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Japan, Italy, and New York in One Day

To Odaiba!

Yesterday, Yuuki picked up me and Mitchell to go to Odaiba ^___^. There was a misunderstanding with Kazuya and he wasn't able to come with =[. I'm hoping I get to see him before I leave >__<

But back to happier stuff- since Yuuki was driving, we were able to see different parts of Tokyo that we hadn't before.
I may have mentioned this before, but I still can't believe that cars in Japan cost more if you have an older model, and not just gas-wise. x__X
Anyhoo, there were a lot of car dealers, grocery stores, big buildings, and random independent shops - so kind of like any city. It was still really awesome.
Well, at least I thought so XD.
I'm getting more used to being a passenger on the left side now.

So I was really pumped when we were so close to the Rainbow Bridge:
And then it looked like we were going to be going on it at one point, so I joked that it would be funny if we ended up just going under it.
And we did T___T. lolol.
This was just shady business:
Ah, yes. The Toy-Factory Van.
We parked and then headed inside the huge mall connected to the parking structure.

Does America have these Godiva ice cream cones too now?
This mall was so nice. It's a little over 4-years-old, I think, but it still looked brand new. America really needs to learn from the food courts here. It was so clean and fancy looking. There were also a free water stations and a hand washing stations.
 This was Yuuki's dish:
It was like soba, but separated. He let me try it too ^___^. The broth was extremely fishy tasting. And not like suspicious, but actually fishy. <'{{{{<
This was mine:
The picture on the menu showed so many more vegetables T___T. haha. I tried asking to substitute the rice for some lettuce and they said they couldn't even though they made them to order. I thought that was kind of strange XD. It was pretty good though. The chicken didn't taste greasy at all.
Mitchell went to an Okonomiyaki place (sorry, Grant):
He also let me try his dish. The noodles tasted like Taco Pringles.

While we were eating, Yuuki showed me his test scores that measure his English skills.
Besides the listening section, he improved in all of the other areas! YEAH, YUUKI =^.^=.

We went around the mall to look at all of the shops.
These two were probably the most important:
lolol. Outside was the giant Gundam:
 This is probably my favorite picture due to the little boy jumping in the air:
He was yelling and jumping with the most happiness I've seen so far in Japan XD.
We continued on to see more of Odaiba.
 Fuji TV building:
It reminded me of Earthbound O__O.
We then went into the Aqua City shopping building.
Oh noOoOOo, these guys have their own shop:
 Capcom shop:
 I'm just going to put this here..
The view was so beautiful O__O.
 Front view of Fuji TV and Aqua City:
 It can't get more Full House than this.
lolol. Okay, I'm done. But The Statue of Liberty actually was very small.
So, I asked Yuuki if he could take a picture of us trying to "hold" the statue to make it look really small so I could write the Titanic quote next to it on this blog. However, he was so focused on trying to get both of us in the shot, he forgot to take a picture of the statue...
 I still don't think he quite understood what we were trying to do...
 I said that this was a good shot:
 and that they should do something goofy-

It was in the 50s and people were flying kites and playing soccer and such at a nearby park:
 And then I thought Yuuki was showing us the way to a garden but then this happened:
Wait, wut. That there is a dead end.
lolol, but apparently Yuuki meant to just walk down by the water and not actually go by a garden.
Well, I mean, there were trees. That's kind of garden-like.
As we were walking back, there was a group of runners that were going pretty slow. We walked a longer route, stopped to go to the bathroom, and then they bumped into us while running. They were a bit slower than we thought XD.

Sad bears =[
 There was a park with a rollercoaster and such in there O___O:
It must have been a Tron themed park.
Then there was this guy:
WAX, MAN! The exhibit was closed until next month so they only had him standing outside. But, woof. He looked way too real.
Mitchell - In a Relationship with Lego Man.
 There was also Lego Land, but we went off to Palette Town instead ^___^.
 Wait a minute...
 This isn't Pallet Town.
So the "e" really does matter. Oh well.
But they did have a building called Venus Fort that looked like Venice inside:

Guys. Guys, we were inside...but it looked like the outside. Mind Blown.
Then there was this pretty fountain:
We were going to go to a place called "Ruby Cafe" and were standing and looking at the menu to see what to order. Then, a non-Japanese server came up to us speaking English and trying to sit us down. She gave me sass when I told her we were just looking at the menu for now. Then, another non-Japanese dude came up to us speaking English and trying to get us to sit down. Both waiters were hard to understand and both gave us sass when we said we were decided on what to get.
It was a very uncomfortable feeling, so Mitchell, Yuuki, and I left and went to go find another place to have dessert.

We found a nearby cafe and  Mitchell and Yuuki ordered some dessert while I had some coffee with some almonds that I brought ^___^.
Mitchell's berry dessert:
 Yuuki's Bananas Foster:
After sitting down and talking for a bit, we went by the fountain again since there was going to be a small light show:
There was also some snow that began to fall from the ceiling. It was so pretty ^___^.
After watching that for a bit, we headed off to Leisure Land. Sadly, it wasn't a building filled with chairs.
This was outside though:
LITTLE GIRL IN A BUBBLE. But seriously- why do only little kids get all of the fun?
There was a girl band signing autographs in this car place:
When we arrived at Leisure Land, there were so many people cosplaying O__O. Oh yeah, Leisure Land is this huge arcade with Purikura, UFO catchers, bowling lanes, Tennis and Basketball courts, a million gachapons, a haunted house, and more.
Yes, that is a steering wheel. If you paid, you could ride these for 90 seconds.
 They may have gone slow...
 but they were the best ride ever:
 AwWwWww YeAAahh!
I really want to have one of these back home.
So many games, man. And we only went on the first floor.
 Seriously- kids get all of the fun.
Whatever. I rode a Lion.
Cosplayers on a balancing thingy:
You're not Yuuki =[ :
Yuuki tried a shooting game:
We didn't stay too long in Leisure Land. All of us seemed really tired yesterday for some reason. It was still really fun though ^___^.
Crossing through the car place again, there was this pink car:
So pretty.
And a track you could drive on throughout the building O__O:
So pretty outside:
When we went back to the car, it wasn't on the 3rd floor like we had thought. We tried 3 different floors and I could tell Yuuki was getting really nervous. x__X
It turned out that there was a floor called "M3F" too. We found it there. WHO MAKES AN IN-BETWEEN FLOOR? XD
Passing Tokyo Tower on the way back:
It was a really nice night. Today, I'll be helping Christian with more translating and maybe going to an amusement park with the other exchange students. ^___^ There's still so much to do. O__O
Peace out, homeslices.

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