. I had tried it before at Genki sushi on one of my first days in Japan and hated it. I can't smells so bad. It makes your breath smell so bad and then it's like eating it all over again when you talk. It's also sticky and just...=[[[. I tried it again. It was =[. haha. I'm glad I gave it another go though. It took a bit of convincing from Daan and Wendy to do so.
There was even more food than just the pictures. I have rediscovered my love for sushi. For awhile it was like Eh. But now I just want it everyday4evrplz. ^____^ The meal was amazing.
After, we stopped at a Japanese sweets place with a bunch of different kinds of Anko, Mochi, etc. and Okuma bought us a bunch of different kinds. Oh my gosh, his generosity.
To the temple! I apparently scared some people along the way. I was talking with Sabrina and I got frustrated with something for some reason (I think I was trying to get something out of my backpack). I roared and then walked away quickly. Apparently, the restaurant with about 8 people all turned to look at me with surprised and scared looks on their faces as I shuffled away. Sabrina was crying from laughing. She said it looked like we had got in a fight and I got frustrated and roared away in rage. lolol.
We made it!
There were some cell phone rings with the zodiac animals carved from wood on them in the store. I asked Okuma what he was (Boar) and picked that up and gave it to him. ^___^ We were so lucky that he took us on this tour and even paid for everything. >__<
Take one:
Take two, AwWwWWWw yeEeAaahH:
Okuma said there was a bell up there and I referenced the hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm not sure if he understood the reference, but I still posed for a picture as a hunchback ringing a bell near it. lolol.
This guy is apparently an assassin or a terrorist...We ended up posing for a picture near him. lol, oh good.
It was a pretty darn awesome day. Oh yeah, so Okuma told me that him and Yamamoto sensei want to plan a going-away party for me. There's already a going away party for the exchange students this week and I was a bit confused. He continued to mention it throughout the day and I was thinking, "What about Mitchell and the other students leaving?" I tried to bring up Mitchell's name and said how he's leaving as well and will probably appreciate the party too. But as were were eating lunch, Okuma asked me what day was good for me to schedule my party. He then wrote it down in his planner "Kat's Party." Hahaha. Oh. Sorry Mitchell! XD
I still can't believe the kindness of all of the teachers and staff at Seijo. woof.
Anyways! I need to write about today's adventure to the Imperial Gardens and then Ginza with Mitchell soon. Perhaps tomorrow. We may be going to Mt. Takao, but it's up in the air right now. ^____^

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