Thursday, January 3, 2013

See You Soon

 I think this is very important to start off with:
Now for some not as happy-go-lucky stuff. Yesterday was Grant and Carter's last full day in Japan x___X. Right now, they're on a flight back home to the states.
Unfortunately, Grant got very sick and was puking all throughout the night and had a temperature from 99-101 yesterday. ()(>.<)() I stopped by the grocery to pick up some soup supplies first and busted a move over. Chicken soup made another appearance to save the day.
Oh! And thank you to MoMo for giving me Advil and Tums to pack. I passed those bad boys out to Grant and Carter and they apparently helped a bit ^___^.

They left their room's door unlocked and let me tell you- it was the saddest thing to walk in to. Grant and Carter were curled up on the bed on opposite sides of each other, looking like a dementor just gave them each a kiss.
Oh wait. That's just Ginny. I'm so glad that picture popped up when I searched "Dementor's kiss," though. lololol. Ugh, Ginny...
I guess this is more accurate.
So I quickly went into the kitchen to conjure up a patronus.

After attempting to keep some food down, Carter was feeling a bit better and went out to Harajuku while Grant and I played some Animal Crossing.
 We got to hit this moving robot mole XD:
It's like the hammer I was hitting Grant with at the Tokyo Hands store IRL. lololol.
I accidently took this one, but I'm happy I did:
And here is me trapping Grant and digging holes in his town because he paid for the boat on the way to the island again and was sick IRL.
We all decided to meet at Shinjuku station and then shop at Tokyo Hands for a few things that they wanted to pick up for some friends back home. I said 'no plz' to Grant because he was dying, but it was his last day and he really wanted to get out.

We didn't stay long at Tokyo Hands and Grant and I left a bit earlier than Carter to go back and rest. When Carter got back, we started packing their stuff.
Yayyyyyy!...? yayyyyy
After a few hours, we managed to clean out his food cabinet, giving away a bunch of stuff to the house, and also organized and packed their stuff. I used up the rest of their food and packed breakfast and some sammies for the next day for them.
There was one problem.
This was still in Grant's possession and he was not feeling the whole eating thing, especially sweets.
Near the beginning of Grant's stay, we saw this flavor and didn't pick it up. We never saw it again after that and had regret the decision. Finally, when we were out with Shingi, we found it again! ^___^ Grant and I each took a bite and concluded that it was not that great. haha. I'm still glad we found it though XD.

After trying it, I went home for the night.
Thankfully this morning, Grant was feeling better. We met up in Shimokitazawa, hoping to pick up a pair of necklaces, which I had mentioned in an ancient post, from an independent seller, Gio. The shop had been closed for New Year's for a few days and this was our last chance to pick them up. We had debated buying them for pretty much the entire time of Grant's stay.
It was 10 and Gio's shop still wasn't open. Grant had to meet up with Carter in a little more than an hour, so we were running out of time. We decided to walk around a bit and found these guys:
We were hoping that the store opened at 10:30 or to catch Gio opening the store. We're such creepers XD. Nah, but we walked to the other side of the station and then back inside the station to catch a train. I told Grant I would run and see if the store was possibly open and run back to him. By the store, I saw a guy in all black wearing a stylish hat. THAT HAD TO BE HIM!
And it was ^___^. He recognized me right away, since Grant and I had stopped in a few times, debating whether to get the necklaces or not, and I quickly explained that we finally wanted to purchase them. As I was running to get Grant, he must have known, because he was already on his way over. ^___^

Gio was so happy to sell us the necklaces. He's one of those magical people that you meet in life that you're like THIS GUY is going to be life-changing. Or he's just awesome. Whatevs. XD
We even got pictures with him! ^___^
It was very behind-the-scenes, as the shop was still technically closed. We even made a train back and met Carter on time.

After a bit more packing, Grant said goodbye to his apartment in Japan.
I really love the glare on his face and if he was a little to the left, it could have been prevented XD.

Then, we walked to the station. The goodbye was not my favorite part of the day. At least it's only 6 weeks until we see each other again ^___^. And my family! Oh hai, family.

I feel so bad that Grant and Carter got sick sick, but it seemed like they tried to make the most of it by going out even when they felt like poo. Trooper scoopers. lolol get it? Ugh. But really, they were troopers.

I was really happy that Lauren, Beth, and Shawn were online to talk when I got home.
And this guy:
Barnaby, you so cute.
And Shawn told us that he got a new job! I'm so happy for him ^____^. And so proud of him. =]

The rest of the day, I went around town and also cleaned a bit around the apartment. Whenever I feel a bit lonely, I always put The 10th Kingdom on, so I had that on in the background for a bit. I really don't get sick of that movie.

Kirsty's sister was able to retrieve the Purikura that me, Grant, and Carter did a few days back. Here you go:
I miss them already. But I know these next few weeks are going to fly by. 
I really need to get studying and stuff for finals. Mother of pearl, no more school plz. Tomorrow, I'll probskis get on that and go to the Kickboxing gym since it's opening again after its New Years vacation. I still can't believe stores here close for up to a week after New Years. Zo crazy. O__O

Here's some extra bonus shots from Animal Crossing for you:



  1. Ugh, I know I already said this when we chatted last night, but I'm so sorry to hear that Grant and his brother were so sick. That's horrible. =\ I know how difficult it is to be sick on a long trip (like when I was in California with Beth a few years ago), so my heart really goes out to the both of them. <3

    But... Isn't Ginny your favorite HP character?! Lolz.

    Ahhh, I love your AC screen caps! You're getting me so excited for the new game.

    Aw! I love that you got pics with the shop owner. How cool is that?! What a great way to make the experience more memorable.

    Barnaby had fun talking with you last night! He sends kisses full of whiskers. xD He has very long whiskers. Oh, and he can't wait to meet you.

    Dude, those Purikura pics are so awesome. I really wish I could do those with you and Beth. Maybe we can find an app to do that sometime when you're back?

    Thank you for the extra AC pics. <3 They make me happy.

  2. Beautiful post! Poor Grant and Carter. So happy they are feeling better now.Love the Animal Crossing and cool little guy who sold the necklaces to you.