Monday, February 11, 2013

Sleepy Ventures and Machida Dancing

Sunday, I decided to have the day to myself to revisit some of the places that I love most. I started off the day by doing a workout in my room and then headed out to Soshigaya, where Kaldi is. It was another beautiful walk.
Since the weather has been warmer, some of the scents I remember from first coming to Japan have been popping up again. I know, right? What's with me and my sisters and smelling everything? Hey, man. When you have a furry animal in your hands, you're going to smell it. Anyways, there was a hint of the flowery smell by this river again ^___^. Also, when I entered my apartment, it smelled like it did when I first got here. Aw, memories. Just as long as the kitchen sink odor doesn't return. ()(x.X)()

After getting back, I headed off to Harajuku after. There were a ton of sales, but I resisted. There's no way I can fit anymore in my suitcase...
lolol. After going down Takeshita Street one last time and in the Nike store, I remembered that it was Sunday and these guys would be performing by Yoyogi Park:
Japanese Greasers!
I had seen them one of the first few days here. Grant showed me a music video with them in it. Him and Carter really wanted to see them perform, but they weren't there when we went =/. I did take a video for them and Mr. Mark though!

There's always something going on in Harajuku.
There were a ton of food stands with the usual foods like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba around too.
Almost to Shibuya ^___^:
I went to my favorite shops and by Jouetie, there was a vendor selling these bags that looked like they were from Paper Mario:
Man, those are so awesome. I really didn't stay long since Shibuya is mainly a great place for lot of shopping and eating. I've been getting really sleepy really early lately. Either I've been doing a lot and my body is like "Ineedtorelax" or it's just getting ready for the time change back home. Pffft, rest is for the plane, man.
Bye-bye, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift Crosswalk.
But I did end up just going home and resting. I've been watching a lot of Food and Health documentaries lately. That and I started to watch Freaks and Geeks. I'm finally watching shows I've wanted to for a long time.

Today, I met up with Yuuki and Kazuya ^___^. On the train, I gave Jolie's art book to Yuuki to sign and pass to his friends.
Jolie wanted her book in Japan and I was going to plant it somewhere random. Then, I thought it would be cooler to use the Lost Tiger illustration theme that she drew in her book and have it be signed by the next person and handed down to their friends to look at and sign themselves. That way, it would go all around Japan and more people would be able to see her amazing work. Yuuki helped me to translate it to Japanese so the "instructions" are in both English and Japanese.
I hope it works out! =^.^=
After riding the train too long and having to head back a few stops, Yuuki and I walked around Machida until Kazuya met up with us. I was majorly craving having some more Kaiten Sushi, so we found a pretty good place.
Yuuki beat me by 1 plate. He had 9. I could have gone for 2 more, but I didn't feel like being overly stuffed ^___^'.
Machida was pretty much a mix between Shinjuku's stores and Ginza's underground tunnel shops/restaurants.
 I love watching them make this stuff...
After having some sushi, of course we needed something sweet. Er, at least I did XD. I bought some candy for Yuuki and Kazuya and then Yuuki took the candy I was going to buy for myself and got it for me as an early White Day present XD.
In Japan, girls give boys presents on Valentine's Day and then exactly a month later on a day named "White Day," boys give girls presents.
Then, we wandered around and then went to Round 1, a big arcade, to do a Purikura.
lolol, why do I love Purikura so much?
Sadly, we weren't sent my favorite picture of the bunch and it didn't come with a code to access it >__<. But I still have the sheet of pictures!
We played some DDR horribly, even when two of us played on 1 dance board and then I convinced Kazuya to do the dancing game with me.
Though blurry, you get the idea. XD. It's like the Wii dancing game, but you don't have to hold the remote. That was too much fun. I want one machines of those at home. XD

We didn't really know what to do after the arcade, so I suggested going to some parks ^___^.
First, there was a very wimpy one with only a swing.
Business Man Yuuki swinging:
Kazuya was kicking a tree in this picture:
Then, we found a little bit better of a park with a terrible slide that had a strange dent near the bottom which wasn't the most comfortable, lolol and monkey bars. うんてい
 A better use for the monkey bars:
There were also 3 wild cats, but this one was the most talkative and friendly:
I would have smelled that cat.

lololwut. After hanging around that playground for awhile (omg, do u c wut I did thurr?), we found another park nearby ^___^. This one had a crazy Indiana Jones rope to swing on.
Some of these parks have the coolest stuff.
Risking life:
 There were also small ponds around with stepping stones and some koi fish in them ^___^.
 Yuuki making business deals:
I think that's Jabu Jabu's second appearance on this blog. What a great guy.

After jumping around the pond a bit longer, we headed back to the station since Yuuki had to go to work.
I pretty much just chilled the rest of the day and packed a little bit more. Yuuki and Kazuya are both going to be with me at the airport ^___^. Moe also might come to say goodbye! I feel really lucky ^___^'.

Tomorrow, there will probably be some karaoke with the other exchange students =^.^=. BE SEEING YOU SOON.

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