Saturday, December 22, 2012

NoOooOOo, Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars tickets sold out instantly =[. I was online and tried right when they were available to the public. When that didn't work, I went to try buying them at a convenience store and it didn't even show his concert available to purchase. I am. So sad.

And he's all like:
"Hey, it's cool."

No, you're cool, Bruno =[.
Anyways, on a happier note, I got more sick. lololwut. I'm so devo'd about Bruno. Tom taught me that abbreviation which apparently they use in England for "devastated." Then, Kirsty said it's only Tom. lolol.
It probably didn't help when I went out to the Christmas Party the night before. I was losing my voice during class that day, but this party had been planned for so long. I didn't want to miss it.
I was a Reindanda, as Evan called me. Reindeer Panda.

I didn't bother taking pictures myself from this party, so all of these are pictures from Facebook ^___^'.
We all met up in Shibuya and went to another small bar, like for the Halloween Party, where about 60 of us fit into. This is how the party started:
It was going to be a good night.
It's funny because that's a pretty opposite representation of the party. It was very relaxed and everyone was just talking the whole time. Japanese students don't dance at parties usually and that still confuses me. The exchange students (well, Me, Daan, and Evan) are the ones that start the dancing where a few Japanese students join in, acting slightly embarrassed. It usually only lasts about 1 song. Haha. It's so funny because they act impressed at our dance moves when we would probably insult JC Chasez.
 Here are some pics from the party with my face in them:
Sabrina and Aroma:
Aroma's so awesome - he and Shota always plan all the parties.
This is pretty good:
 Sort of dancing:
 Takahiro (other Reindeer):
 Yuka! And Shota ^___^
 Though not his best, pretty good photobomb by Evan:
 Grant was feeling under the weather, but showed up at the party later:
Something really awesome that happened at the party, was that they (Santa/Shota) gave plane tickets to 3 of the Japanese students studying abroad the upcoming semester. Oh, and a cake! =^.^=
Mako, Hanaka, and Yuka.
And here's the group:
It was a really awesome party =^.^=. I think the bartender was annoyed at my constant orders of water. What? It was nomihodai (all you can drink). It's funny because people are still confused at my energy level and kept asking, "You're really only drinking water?" Wahahaha.

That morning, Sabrina gave everyone a bag of cookies and candies:
She even made mine differently than everyone else's because she knows I'm sensitive to lactose and didn't know if I could have milk chocolate. So awesome! =^.^=

Yesterday, I was probably at my sickest. I went to the gym since I had taken 2 rest days already, to see if I could do a low impact workout. I ended up going on the treadmill for 5 minutes and that didn't go so well, so I did a few stuff with weights and then asked if I could borrow a mat. I went to the empty basketball gym and did some yoga instead, which was actually really nice.

Grant and I had planned to go to Ueno, but of course, like every time we plan to go somewhere, it was raining. He came over and we played Animal Crossing together instead. ^___^
lololol, Whoever talks to the Cap'n has to pay 1000 bells to go to the island and I walked away and had Grant pay, lolol.
"I know what you're doing!"-Grant
 To the island:
 lololol, I kept trapping Grant by digging holes around him XD.
 And also dug a hole under him that he fell into:

I was bothering Grant about wanting Panera's chicken noodle soup. And Gelato. And Kopp's Birthday Cake Custard. And strawberries.
He then offered to make me soup instead. I said nooOOoo. But he insisted. ^___^

I had to meet up with Daan and his brother first because he was curious to see what me and Kirsty's place looks like since he lives in the Shibata mansion where everyone else lives. I also had plans to go back with him to Shibata mansion for a party, but my cold seemed to have gotten worse throughout the day and I felt like poo. I decided to stay in instead.
Grant and I went to the grocery store to pick up some soup supplies and I left early to meet Daan.

Grant came back to my place and started cooking the soup while Daan, his brother, and me talked for a bit.
After he left, I helped to stir the soup XD. Grant did everything else. He even bought me frozen strawberries (which are amazing heated in the microwave with a banana) because I said how they're higher in Vitamin C than oranges. He also bought all of the soup supplies. =]
It smelled so good.
And he was so angry.
Better than Panera. I ate probskis 4 bowls compared to Grant eating 1.5 and didn't feel full. Being sick makes me really hungry. lolol. XD
He knows me too well. He bought chocolate for us, which was so good and always the perfect way to end a meal.
The rest of the night, we played more Animal Crossing ^__^.

We bought tickets to see The Hobbit, so we're going to be meeting up in the afternoon today to see it. Lauren said we read enough to see the movie now without spoiling the book for us. Zo excited. Also, his roommates are having a Christmas party today, so we'll probably head over there sometime after.

I'm really hoping that me and my family get our packages we sent to each other at the same time. That would be awesome if we could open them up together. I'm so excited for them to get their presents. ^___^
Here's a little bonus Animal Crossing picture to end this post:

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