Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Camera, Bad Gachapons

On Christmas, Grant, Carter, and I went to Shibuya ^___^. Hachi had the best costume:
Or this Christmas Tree worker:
 Maybe these Joker Santas doing the Spiderman pose:
Actually, Carter probably had the best Christmas costume.
We pretty much just shopped around all day ^___^. Carter seemed to really like all of the clothes, too. So much of it fits his creative style.
Elevator in Shibuya 109 Men's:
Of course we got fro yo. ^___^ One of the workers came up to us and asked if she could take our picture and put it on Facebook and on Facebook it went:

With decorations and everything! haha ^___^'

After going to a few more places, we went back to Grant's to cook a Christmas dinner. Mrs. Mark sent some panettone bread, which they usually make into french toast and eat on Christmas morning. We sliced them into smaller pieces and also cooked some bacon.
 Here is the feast:
There was a bit of cranberry sauce and we even put some cinnamon raisin monkey PB on some toasted bread with bacon. I had some of the dinner Grant made from the night before ^___^.

~And now some higher quality pictures lie ahead~

Yesterday, Grant and I took Carter to Harajuku to see the greatness IRL.

First, we went to the Meiji Shrine. We got stopped by locals, asking if they could practice their English with us and give us a tour. For 40-50 minutes. Oh gosh, we had to decline. So many 'you're-not-supposed-to-take-pictures' pictures to be taken!

Lucky you, I took my good camera. XD
I guess you've seen these guys before from an ancient post. As ancient as these barrels. Well, now you can read the names. Maybe right them down for possible baby name options for your future kids.
Carter doing it wrong:
 lolol, That was my fault.
Giant Broccoli!
I really liked how out-of-focus Grant was:
This is me being artsy with photography.
Carter trying to figure out the bubbler. That's right, I said it. BUBBLER.
Yeah, it never happened in the end XD. idek.
The benches were suntanning that day.
 And near one of the stumps that Skull Kid plays his ocarina.
There was a bit of ice on the pond.
Here's me being really artsy according to Carter. This uploaded out of order for some reason and I refuse to drag it up to the top where it belongs:
More of the park:
HAHA. I got to take some pictures of the outsides of some of the shops around Harajuku, mainly down Takeshita street (The B.A. street).
It was the least crowded time we've gone. So awesome.
Don't forget, you can click the picture to make it larger. ^___^
Dis is my favorite shot:
I tried this hoodie on and it did not look as cool as it did on the mannequin:
These are some of the crepe options available. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's tuna on the bottom left:
Fishy fishy.
Very narrow streets for the amount of people. Usually there's twice to three times as many though O___O.
These are a few of the Gothic Lolita mannequins that you could take a picture of without getting yelled at, located outside the shop. There's only a hands-off sign. Which I did not obey. lolol, oops.
The shop inside is so small. It has awesome stuff, but you kind of feel rushed.
Then, some burlesque-type stuff:
I just hear the song by Gwen Stefani every time I see "Vivienne Westwood."
This has horribly adorable and pretty clothes. I always really want an outfit from here, but it doesn't look so good on me =[. *goes to Nike site to feel better*
This store has all OOAK, DIY stuff. So pricey, but so awesome.
Actually, I have nothing against him. He was just in the shot when I was trying to get a picture of the clothes. lololol.

So many little nooks with more hidden stores.
I love shoes.
For some reason, we never went down this street before:
Some graffiti Grant pointed out along the way:
There were just a few more stores, but they didn't have the punky stuff.
Reminds me a little of MirrorMask:
Check out that dope Nike advertisement:
After Harajuku, we rested a bit at Grant's place. Carter found some pretty darn awesome clothes and shoes. I'm really glad he got them and is treating himself ^___^.
At around 5, we headed out to the New York Bar to have our belated fancy Christmas dinner (Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mark!).
Shinjuku getting ready for the night:
THIS IS ARTSY, GUYS! Too bad it's kind of blurry. But still. I was happy about the shot. I'm sure only 8,950,080 other people have taken this shot.
Excuse me while I write some moon-letters on my map.
Well, this is pretty. And it's just by a grocery store.
This reminded me of MoMo. I think she would really like those puffs of light.
Grant spotted roses in the bushes:
Hullo, tall buildings.
"Hello, Kat!"
Look! Moon and stars. And big buildings.
There's going to be a lot of these shots with the moon...
I was up there with Kirsty, Tom, and Evan in one of the first few days in Japan! Man, I had the worst first impression of Shinjuku. I thought it was just boring office buildings, but we exited out of the wrong part of the station. We totally missed all of the stores and life of Shinjuku. Around the office buildings, it feels like a town that has gone through some kind of outbreak and we are among the few survivors. At least compared to the lively part of the city.

