Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Japanese Bear Who Wants His Hat Back

What you are about to see is real.

THIS IS the greatest finding of all in Japan. I cannot explain the excitement I had when finding this. I even got to use the gift card I won from the Regetta competition. WORKING OUT PAYS OFF!

You guys, I can read it to you in two languages. Prepare yourself. Get your carpet squares. Get your box of assorted graham crackers and hope that you can snatch up the cinnamon kind first, for everyone knows that is the greatest flavor. Your glass of milk will never have tasted so delicious. But be sure not to soak it too long or you will have to fish it out with another graham cracker piece and risk losing that piece in the pit of milk as well. Then, your only other options are using your fingers or drinking the chunky cinnamon drink.

Seriously though. So awesome.

Okay! Guess I should backtrack a little bit. In the first part of Thursday, Grant, Carter, and I went to Shimokitazawa to go shopping. I wasn't planning on buying pants and a shirt and pants, but they were so hipsteriffic, I had to. The shirt came with geek glasses for LMFAO's sake.
I'll have to post a picture later.

After a bit more shopping around, we went to an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Okonomiyaki is pretty much a pancake, but with noodles, cabbage, beef, tofu/whatever the heck you want instead. And painted with a sweet sauce and some mayonnaise on top. Of course with mayonnaise...

Anyways, they cook them right in front of you. The burner surface is on really low heat (I was able to leave my hand on it for almost a minute) and it takes a bit for the entire dish to cook (No, I didn't really put my hand on the burner surface).
 I had just eaten before we hung and out wasn't very hungry, but after seeing them, it was like O_O.
Grant shared his with me. ^__^' It was pretty darn good. You could taste the doughyness of the pancake part, but then there was the sweet sauce with the cabbage and meat that really popped out at you. Woof. I guess it kind of tasted like an eggroll, but not as greasy.

After eating, we shopped around a little more and then didn't really know what to do. I had never really looked around Kyodo, only having run there, and it was only a few train stops away from Shimokitazawa, so I suggested that we venture around there.

It was turning dark and the moon looked really awesome. Then, I woman told us that on the other side, you could see Mt. Fuji. We climbed some steps and there it was.
Even though I've seen it much closer up, it was still a really amazing scene, especially with the sun setting.

No crazy squirrels here, just random cats.
There's actually 2 in this picture, an orange one in the bushes as well. The one closer to Carter just walked right up to him.

It was in a bookstore in Kyodo that I found "I Want My Hat Back." So happy. We didn't explore too much of Kyodo at all really. Carter did get to try Melon Bread though. ^___^ He said he liked it, too. NO ONE CAN RESIST MELON BREAD. Especially the green Yoshi.
So possessive.
I found this picture to post and then it linked to the original page and found that it was cropped from this picture:

The next day, I pretty much just ran errands, worked out, read, and studied. I still have to remind myself that I have exams, projects, and a speech coming up. Vacation x____X.

In the morning yesterday, Grant and I went to go see Breaking Dawn: Part 2. YESSSS.
Here's what the concession stand looks like:
The prices for food are really cheap for a theater. They even serve beer which we saw one woman had. Nothing like a beer at 9 in the morning XD. Again, you can bring your own food in, which is just awesome.
Something cool about this theater, is that it was selling a bunch of merchandise for movies that they were showing.
They also had merch like the Ring from The Hobbit/LOTR and Frankenweenie plushies for that movie. Keychains, notebooks, posters, mirrors, stickers, you name it.
Another thing I like about theaters in Japan, is that every seat is assigned that you get to choose when you buy the tickets, unlike the US which only has a section for reserved seats. It's all very organized and they always let people in 10 minutes before the show.

I had completely forgotten what happened in the book, so that was kind of nice to not know exactly what was going to happen next in the movie or be annoyed with something they may have left out. It was pretty good in the end and now Alice really reminds me of Lauren. More-so in the movies instead of the books, though.
It's the hair, bone structure, lips, and the way she talks, I think. The eyes too, actually.

