Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yakiniku Superman Bibs and Oh-So-Much Chocolate

Oh hai.
Ah, what the heck happened yesterday? I took another rest day yesterday ()(>.<)(). My mind and body felt so tired. I think all the adventures are catching up to me. NoOooO, there's time for rest later! Haha, but anyhoo, I'm glad I did.
I went to school to help Christian with the final translation ^___^. We got to talk for awhile after, about things like Harry Potter. He had never seen all of the movies! Ridiculous. So, I busted home and picked up my DVDs, headed back and gave them to him. He must be educated! XD I'll never forget the confused and O_O face that he had. I didn't know how to take it at first, wondering if he was okay, haha. But he seemed really happy! Just really shocked. ^__^'
The other people working there had even set out some tea and some dessert for us.
It was really sweet and had an apricot taste to it. Pretty delicious. Then, a very old man spoke to us for a bit. He could speak German, English, Japanese, and probably a ton more languages. Apparently, he was talking to Christian in German about Hitler and a girl in relation to him. lolwut.
But yeah! By the time Christian and I were done talking, it had been too late to meet up with some of the other exchange students at the Yomiuri amusement park. I was so tired by then, it ended up being a good thing for me. ^__^'
I just went around town for a bit, picked up the last few presents for some people, and headed home. While I was resting it up, there were a bunch of sirens going off for about an hour. There were also a few helicopters in the sky. I opened my window and it smelled like smoke outside. I then went outside and the roads looked a bit foggy. I walked around for a bit, but then went back home. I asked Naomi about it today and she said that a sort-of famous person's pretty expensive house had been on fire in Soshigaya, the place right by Seijo. Man, if I could smell the smoke from here, it must have been pretty bad.
Oh, there are twitter pics:
Oh man x___X. I hope everyone is okay!

Let us move on to today. After going to the gym, I met up with Yuuki, Mitchell, and Naomi in Shinjuku ^___^. Before going to the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, we went to a pretty darn awesome yakiniku restaurant for lunch.
We passed this along the way to the restaurant, but it was closed =[.
The restaurant was rather fancy and we were seated in our own room. O__O
This was our view:
We were on the 53rd floor of some type of business building. The bottom few floors and the top floors were all fancy restaurants to eat at. There were also some clothing stores. The middle floors were for actual business. It was only about a 2 minute walk from the Shinjuku Park Hotel with the New York Bar.
Mitchell couldn't get enough of the fresh lemon scent of the warm towel, which we later renamed a bathroom smell. XD
 Yuuki felt the same:
 This was all just for me O_O. We all ended up ordering the same set ^___^.

 Naturally, we all took pictures of our meal for future bragging rights.
 We even got fancy bibs:
 The cooking pit for our meat:
The service was awesome. I still can't believe how fast you get your food after ordering in Japan. We waited only about 5 minutes before getting our dish. They were also more than happy to take a group picture of us.
TIME TO EAT. On the oval dish, the item on the way right was jellyfish, which was actually really good. I remember having it before, but I think I liked this one better. The set also had the best miso soup I've ever had. It tasted more like Maruchan Chicken Ramen. Aw, reminded me of the good 'ol days of being sick, staying home from school and watching Blue's Clues and Little Bear. Well, minus the sick part.
I think I had started a chain reaction of Superman bib action XD:
The meal was kind of really fantastic. A bit expensive, but definitely worth it. We were even given a hot drink at the end to finish it off. After scaring all of the other customers at the restaurant from laughing a bit loudly, we headed off to Shinjuku Gyoen XD.

In the middle of the building, this guy was looking for some yakiniku:
Oh hai, New York Bar.
Some of us may have brought our bibs with us. We were hoping that the workers would be very confused as to why there were only 2 bibs remaining at the table.
Super Yuuki:
 This was a MoMo tree. MoMo for MoMo. ^___^
Magical Forest in the middle of a city:
Do you see that magical rainbow that snuck in the shot?
 Aww, Naomi and the Nekos (cat in Japanese). FUTURE BAND NAME.

 These guys all wanted yakiniku too:
 Deciding if we should feed them or not:
 lololol, idek:
 The bamboo was bigger than the tree it was supporting. lolol, aw. Poor lil' guy.
 This is art:
 Tea House:
 These were so pretty but smelled so bad (臭い!)
 The thorn bushes in front all had names like "New Zealand" and "Romeo".
 So empty but so pretty.
 And then...
 Cherry Blossom!

 Love me some cherry blossom.
Yuuki liked the cherry blossoms too:
After the garden, we went to two department stores. To sample chocolates. lololol.
I got to take a few pictures!
 So fancy:
Being in Japan during Valentine's day season is dangerous.
I should have taken more shots! Haha, but we were able to sample about 15 different kinds of chocolates. There was also a Godiva stand and I have to say, Godiva's flavor and quality was my favorite.
After sampling a bunch, we went our separate ways at the station. I decided to walk around Shinjuku a bit more and stopped at the Hello Kitty store and such before heading home.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the gym and do whatever the heck I feel like. lolol. I have plans for the next few days, so this will be nice to be able to do what I want ^____^. w00f!

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