Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookies, Coughs, and a Hobbit

WaaAaAa! Grant and I finally saw The Hobbit two days ago.
We decided to buy our tickets online first. I used to think that the US movie prices were high, but Japan's are a little more than double, about $26 a showing (3D).
So...this is me selecting our seats:
Do you see the problem here? lolol, I thought the screen was on the right, even though it clearly says, in English, "Screen 2." Grant then said, "Okay, that. Or we can sit together if you want."

The movie was pretty darn awesome. I definitely like the book more (of course) because of its more playful tone. Mr. Baggins was a bit more serious right off the bat in this movie, but I understand that it was probably so it would appeal to an older audience.
I had to leave for about 8-10 minutes due to a coughing fit, darn tickle in my throat. >___< But I didn't have any more problems after going back in the theater ^___^.
Some different things about this theater than a US theater is that is had about 4 floors, each with 2 theater rooms in them. Then, there were kids bringing in bags of McDonald's without hiding them. Craziness. The concession stand food was different too, with things like caramel popcorn, a chicken curry wrap, pancakes with syrup in them (like McDonald's), and vendors walking around before the movie with ice cream and coffee (to be combined, I think).
Sadly, the movie wasn't painfully dubbed, but instead had Japanese subtitles, which actually came in handy. Sometimes I would miss some things the characters said, but then read the subtitles and actually found out what I missed. Holy understanding. Very exciting ^___^.

After the movie, I was feeling so strange. The thought of having to walk to the train and then walk to Grant's sounded daunting. This is not me at all! I even said no to fro yo. Oh dear.

But we made it to Grant's place after stopping at Village Vanguard to pick up a welcome/Christmas present for Carter. ^___^
I laid down while Grant made us dinner. Mann, it's hard to be lazy. Grant was great. He insisted I lay down, brought me tea, and made this:
Chicken, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. SooOoOOo goOOod. He cooked the chicken perfectly. Another awesome meal, Chef Grant.
You will move on to the next round.

I went home shortly after dinner, sadly missing the Christmas party that Grant and his housemates were going to have. This Kat needed some sleepy time though.

Yesterday, I went to go pick up the package my family sent me that I had missed. I was really happy to be able to video chat with them while opening it =^.^=.
lolol, Jeremy butt:
 My homie, Relic:
 HAHAHA, I can't believe I captured this:
 Family Shot:
 This is just great. It's like they're really here:
 hahahaha, poor Shawn:
Man, Maywynd and I got some awesome gifts, too.
Real Wolf tooth from Bethy:
 Amazing outfit for Maywynd from Lauren and Shawn:
 And Bethy:

I love the outfits equally! But with the weather so sunny yesterday, it was more of a pink bunny kind of day =^.^=.
And a Nike+ Fuel Band from MoMo!
I actually set it up! (Unlike my Nike+ shoe sensor. I'm so lazy...)
Man, this thing is so cool. I wish the gym were open so it could measure my activity there. But I'm feeling almost completely better today, so I might be able to sneak a workout in outside. =] Also, I've been wanting a watch for awhile, but now this puppy acts as a watch, pedometer, energy meter, and calories burned detector. So awesome. I wore it around all day yesterday and plan to every day. For the rest. Of my life.

I had to go to my Gender Studies class still since Japan doesn't really celebrate Christmas Eve so much or consider it a holiday to be taken off for. Instead of doing work, we just had a party where we sat around and talked about what our teacher should get his wife for Christmas. I kept on spitting out so many ideas and asked a ton of questions to him, I felt like he didn't really know his wife at all. XD I ended up messaging Grant (I love free internet access) to ask him about some fancy beer recommendations and gave them to my teacher. His wife is probably getting beer and chocolate for Christmas.

There were a ton of snacks:
Well, there was more than this, but whatevs. lolol. There were only about 5 students there (out of 8), so we ended up splitting the uneaten plunder at the end. I snatched quite a bit for Grant and Carter XD.

Japan seems to be really big on chicken for Christmas here:
Every grocery store had prepared or precooked chicken available. Oh, and I think I said before how KFC is a common Christmas dinner meal.

Santa and his gal were walking around town:
I met up with Grant and Carter, who just arrived in Japan. We were planning on getting obentos, as it was Grant's first meal in Japan, but when we went to the grocery store and saw them, none of them looked appealing. I'm not sure if they ever really will again XD. Since it was Christmas Eve, they had a ton of fried chicken buckets too. Oh gosh. x___X We decided to cook something at Grant's place instead.
First, we gave Carter his presents though:
Pig socks! And (not shown) a Wisconsin magnet. That's right. We found a magnet of Wisconsin in Japan, made in the U.S.A. WELCOME TO JAPAN, CARTER.

Mrs. Mark sent an amazing feast:
Cookies! Chocolate! Brittle! Bacon! Could it have been any better? NO. The answer is no. Those were definitely the best sweets I've had in Japan so far XD. haha.

Today, we're probably going to all meet up and hit Shibuya. Happy Christmas, peeps =^.^=


  1. I always read your blogs. Very happy that you're feeling a little better.Must be exciting to have Carter there--he's so nice. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. My favorite part when when I saw you!

  2. Bb, I just have to say that the photo of Maywynd is really beautiful. <3 I can't wait to see her in the outfit Shawn and I got you!

    And that gif of Shawn with Relic is priceless. I'm sending it to Shawn right now...