Ah! Anyways, we met up with Carter at Grant's place and cooked quick lunch and then headed out to Koenji for the afternoon. One of my friends told me that he likes shopping at Koenji and I understand why. After doing a little research (reading a blog that referenced Wikipedia, lololol), I found out that it was the birthplace of the punk movement in Japan. It was supposed to have a ton of second hand clothing and music stores.
We didn't seem to have stumbled upon the music stores, but we did go into a ton of second hand clothing stores. Oh, and this place.
 Unicorn poster that I feel Beth would have really appreciated:
Beanie babies, barbies, unicorns, pastel colors, trolls, My Little Ponies, yeah they had it all.
This is what most of the stores were like:
A lot of stuff in a small store.
There was also a Village Vanguard. This reminded me of Jolie:
 And this shirt was dress-length and I wish I could have bought it for Bethy:
Zack better have watched A Goofy Movie by now...
This store had some pretty awesome stuff. I tried on one thing, felt huge, and got discouraged to look around any more. T___T
 This is good. I like the Ronald McDonald in the background.
There's actually a ton of Ronald McDonald stuff in Japan, mainly things that make him look like a total creeper.
There's just a lot of old-school stuff in this town:
 And this:
We didn't stay too long here. We probably could have ventured around a lot more, but I think you have to really be in the right mood in order to shop around at ton of second hand clothing stores. It definitely had a very Bay View feel, probably more than Shimokitazawa.

After, we took the wrong train, but then took the right one and went to Shibuya for some Kaiten Sushi. ^__^
That salmon thing was so good. That's mayo, not cheese B.T.dubs. And some pork and veggie miso, which was awesome. I also had a few other things, too. Yum yum.
After drinking cup upon cup of the complimentary matcha tea, we decided to go do a Purikura together.
As you can see, my hair is orange now. That is not an effect XD.
This is us decorating the pictures. We each got a print out, but had some complications having the pictures sent to our email. We were timed on entering our email addresses, didn't realize that only a phone email address works, and ended up running out of time in the end. Hopefully, we can still access them so I can show you the rest sometime ^___^.
We also stopped at Book Off. They had a ton of English books there.
I've never seen this cover for The Reptile Room before:
Ah, that just reminds me of
Oh, we found the triforce.

Grant gave me a hamster ^___^:
Sorry it's kind of blurry >__<. He's so cute though ^___^. He was hanging out on my belt loop yesterday.

Today, I'll probably be going to Evan's church again. It's pretty rainy out, so I'm not sure what else will be going on today. There was talk about going to Akihabara (It is raining after all), but we'll see what goes down, yo! ^___^


  1. As usual--a great blog. HAPPY NEW YEARS DAY KATHLEEN, GRANT, AND CARTER! All of the food looks so good. I also like the tri-force and yoshis. My favorite picture was the orange hair you have now. It's so beautiful. Good job Kathleen!

  2. I cannot believe you found a Japanese version of I Want My Hat Back. I mean, I knew it had to exist... but to find it! Wow. Totally meant to be with you, bb. I'm so happy for you! We'll have to have many readings when you get back. ^__~

    Beth and I need to track down some carpet squares. I bet St. Luke's has them in storage somewhere...

    I think you showed me the pants you got! And the shirt. They looked awesome. I can't wait to see them on you.

    Whoa, that pancake-type food looks amazing. I would have had to try some even if I was full, too! That doughy-ness would have been the deal breaker for me, haha.

    I think this was the first time you posted a pic of Mt. Fugi? What a view... I can't remember. I'm sorry. *experiences a mind blank*

    Random kitties! Always welcome. ^___^ Shawn and I saw two stray kitties in our neighborhood when we drove home the other night. I think the lady below us is feeding them because I see kitty prints out in the snow all around our patio! Haha, it's so cute.

    Bb, we need to sing that Yoshi song when you get back. I want to video record us singing it together so I can show the world our awesomeness.

    Omg. LOL @ that Racist Yoshis image.

    I'm really surprised movie theaters in the US don't sell merchandise for movies that are showing. I feel like that would really bring in some money, especially with the teeny bopper crowd.

    I think the US needs to learn a thing or 100 from Japan about movie theater sitting. >____> UGH.

    Aw! I've taken it as a really big compliment when people say I look like Alice. I might not be a fan of the books or movies, but the actress is pretty lovely looking. =D Strangers still come up to me to tell me I look like her. I FEEL LIKE A CELEBRITY, BB. Next Halloween costume?!

    I love how Japan appreciates vintage toys so much. I wish I could find more thrift stores that carried dolls and toys from the 70-80s.

    OMG, YOUR HAIR IS ORANGE! I was wondering if that was an effect... and then I remembered that you told me you were planning to dye it the other day. Haha, I would LOVE to see us standing next to each other. Bright red + bright orange. What a crazy pair. It looks awesome on you, bb. I hope we see more pics sometime soon! I don't know if my hair will still be red when you get back because the roots are showing pretty badly in the back now. =\ Booooo. I really like my hair bright red.

    The hammy pic doesn't look too blurry! Very clear here. If you ever need to rehome the little guy... YOU KNOW WHO TO TURN TO. ME.