What Grant called, "SNL" shots, lololol:
This is good:
Outside of the building with the New York Bar:
Here is the view from the bar:
Pretty darn awesome, eh?
Here is Grant being fancy:
Burger! "New York Bar “Omi” Cheese Burger, Spicy Pickles Salsa, Bacon, and Crispy Duck Fat Potato Fries" (without cheese):
It definitely made the top 3 all-time burger list. I still think that shot makes it look like it was taken at Mr. and Mrs. Mark's house.
Carter ordered a "Brick Oven Pizza with Pork Belly, Provolone and Forrest Mushrooms":
Grant got the "Peppered Pork Steak Sandwich with Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Tomatoes, and Creamed Mushrooms." This is my creeper shot of it:
Heck yes I copy and pasted those descriptions from the menu. It was definitely the fanciest dinner I've ever been to besides the pecan pie place in Florida with Grant's family. Thank you so much for this dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Mark! =^.^= I do wish they could have been there too, though (Courtney and Jeremy too).

This could have been where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson sat!:
This is the view by the elevator:
This is inside, on the way to the bar:
So fancy...
More dining areas:
We're so fancy!
Outside in Shinjuku by the more lively area:
Pretty trees:
 More MoMo lights with flowers:
It was a pretty darn awesome day.

Oh yeah, when we went into one of the huge stores in Shinjuku, Grant and I each tried a Gachapon with Nintendo Controllers in them that are also flashlights. 
Rows of Gachapons
 We ended up getting the Wiimotes. Both of us. The worst option available. And the lights couldn't even alert a rescue team of your whereabouts if you were lost in a dark maze.
I will have to stick with using Periculum with my wand.

We are still recovering from our anger.

The day before, I got to see my family open the presents I sent them! It was so awesome that they were able to open them on Christmas Eve.
MoMo and one of her presents, a Rex plushie ^___^:
 lololol, Shawn.
Ughhh, that gloomy bear....
I accidentally ran across the screen while video chatting with them a few weeks ago. Lauren then saw it of course and said, "Is that for me?!" *le sigh*
 Lauren and Shawn opening the best present ever from Bethy:
Lauren was so excited. She was saying how she needed a new blanket and it was so warm and great material.
Until she saw what picture was on it. And the Inverted version on the back.
Please, behold. The night before Lauren and Shawn got married, Bethy ran into Lauren's room before she went to bed and took a few pictures without Lauren's approval. This one was of the greatest. We like to call it "Lauren's last night as a single woman."
Shawn said that when he tells their kids that, they'll call him a wizard or miracle worker.
I think Lauren was really happy about it. Look, she's hugging it.
 Aaaaaand, here's Beth doing her thang. Her Christmas number. Plum looks pleased.
It was a really happy Christmas.

Be prepared for a really awesome post next. I found the best thing in Japan ever.


  1. Why aren't more statues decorated around the holidays HERE?!

    Hahahaha. That poor employee. I bet that costume was mandatory.

    By the way, it' a little creepy how much Carter looks like Grant. I think this is the first time I've seen him. I bet you get them confused sometimes. Lolz.

    What a feast! Wow, that all looks so yummy.

    Those photos of you three exploring turned out great! I like the one of Grant and Carter together. It's still so strange seeing Grant's twin. Haha.

    Omg, it really does look like the benches are suntanning.

    Those bags are the cutest! I like the one that's wearing the pink hat. >w<

    Okay, I really can't believe you were able to get this many photos and not have your camera taken away from you. xD

    I love all this street fashion. That's one of the main reasons why I want to go to Japan. *sigh* Your photos really make me feel like I'm there with you.

    I like your artistic photo. xD I'm sure yours is the only one in existence.

    Seriously, why are ALL the Christmas lights in Japan SO well done?? I feel like the US lights pale in comparison.

    Dude, those are totally SNL shots!

    Grant looks like he's in a movie when he's all fancy like that.

    I am... so jealous... of you... all because of that burger. *cries*

    I like what you got out of the gachapan! Mannn, I wish we had cool gachapans here. The only ones I get to play are ones online. Haha. That shouldn't really count...

    UGH. THAT DAMN BLANKET. I LOVE IT. BUT I HATE IT. UGH. EITHER WAY, IT'S GETTING USED. I keep looking over at Shawn while he's sitting on the recliner. The blanket is draped over the back of the chair. So I'll just see my huge mouth in back of him. It's the weirdest thing.

  2. The MOMO salon! I love it! Oh my gosh---after I see all of your pictures--your life seems so exciting. I hope you're not bored when you come home--lol.Rex stays by my bed--what a pal--so cute. Grant and Carter look great. Grant looks like a celebrity in Japan--no joke.

  3. Mommmm, Lauren said "damn" in her comment!